Scott Blokker: Husband, Coming Out & Net Worth

Many of you might not have heard who Scott Blokker is. If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right article. In this article, you will know all there is to know about Scott Blokker.

Scott Blokker is a model by profession from New York. But he is more known for being the spouse of Shaun T, who is a wellness workout master.

Shaun T is known for his home workouts methods for both grown-ups and youngsters.

Scott Blokker in person.

Scott Blokker and Shaun T are not only life partners but also colleagues, as Scott now appears in Shaun’s vlog.

He is not only the co-founder of Insanity Workouts, but he had a career as a soccer player. In the nineties, Scott was a soccer player in the NSL for six years.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts if you are not familiar with the fitness accomplice Scott Blokker.

Full name Scott Blokker
Date of birth December 8, 1971
Age 52 Years Old
Birthplace New York, U.S.
Religion Not Available
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Unknown
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Spouse Shaun T.
Children Two sons
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Net Worth $1 million
Sibling Brother
Sexual Orientation Gay
Profession Fitness Trainer
Ex profession Soccer Player
Current Workplace Insanity Workouts
Nickname Scott
Social Media None
Fitness Equipment’s Treadmill, Rowing Machine, Studio Cycle
Last Update May, 2024

Scott Blokker: Early Life

Scott was born on December 8th of 1971, in New York City of United States. His father and mother’s name isn’t available.

Scott, even though born as a New Yorker, was raised in Seattle of Washington. All of them lived together in Seattle till the boys grew up.

Scott has an older brother for a sibling. His name is Kevin Blokker. Both the brothers had a passion for sports from a young age.

They both played every sport possible and accessible to them. Ultimately soccer became their supreme passion. Scott decided to pursue a career in soccer.

There is not much information as to where Scott went for schooling. We do know that he did not go to college as he started playing professional soccer at a young age.

Scott also dabbled in his family business. He handled the family business until he moved out to New York.

Scott has not opened up much about his parents. Except for the fact they have been very supportive of him in each stage of his life.

Even his brother is very loving and caring, and the two have a perfect bond.

The brother has a special bond and is each other’s best friend. Kevin Blokker was a groomsman at his brother’s wedding.


Scott Blokker: Physical Appearance

Scott Blokker is very fit as he is a fitness trainer. He has a muscular body. His height and weight are not available.

He has brown hair and brown eyes. He has a fair complexion.

Scott Blokker: Personal Life

Scott Blokker is an American citizen. What religion he follows, if he follows any, has not been known to the public yet. Scott is caucasian in terms of ethnicity.


Scott Blokker is married to Shaun T. The couple met when Scott was at a modeling gig.

And there was a spark between them when they first meet, and that was it for both of them.

The couple tied the knot in 2012. And their wedding was extraordinary. It has been over 9 years that the couple has been married.

Scott and Shaun seem to be exceptionally happy together. They have been no reports of any conflicts or affair or cheating till now.

Shaun T. is a wellness guru by profession. Shaun T. was born on May 2nd of 1978, in Camden of New Jersey.

He has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Rowan University and has also minored in dancing and theatre.

While in college, he was also a part of a fraternity called Alpha Phi Alpha. He grew up playing many sports like his spouse.

He played baseball, football, and track in Deptford Township High School.

Shaun is the best to know for his fitness program designed to do at home. It includes routines for both youngsters and adults.

His most known programs are the T25, Insanity, and Hip Hop abs. He is also the co-founder of Insanity Workouts.


The couple started their journey to have a family immediately after getting married in 2012.

But it was only after their twelfth attempt in surrogacy that they were successful.

They referred to their surrogate as their angel, who became pregnant on Shaun T’s 39th birthday on May 2nd.

They kept the new secret for 5 months before announcing it to the public.

Scott and his family for the cover of Parent’s Magazine.

The couple announced they were pregnant via their Instagram post in October of 2017.

The flashcards read, “5 years of challenges, 5 years of wait. ups, downs in emotions. painful blows we’d take. but we learned to stay the course. hope and prayer wins. and we’re finally happy to announce…”

They were both wearing matching t-shirts that said they were having twins.

