Shaunyl Benson: Cancer, Children & Net Worth

Shaunyl Benson, mostly known as the Ex-wife and current partner, ‘MINDFREAK’ illusionist Chriss Angel, is an Australia-born actress, singer, and songwriter.

Shaunyl, who goes by the moniker ‘Shauny,’ is also a mother of two beautiful children, one of which is a two times cancer survivor.

Likewise, the 32 Years Old mother is a charming and fit woman who currently lives a remarkable life in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her ex-husband.

Shaunyl was married to Chriss Angel in 2015, but a year later, the couple broke up and divorced after their first child’s birth.

shaunyl benson
Shaunyl Benson Sipping Drink.

However, because their first child Johnny Christopher Sarantakos was battling Leukemia, he traveled all the way to Australia to support his family.

Since then, the couple has been living together as partners in a presumably healthy relationship.

Besides, the talented woman, Shaunyl, has also released her songs, acted in a few movies and a Youtube channel.

Quick Facts 

Before entering the world of gorgeous Shaunyl Benson, let’s learn some quick facts about her.

Full name  Shaunyl Benson
Nickname Shauny
Birthdate 29 July 1991
Birthplace Queensland, Australia
Religion Not Known
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Irish-Filipino
Zodiac sign Leo
Father’s name Ken Benson
Mother’s name Judy Benson
Sibling One; Jackie Benson
Age 32 Years Old
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 52 kg
Body measurement 33-24-35
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark brown 
Skin tone Olive/Tan
Relationship status Living together
Marital status Married 
Ex husband’s name Christopher Nicolas Sarantakos (Chriss Angel)
Children  Two (Johnny Christopher Sarantakos, Xristos Yanni  Sarantakos)  
Profession  Singer, songwriter, actress
Net worth  $500k – $1 million
Social media handles  Instagram, YouTube
Merch The Hills (Song)
Last Update February, 2024

Shaunyl Benson: Early Life and Parents

Born to a Filipino mother and an Irish father on July 29th, 1991, Shaunyl Benson was brought up in Queensland, Australia.

Shaunyl’s mother’s name is Judy Benson, and her father’s name is Ken Benson.

There is no information about Shaunyl’s father, but her mother, Judy Benson, seems to be an aspiring artist and a talented graphic designer.

Currently, Judy Benson promotes her paintings, artworks, and designs via her website based in Australia.

She appears to have an extreme attachment with abstract, figurative, realistic, and still-life art forms.

shaunyl, her mother and her sons
Shaunyl with her Mother & Sons.

Likewise, having a very creative mother has really seemed to expose Shaunyl to the creative and visionary side of things from a very young age.

She was even encouraged to pursue her career as an actress by her mother from a young age.

Moreover, this beautiful woman of Irish-Filipino descent isn’t the only child in her family.

She has a younger sister named Jackie Benson, who currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

Shaunyl’s zodiac sign is Leo, clearly explaining her fierce, strong, persistent, and charismatic personality.

Not much has been known about her education, but she appears to have achieved a college degree.

Shaunyl Benson: Body Measurement

Shaunyl is a stunning woman with a model-like physique. She has olive-colored or tanned skin with long flowing black hair and starry black eyes. 

Moreover, she stands 5 ft 7 inches tall and weighs approximately 52 kgs. Her body measurement is 33-24-35 inches.

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Shaunyl: Marital Status and Relationship

Shaunyl is the ex-wife of the famous American magician, illusionist, and musician Criss Angel.

Their relationship began in 2012 when Criss was still a blooming magician. They dated for three years before finally getting married on Valentine’s day of 2015.

As perfect as their relationship may have seemed, things went south when the couple announced their divorce one year later in 2016.

Likewise, after the couple split, Shaunyl moved back to Australia with their son, Johnny Cristopher Sarantakos.

Shaunyl Benson with Her Family.
Shaunyl Benson with her family.

Not soon after moving back to Australia, Johnny was diagnosed with Leukemia. He was only two years old.

After Criss heard the devastating news, he immediately canceled and postponed his tours and performances to be closer to his son and provided emotional assistance to his Ex-wife.

Similarly, the ex-couple and their son moved to America and started living together in their mansion in Las Vegas.

Though both Shaunyl and Criss are now unmarried, they are still romantic partners and appear profoundly in love. Their children Johnny and Xristos certainly brought them much together.

Furthermore, Shaunyl has many posts on Instagram, dedicating her love and appreciation for her partner for being incredibly supportive throughout their challenging journey.

Moreover, any of Shaunyl’s previous relationships haven’t been disclosed in the media.

However, her partner Criss was married to JoAnn Winkhart from 2002 to 2006. Criss had been in a couple more relationships before he met Shaunyl.

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Shaunyl Benson: Children and Cancer

Johnny Christopher Sarantakos and Xristos Yani Sarantakos are the two sons of Shaunyl Benson and Criss Angel.

