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Sophie Brussaux Gym Trainer Is Hamza Lavezzi: Workout Routind And Diet Plan

Drake’s baby mama Sophie Brussaux is helped by her gym trainer Hamza Lavezzi to keep herself fit.

Sophie Brussaux is a painter, former model, and the mother of rapper Drake’s son Adonis Graham.

She has an art studio in Bordeaux, France, and her paintings of well-known figures like the Obamas, Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Winehouse, Angelina Jolie, etc., are very famous.

Sophie is also the founder and artistic director of a nonprofit art organization, Arts Help

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Sophie Brussaux Gym Trainer Hamza Lavezzi, Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Sophie Brussuax trains with her trainer Hamza Lavezzi at the Street Fight Training Academy in France. The Academy focuses on training sports combat, including Muay Thai, MMA, JJB, boxing, and body training.

Hamza is a certified trainer and the CEO of Street Fight Training Academy. He is also the founder and coach at H to Change and Elite Personal Trainer Team.

He was born on February 2, 1986, which makes him 38 years of age. The celebrity physical fitness coach was reportedly born in France and is of Moroccan ethnicity.

Sophie trainer hamza
Sophie trainer with her trainer Hamza (right) at the Street Fighting Academy. (Source: Instagram)

Sophie occasionally shares videos of her training sessions with Hamza and seems positive about his mentoring capabilities. One of her captions reads: “My head when I understand that I will be most likely to the steamroller, O Master @hamzalavezzi? … I was told, “disappointment is part of learning Brazilian Jitsu.”

In October 2019, Sophie shared a video of her working out at the Academy. She was spotted dueling with a partner while throwing some punches.

Although Sophie has not talked about her workout and diet plans, from her videos, her routine appears to include cardio, like pull-ups, squats, burpees, and a lot of boxing and jiujitsu.

Who Is Sophie Brussaux?

Sophie Burssaux is an artist, model, and former adult actress. She was born on August 1, 1989, in Bordeaux, France, and is currently 33. Sophie studied international affairs in school.

She was formerly a model who appeared in music videos under Rosee Divine. But since then, she has made a new name for herself in the art world.

The paintings of Sophie B., which have been featured in major exhibitions, blend symbolism, surrealism, and pop art to colorfully capture famous figures like the Obamas, Leonardo DiCaprio, Amy Winehouse, Frida Kahlo, and others.

sophie brussaux who
Sophie Brussaux in front of an art collection. (Source: Complex)

The art pieces from her Bordeaux-based studio are taken to art-loving nightclubs and museums in Paris, Milan, New York, London, Dubai, Toronto, and more.

Sophie even met Pope Francis in 2019 to deliver his custom celebrity portrait at the Vatican. 

The famed artist not only claims to be a feminist but artfully shows it in her work. Besides, she serves as the founder and artistic director of Arts Help, a nonprofit that provides free master classes, collaborate with large institutions, and publishes content from artists worldwide.

In May 2019, UN-Habitat Global Advocate awarded Sophie and her Arts Help team for their Icons With a Purpose program at the Toronto Design Exchange Museum.

Sophie first met Drake at a friends’ gathering in Amsterdam in January 2017. Afterward, in May 2017, TMZ reported obtaining text messages between Sophie and Drake that revealed Drake wanted her to have an abortion.

Nevertheless, their son, Adonis Graham, was born in October 2017. Now Drake has accepted his fatherhood and co-parents Adonis. This October, the Canadian rapper threw his son a superhero-themed Party on his fifth birthday.

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