Sonia Isaza

Sonia Isaza: Early Life, Career & Net Worth

Sonia Isaza is a 33 years old Columbian bodybuilder and fitness model, born on 24th September 1988. 

Besides being a model and bodybuilder, Sonia is also a social media celebrity best known for her inspiring physique.

Moreover, no single person would not praise her physique after seeing her and hearing about her transformation.

Sonia Isaza in black outfit
Sonia Isaza.

Sonia is also known as Nia Isaza. She has shortened her name by herself and loves being called Nia.

Today, we bring you more in-depth knowledge and story about the Comlubian fitness model. So, let’s begin without any further delay.

Quick Facts

Let’s take a look at the quicks facts about Sonia Isaza.

Full Name: Sonia Isaza
Birth Date: September 24, 1988
Age: 35 Years Old
Horoscope: Libra
Birth Place: Pereira, Columbia
Father’s Name: Unknown
Mother’s Name: Unknown
Height: 5 feet 3inches (160 cm)
Weight: 52.2-56.7 kg (115-125 lbs)
Nationality: Columbian
Ethnicity: Unknown
Religion: Christianity
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Profession: Bodybuilder and Fitness Model
Body Measurements: 33-24-35
Gender: Female
Net Worth: $500,000
Marital Status: In relationship
Boyfriend: Arturo Vidal
Sibling: Unknown
Social Media Presence: Instagram, Twitter
Last Update : May, 2024

Early Life

This Columbian model was born and raised in Pereira, Columbia. She grew in the locality of the Andes Mountains.

Unfortunately, Sonia Isaza has not revealed much about her early life, but it is known that she was very active athletic during her childhood.

As she was athletic from her childhood, she regularly did exercises and workouts from a very early age. Thus, Sonia did not struggle to make a perfect body. 

Moreover, she was very confident about her body and wanted to push her body to its full extent.

However, she did not have proper knowledge about the nutrition approach and training. She was inspired by different models on the cover of magazines and transformed herself into a completely new person.

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Body Measurements

Sonia Isaza has a great-looking body that everyone would drool over it (33-24-35). Many people get inspired by her body to take a risk and get the change.

The model has an average height of 5 feet and 3 inches with approximately 52.2-56.7 kg (115-125 lbs).

Further, her beautiful brown eyes and brown hair overall make her exterior look appealing.


Talking about her career, Sonia has two careers choices. She is a professional bodybuilder as well as a professional fitness model. She has been taking both her careers simultaneously.

Equally important, she is also very famous in both sectors.

Bodybuilding Career

Sonia was enthusiastic about having a fit and fine body from her early life. Therefore, she started working out daily to get the body she wanted.

In no time, she started to put on some muscle mass and size. That was when she thought of being a bodybuilder as her career.

Sonia Isaza lifting weight
Sonia Isaza, lifting weight at her gym.

After that, she moved from Columbia to America to pursue her dream of becoming an International level bodybuilder.

In 2006, Sonia moved to California and started participating in local contests after a couple of months of hard training. Moreover, she was also qualified for the Arnold Classic Australia. 

However, gradually her mind drifted a step back from bodybuilding, and the latter goes on as it is now.

Fitness Model Career

Sonia already had a wonderful body figure because of all the workouts and exercises she did. On that account, she chose to pursue a career as a professional fitness model.

Considering the same, Sonia started working out more and uploaded her beautiful photos on social media platforms. Consequently, she received many positive comments and encouragement, which made her do more workouts and modeling.

Sonia Isaza modeling for NitroFit
Sonia Isaza modeling for NitroFit.

Sonia has worked in a lot of brands and companies as a model. She became the brand ambassador of NitroFit, which continuously provides her with all of the supplements she requires.

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Lifestyle and Net Worth

Being a professional bodybuilder, Sonia is highly driven towards exercise and a perfect diet plan.


This fitness model does a lot of workouts to maintain herself. She spends a lot of her time working out in the gym. Moreover, her Instagram account is loaded with her training and working out videos and photos.

Sonia mostly likes to focus on her glutes and abs. Therefore, she does a lot of exercises for her abs and also has visible abs. She does squats on the smith machine as her workout for glutes.

Moreover, she also makes lunges with weights and many other workouts.

Sonia has also listed out her favorite workout exercises. They are:

  • Weighted Lunges
  • Kettlebell squats
  • Smith machine squats
  • Reverse crunches
  • Dumbbell presses
  • Deadlifts

Also, she does all these exercises daily to keep herself fit and have an attractive body figure.

Diet Plan

For her diet plans, Sonia eats clean most of the time. Moreover, she eats a lot of carbs after her workouts.

In addition to this, Isaza feels that a strict and consistent diet helps her get the results that she can track.

Sonia Isaza showing her NitroFit supplement after workout
Sonia Isaza showing her NitroFit supplement after a workout.

Sonia is sponsored by a supplement company NitroFit, which provides her with all the supplements she needs.

Apart from that, she also uses a fat burner to keep her body fat low. This maintains her strength and energy.

On the other side, this beautiful model has been doing a lot of modeling and bodybuilding. As a result, she has made a lot of money for herself. Modeling has obviously paid her much more than bodybuilding.

Moreover, she does not have to buy any supplements, which helps her save money.

Sonia Isaza has a net worth of $500,000, which means that she has made herself very rich by pursuing her career. Her salary or income is not revealed yet, but sooner or later, the world will come to know about that too.

Personal Life

The Columbian Fitness model has kept her personal life far from the public eye. The only few things known to the public are that she was born in Columbia and currently lives in California with her boyfriend, Arturo Vidal, a Chilean professional footballer.

Sonia confessed that she is in a relationship with Arturo through her Instagram. Moreover, both of them have posted each other on their Instagram.

Sonia Isaza with Arturo Vidal
Sonia Isaza with her boyfriend, Arturo Vidal.

Sadly, there is no further detail about how and when their relationship grew, nor about her past.

Talking about her preference, Sonia prefers working out to staying idle. Therefore, she has been continuously working out and doing exercises. 

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Social Media Presence

This beautiful model is usually active on Instagram and uploads a lot of photos and videos of herself.

Moreover, most of her posts are about her workouts and exercises.

She has an Instagram account named @niaisazaofficial, which has 3.1 million followers with 6571 posts.

Secondly, she also owns a Twitter account named @nia_isaza. This account has 9090 followers with no tweets at all. She joined Twitter in August 2018.

(Note: The numbers of followers, posts, and tweets are as of July 2021.)


Here are few interesting facts that you never knew about Sonia Isaza.

  • Sonia Isaza’s boyfriend, Arturo Erasmo Vidal Pardo (Arturo Vidal), plays as a midfielder for the Serie A club Inter Milan. He has also played for Barcelona and some other clubs as well.
  • The fitness model has a strict diet plan and follows it, but she does cheat on her diet with curry and kababs some days.
  • Sonia consumes little carbohydrates in her morning or after a tough workout routine to keep her diet in balance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Sonia married?

No, Sonia is not married.

What is Sonia’s profession?

Sonia is a bodybuilder and a fitness model.

What is Sonia Isaza’s favorite workout?

Sonia Isaza’s favorite workouts are “Smith Machine Squats” and “Ab Workouts”.

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