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Taylour Paige And Kendrick Lamar Relationship Timeline; Mack & Rita Family And Net Worth

Taylour Paige and Kendrick Lamar’s relationship is being discussed as they performed together on ‘We Cry Together.’

Miss Paige is an accomplished actress and dancer based in the United States. She started acting in 2001 and has served in multiple movies, T.V. shows, and music videos.

Likewise, Lamar is an eminent music artist known for being the most influential rapper of his time. The rapper began his musical career in 2003, and his debut album “Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City,” made him famous.

Since the release of “We Cry Together,” Taylour Paige and Kendrick Lamar’s relationship has been gaining much media attention.

When the subject was fading out of the public’s mind, Taylour’s latest movie, “Mack & Rita,” brought the issue back to people’s minds.

Now, suppose you are among the curious public here. In that case, you will not only learn about Taylour Paige and Kendrick Lamar’s relationship, but you will also know everything about the “Mack & Rita” actress, Taylour.

So, read until the end.

Taylour Paige And Kendrick Lamar Relationship Timeline: Are They Dating?

Taylour Paige and Kendrick Lamar’s relationship is nothing more than friends and colleagues.

Though the duo’s relationship got a dating tag, it is not valid.

However, the pair’s portrayal of the couple in Kendrick Lamar’s music video “We Cry Together” was very realistic.

Kendrick Lamar and Taylpr Paige for
Kendrick Lamar and Taylour Paige for “We Cry Together. (Source: Instagram)

The music video released in 2022 mainly focuses on toxic relationships.

To assure the netizens, we have to clarify that the rapper Kendrick is a married man. He has a fiance Whitney Alford. The pair also have a daughter and son together. 

Likewise, talking about the actress, she was dating Jesse Williams. But we are not sure if the pair is still together.

Taylour Paige Family

Miss Paige was born in a Catholic family in the year 1990.

According to her Wikipedia bio, the actress is 31 years at present. Her birthday is celebrated on 5th October. And her full name is Taylour Dominique Paige.

Likewise, her parents are Reginald Paige (father) and Cheryl Williams (mother).

Also, she was raised along with her older brother Travis Paige in Inglewood, California. 

Moreover, Taylour is very close to her grandmother. She is often seen praising her and being thankful for having her.

The lady loved acting and dancing from a young age. Her family, too, supported and motivated her to pursue her dreams.

Mack & Rita Actress Net Worth

“Mack & Rita” actress Taylour’s net worth is expected to be millions.

Though some online sources claim her net worth to be around $2million-$3million, the actress has not confirmed it.

However, the actress has lucrative earnings, all thanks to her accomplished career in the American entertainment industry.

Taylour has been in the acting world for over 2 decades, but her career flourished since she appeared in a VH1 series, “Hit the Floor.”

Moreover, some of her well-known films are “High School Musical 3: Senior Year,” “Jean of the Joneses,” “Zola,” and “Brothers.”

Likewise, “Making of the Laker Girls Calendar 2011” and “Grey’s Anatomy” is her well-known T.V. shows.

In 2022 she also made her debut in the musical world by singing along to Kendrick Lamar.

Taylour Paige and crew at the
Taylour Paige and crew at the “Mack & Rita” Premiere (Source: W.W.D.)

Furthermore, her latest film, “Mack & Rita,” was released on 12th August 2022.

According to Hyperbeast, Taylour Paige has confirmed to star in the ‘Beverly Hills Cop Sequel.

Not only that, but the actress has also been awarded multiple awards, including “ Best Female Lead” and “Outstanding Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture” for her outstanding skills.

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Is Taylour Paige On Instagram?

Yes, Taylour Paige is on Instagram as @taylour.

The actress is a verified platform user and has 546k people following her.

Likewise, most of her posts on Instagram promote her work.

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