Their eldest child was born in 2014 and is now 10 Years Old. Similarly, the younger one was born on January 22nd, 2019, and is now 5 Years Old.

Both Shaunyl’s children are beautiful kids who got their names from the combination of their father Criss’ and Criss’s late father’s name.

One unfortunate thing about this seemingly wonderful family is that Johnny’s eldest child was diagnosed with Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia when he was only two.

Moreover, this type of cancer occurs when the bone marrow makes a tremendous amount of a specific type of white blood cell called Lymphocytes.

Shaunyl in Hospital with her family.
Shaunyl Benson is in Hospital with her family.

Unsurprisingly, the news came as a great shock to both Shaunyl and her partner Criss.

Fortunately, in 2019, after going through three years of cancer treatment, Johnny was announced cancer-free.

Shaunyl disclosed this on her social media, expressing her happiness and pride to be a mom of such a young fighter.

But the family still went through an uphill battle as it was later noticed that Johnny’s cancer had re-surfaced, which meant that he had to go through chemo once again.

After going through chemo twice, Shaunyl has candidly revealed that Johnny is recovering steadily and a cancer survivor two times.

Shaunyl: Advocation for Pediatric Cancer

The 32 Years Old mom is a devout and determined advocate for pediatric cancer.

Most of her social media posts are about cancer awareness and the importance of charity and donations to save an ill child’s life.

She expresses her deep dissatisfaction with the fact that the government underfunds childhood cancer as it gives only 4% of the funding to childhood cancer research.

Moreover, Shaunyl has proven herself an admirable influencer who has changed several families’ and kids’ lives by advocating for such an important topic and raising awareness about the government’s incompetence.

Seeing their children’s little bodies dying is a nightmare for every parent. In such a situation, Shaunyl and her husband were hopeful, resolute, and strong.

Meanwhile, the couple also has a website linked with the ‘Johnny Crisstopher Children Charitable Foundation.’

It is a non-profit charitable organization that raises awareness about pediatric cancer and provides funds for research, treatment, and, ultimately, a cure.

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Shaunyl: House and Lifestyle

The family-oriented actress lives a lush lifestyle with her partner and two children in a $22 million luxurious mansion.

The 22,000 square foot house is situated in Henderson, Las Vegas, and is named ‘Serenity.’

As seen from her Instagram, Shaunyl loves working out, eating healthy, and taking frequent hiking trips.

Shaunyl Benson
Shaunyl Benson posing for a camera

Besides, Shaunyl also has an elaborate collection of expensive cars like Lamborghini, Murcielago, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bugatti Veyron, and Porche.

In December 2019, Criss gifted Shaunyl her dream car, a brand new Porche, for Christmas.

Shaunyl Benson: Career and Professional Life

Shaunyl started her career as a singer and songwriter. From a young age, her artist mother supported and encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

She co-wrote the song ‘Never,’ which was featured in her partner Criss Angel’s television show.

Unfortunately, Shaunyl’s career as a singer and songwriter didn’t flourish much.

However, because of her son Johnny’s struggle and illness, Shaunyl has had to put her career aside and be completely family-oriented.

Shaunyl is indeed an amazing mother and doesn’t seem to mind being there for her children at all times.

Furthermore, she loves to click photographs of her sons, edit them, and post them on her Instagram in her spare time.

She also spends her time being a proponent of childhood cancer and raising awareness.

In January 2019, Shaunyl attended the grand opening of the ‘Criss Angel MINDFREAK’ show held in a lavish casino in Las Vegas.

In addition to that, Shaunyl has also started her youtube channel. On December 5th, 2020, she uploaded her first video titled “Welcome to my mom life!“.

Shaunyl Benson: Net Worth

The Australian actress, Shaunyl Benson, has a staggering net worth between $500 k to $1 million.

She and her husband have contributed a considerable amount of money to their charitable foundation.

Social Media

Shaunyl Benson is what we call an inspirational social media influencer as she has an impressive Instagram feed dedicated to presenting the highs and lows of her life.

Shaunyl Benson has over 57.3k followers on Instagram. Her bio reads, “Australian mother to x2 cancer warrior, loving life with my boys in VEGAS sharing my version of mom life.”

Moreover, she also has a youtube channel where she shares more about her life as a mom.

Being a mother of two children and continuously giving her best for the family while disregarding her career has proven Shaunyl Benson to be an incredible and selfless person.

Moreover, she is the epitome of what we call “beautiful inside and out.”


What nationality is Criss Angel’s partner?

Criss Angel’s partner, Shaunyl Benson, is of Australian nationality.

What’s wrong with Criss Angel’s son?

Criss Angel and Shaunyl Benson’s son, Johnny, is a Leukemia survivor recovering for the second time.

Are Shaunyl Benson and Criss Angel still together?

The couple got divorced in 2016 by following all the legal procedures but are currently re-united and living together.

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