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Sanna Marin Teeth Before And After; What Happened To Finland’s Prime Minister?

Sanna Marin, the prime minister of Finland, has recently drawn attention for having slightly uneven teeth.

Sanna Marin is a Finnish politician who has been the Prime Minister of the country since 2019.

The leader has been a member of the Social Democratic Party of Finland (SDP) and a Parliament member since 2015. 

Sanna Marin Teeth: What Happened To Her?

People have recently noticed that Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s teeth are not relatively straight.

Sanna Marin 1

Sanna looks beautiful despite her imperfect teeth.

According to Gossipgist, Sanna is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs roughly 60 kilograms. Marin’s eyes are blue, and her hair is brown.

The Prime Minister is completely fine and healthy. She also follows a vegetarian diet.

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Sanna Marin Controversy: What Happened?

The controversy began on August 19, when the leader, 36 years old and one of the world’s youngest prime ministers, faced widespread criticism for the video, with some of her political opponents demanding that she take a drug test.

In the video, Marin is seen drinking and dancing with a group of friends, which appears to have been recorded on private property. Several important Finnish public figures appear in the video, including singer Alma, TV anchor Tinni Wikstrom, and YouTuber Ilona Ylikorpi.

Sanna Marin Speech
Sanna Marin defending her private life in a speech

Marin looks to be hugging and dancing to Finnish pop music with her buddies. “I’ve danced, sung, rejoiced, and done legal things,” Marin told Euro News at a recent press appearance. She mentioned that she has a family life, a job life, and free time in which she spends time with her friends.

Hundreds of Finnish women have tweeted videos of themselves partying and dancing in support of the prime minister with the hashtag ‘solidarity with Sanna’ in the midst of the scandal.

However, criticism from her political colleagues and opponents has increased in recent weeks following the release of a video depicting her dancing and partying.

Following the release of the recordings, Ms. Marin was chastised by a number of MPs, with one opposition party leader requesting that she submit to a drug test.

Reporters questioned if the prime minister, who has been in power since December 2019, would have been able to make rapid governmental decisions if necessary at a press conference last week.

Sanna Marrin’s Negative Drug Test

Sanna received a negative result in a drug test she had done to “clear up suspicions” earlier this week after she faced widespread criticism from her political opponents over recordings of her dancing and singing at a party.

The leader claimed she had never used narcotics before. “I did nothing illegal,” she informed reporters, emphasizing that she had never smoked marijuana. She revealed that she never did drugs, even as a teenager.

She agreed to take the exam on Friday to ease her concerns about her behavior.

According to a government announcement (in Finnish), “no drugs were identified” in the test. It went on to say that the prime minister had paid for the test herself.

According to AFP, special adviser Iida Vallin stated that Ms. Marin’s urine sample was tested for cocaine, amphetamines, cannabis, and painkillers.

Ms. Marin, the world’s youngest head of government – a status presently held by Montenegrin Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic – makes no secret of her love of partying and has frequently been spotted at music festivals.

Last year, she apologized for going clubbing after coming into contact with a Covid-19 case.

Ms. Marin was dubbed the “coolest prime minister in the world” by the German news source Bild earlier this month.

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