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Do Revenge: What Is Sophie Turner Religion? Weight Gain And Health Update

Sophie Turner religion was questioned when Netflix sought to edit an appearance in her most recent TV film, “Do Revenge.”

Tuner is a 26 years old British actress best known for her role on the legendary tv show “Game of Thrones.” Her role as Sansa Stark on the show marked her professional debut when she was only 15.

Likewise, the actress made her film debut in 2013 with “Another Me.” Some of her famous movies include “Barely Lethal,” “Josie,” and “Every Last Secret.” “The Thirteen Tale,” “Survive,” and “The Staircase” are some of Sophie’s remarkable TV shows.

Sophie has also appeared in 3 music videos, and 2 among them are for Jonas Brothers, her husband’s musical band.

Sophie Turner Religion: God Faith And Belief 

Sophie Turner religion is Christianity.

The actress was born to Sally Turner (mother) and Andrew Turner (father). She was raised in Chesterton with a strong belief and devotion to Christ. Similarly, she has 2 elder brothers.

She had a luxurious life as a child, living in a large house with barns, paddocks, and pig sties. Moreover, she was a member of the Playbox Theatre Company since she was a little girl.

Though Sophie is devoted to Christianity, her husband, Joe Jonas, no longer openly proclaims Christianity. However, he was raised as a Christian.

Do Revenge Actress Sophie Turner Weight Gain

Turner had to struggle mentally after receiving lots of weight gain comments.

The actress revealed that though she was a teenager while filming for “Game of Thrones,” some fans were always unappreciative and passed mean comments regularly.

Also, as per the U.S. Magazine, Sophie said she suffered from an eating disorder, her metabolism dropped, and she began gaining weight during the shoots of “Game of Thrones.”

Sophie Turner 1

Sophie Turner as Sansa on “Game of Thrones” (Source: New York Times)So, the public noticed her weight gain on camera, and she used to receive comments like, “Damn, Sansa needs to lose 10lbs.” Some said, “Sansa got fat.” So all these body shaming words affected Sophie mentally, and she had to take help from a therapist.

Once in an interview, the actress said that she had no motivation to socialize and would cry all day for the changes in her body.

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Sophie Turner Health Update: Is The Actress Ok In 2022?

Fans are seeking Sophie Turner’s health update after her recent pregnancy.

The Do Revenge cast gave birth to her second child on July 2022, and her well-wishers wonder if she is ok. So, to clarify, yes, the 26 years old actress is fine and enjoying motherhood and her career.

Tuner and her husband, Joe Jonas, welcomed their first child (daughter), Willa Jonas, on 22 July 2022, and they recently welcomed their second child (daughter) on 21 July 2022. Sophie and Joe are yet to reveal the name of their second baby.

Sophie Turner On Do Revenge

“Do Revenge” is the latest work by actress Turner in 2022.

It is a teen comedy movie that was released on 16 September 2022. Likewise, Sophie plays the role of Erica Norman, a Mendes tennis camp nemesis in the film. Moreover, according to the source, the film features some foul-mouthed dialogues, which raised Netflix’s concern.

Sophie Turner at the premiere of “Do Revenge” (Source: NV Noticias)

Netflix asked the movie producers to reshoot the part that used the word “cunt.” But the filmmakers refused a reshoot because they believed it was a Celeste Ballard original.

The film is airing on Netflix today, and the public seems to enjoy it despite the language.

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