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Meet Kodah Dash And Nala Ryan Dyrdekrob, Rob Dyrdek Beautiful Kids, Wife Family And Net Worth

You won’t believe it, but the successful entrepreneur and television personality Rob Dyrdek got his start in the spotlight through skateboarding.

Yes, it’s true – the man known for his business savvy and hosting duties on hit shows like “Rob & Big,” “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” and “Ridiculousness” first made a name for himself as a professional skateboarder. 

Dyrdek has also been a guest on other podcasts and has spoken at events and conferences as an entrepreneurship and business success expert.

Join us as we uncover the shocking story of how Dyrdek rose to fame and explore the many facets of his career and personal life.

Meet Kodah Dash And Nala Ryan Dyrdek, Rob Dyrdek Beautiful Kids

Kodah Dash and Nala Ryan Dyrek are the precious children of Rob and Bryiana Dyrek.

Kodah, the older of the two, was born on September 9th, 2016, in Los Angeles, California. He is a lively and curious child who loves to explore and learn about the world around him.

As of 2024, Kodah is 7 years old and is already showing a great deal of potential and promise.

Nala, the younger of the two, was born in the United States on December 29, 2017. She is a bright, cheerful little girl with a bubbly personality and contagious smile.

Despite her young age, Nala already shows a strong sense of independence and determination. She is a loving and affectionate child who loves nothing more than spending time with her family and friends.

Rob Dyrdek's two kids in beach
Rob Dyrdek’s kids: Kodah and Nala on the beach (Source: Instagram)

Kodah and Nala are of mixed ethnic heritage, with their Father being Caucasian and their mother being a blend of Filipino, Chinese, Cherokee, Caucasian, Spanish, and Blackfoot.

They are a diverse and multicultural family and take pride in their heritage and traditions.

Both children hold American nationality and are raised in a loving and supportive home environment. Kodah and Nala are two special kids with bright futures ahead of them.

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Rob Dyrdek’s Wife And Family

Rob Dyrdek and Bryiana Flores Dyrdek met on Twitter in 2013 and began a casual messaging relationship. 

Bryiana Flores Dyrdek, also known as Bryiana Noelle Flores, was born on July 21, 1991, in Salinas, California, and is 32 currently years old. 

Dyrdek proposed to his girlfriend, Bryiana, in April 2015 at Disneyland. On 19th September 2015, they decided to take the next step in their relationship and married in a private ceremony.

Briyana And Rob Dyrdek getting remarried every 5 years; this one of 2020 (Source: Instagram)
Briyana And Rob Dyrdek’s recommitment to their marriage in every five years; this one is of 2020 (Source: Instagram)

The following year, the couple announced they were expecting their first child, Kodah Dash. Kodah was born in Los Angeles, California, on September 9th, 2016.

In 2017, Rob and Bryiana welcomed their second child and only daughter, Nala Ryan Dyrdek, on December 29.

In 2020, the couple revealed their plan to recommit to their wedding day every fifth anniversary and celebrate with a fairytale ceremony and Party.

Throughout their relationship, Rob and Bryiana have supported each other’s careers and endeavors and have built a strong and loving family together with their two children, Kodah and Nala.

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Rob Dyrdek’s Net Worth

According to Sports Brief, Rob Dyrdek’s net worth is estimated at around $100 million as of 2024.

It appears that Rob Dyrdek earned $60,000 per episode for his role on the TV show “Rob & Big” and $100,000 for his role on “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.” These salaries likely contributed significantly to his net worth and overall income.

He also owns three expensive mansions within the gated Mulholland Estates in Beverly Hills and has spent significant money on these properties.

Rob Dyrdek with his friends Ken and Damon in their luxury speed cars (Source: Instagram)
Rob Dyrdek with his friends Ken and Damon in their luxury speed cars (Source: Instagram)

He also owns a collection of high-end vehicles, including a Ferrari 812GTS, which costs around $400,000. He also owns other luxury vehicles, such as an Aston Martin DB9, a Bentley Continental GT, a 2007 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, a Chevrolet Tahoe, and a Campagna T-Rex.

This impressive net worth has been amassed through his successful career in the entertainment industry and various business ventures.

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