The twins finally arrived on November 17th of the year 2017. They arrived prematurely at 32 weeks and five days.

They thanked their surrogate for being so supportive and understanding for the couple. The twins were named Silas Rhys and Sander Vaughn.

Sander and Silas came from the same egg donor. But Silas Rhys came from Scott Blokker’s sperm, and Sander Vaughn came for Shaun T’s sperm.

Scott Blokker
Scott and Shaun announcing their pregnancy.

The couple spent thousands of dollars on surrogacy, as surrogacy procedures can be costly.

Finally, after all those attempts, they are now parents. They had to go through six egg donors, Five surrogates, and two doctors.

The children are now three years old and celebrated their 3rd birthday last November. Both the parents are proud and loving fathers.

Scott Blokker: Coming Out

Growing up, Scott always felt like an outsider. He knew there was something different, but he did not know what. As he grew more mature, he figured that he was gay.

Although he knew he was gay, he found it very difficult to come out to his parents and friends.

He was not sure how they would react and if they would be supportive of him.

After gathering up all the courage he could, he came out to his family and friends in 2012 before the wedding.

All his loved ones were extremely supportive and understanding of him. His close ones were all present at the wedding.



Blokker had found the love of his life, Shaun T. And when they got married on October 12th of 2012, their wedding was the talk of the town.

Their wedding was held in New York with a midnight love theme. The couple was held by a drag queen by the name of Flava in the Edison Ballroom and was dubbed Midnight Love.

Their wedding had a 1930s theme with a Chicago Boardwalk Empire-esque theme.

They also had a team of dancers at their reception. Their wedding ceremony featured live renditions from the classics such as the Wicked.

There was also an aerialist present who mesmerized the crowd. They were also a video montage of Shaun and Scott talking about love, relationship, and sex.

The actual ceremony was when Shaun and Scott publicly came out to the rest of the public.

He confessed that it was a tough thing to do, but now they are happy; nothing else matters.

They wanted to have a non-traditional wedding by adding their own touches and flare to it.

Shaun confessed that when he was escorted down the aisle by his brother seeing Scotts and his family was the most emotional thing ever.

Scott Blokker: Career

Scott Blokker was a professional soccer player in the past. He competed in the NSL somewhere in the 1990s.

During that time, he played for Cincinnati, Portland, Buffalo, and Sweden.

For these six years as a soccer player, he got to travel a lot and gain a lot of experience.

After his retirement, he went back to handle his parent’s development company. He worked as an accountant in the 2000s.

Then Scott decided to quit and move to New York City to pursue his dreams in the modeling world. He was soon discovered by a scout and started his modeling career.

And now Scott is a fitness vlogger along with his husband. They both work as fitness trainers for Insanity Workouts.

Scott Blokker: Parenthood

In an interview, Scott revealed that how he thought parenting twins would be fairly easy.

He added, But after three months into the role of a parent, the reality seemed altered. They were struggling and running on two hours of sleep a day.

The couple struggled with getting some quality time. He said he needed to hire help to raise the children.

After spending some time away from the children, it really helped them restore their relationship.

Scott has an 85/15 percent rule in his life. He believes that 85 percent should be dedicated to fitness and 15 percent to be dedicated to fun.

He said that working out and being healthy truly makes him happy.

Scott Blokker: Net Worth

Scott Blokker had a lot of jobs in his lifetime. From all his experience, he has earned quite some bucks.

His net worth is somewhere around one million us dollar.

There is no information about his salary. He lives a comfortable life with his husband, who is worth ten million dollars.


Scott Blokker Social Media

Scott is currently not active on social media. He seems to be a very private person when it comes to sharing information about his life.

But there is a hashtag trend followed by his name.


Is Scott Blokker gay?

Yes, Scott Blokker is gay and happily married to Shaun T.

Is Scott Blokker in T25?

Yes, he is in T25. He appears with his husband.

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