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Is Jennifer Coolidge Sick? What Happened To Her And Where Is She Now?

Is Jennifer Coolidge Sick? Fans continue to wonder about the actress’s health since she opened up about her mental health.

Popularly known as Jeanine Stifler in the sequel movie “American Pie,” Jennifer Coolidge is an extraordinary American actress. She began her acting career in 1993 and has served in numerous films, TV shows, and music videos.

Likewise, her career in the American entertainment world was inspired by Meryl Streep, and she wanted to become a dramatic actress like her. However, she ended up being loved by the public for her comic roles.

Some of the actress’s well-known movies include “A Cinderella Story,” “American Reunion,” “Like a Boss,” and “Legally Blond Film Series.” Similarly, “Seinfeld,” “Fish Hooks,” and “The White Lotus” are some of her popular TV shows.

Jennifer Coolidge Sick: What Happened to Her?

Jennifer Coolidge sick news initially broke in 2021.

The actress told the media that her health has not been at its best since the pandemic hit in 2020. As the COVID lockdown began, she claimed to develop self-destructing habits by eating unhealthy foods all day. The actress stated that she used to eat pizza and ice cream all day. 

Coolidge also said that the pandemic affected her mental health so badly that she had anxiety. She thought the pandemic would never end, and she would be dead without getting another chance to act.

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Jennifer Coolidge on White Lotus (Source: Marie Claire)

Moreover, Coolidge also revealed how she kept postponing her shoot for “White Lotus” due to insecurity. According to People, Coolidge tried to get out of the show because she had gained a lot of weight during the pandemic. However, the show’s creator contacted her at midnight to convince her.

As of now, Jennifer Coolidge has been one of the most loved characters on the TV show. Furthermore, the actress reported to The Guardian that she is grateful for being a part of the show, and if she hadn’t been, then she would not have been able to forgive herself.

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Where is Jennifer Coolidge Now in 2022?

Jennifer Coolidge is currently in Los Angeles.

The actress traveled to the city to attend the 2022 Emmy Awards. However, she resides in New Orleans. She is yet to be married and is currently survived by her pet dog Chuy.

The actress has been gaining popularity for her TV show “White Lotus.” And now, the public is even more excited for her return in its 2nd season.

Jennifer Coolidge At 2022 Emmy Awards

Jennifer Coolidge’s 2022 Emmy Awards appearance has set an example.

13th September 2022 became the most remarkable date for Jennifer as she won her first Emmy Award for “Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series.”

And, ever since she won the award, her name has been pooping everywhere on the internet. And it’s not only because she received the prize but because the way she received it was exceptional.

So what happened was Jennifer was giving her speech after receiving the award, and the team played a piece of music to cut her off.

However, instead of walking off the stage as any other person would, Jennifer asked the Emmy Awards team to hold on as it was a once-in-a-lifetime moment for her. 

Jennifer Coolidge at 2022 Emmy Awards (Source: Instagram)

But when the music didn’t stop, she opted to dance along to the music. Everyone in the audience laughed and admired her.

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