Terence Caffey Little Rock

Terence Caffey Little Rock Police Custody Death Case, Ben Crump Investigation Update

The case related to “Terence Caffey Little Rock” has been opened again after nearly a year since his family joined civil rights attorney Ben Crump in a call for justice.

Caffey passed away after he went into medical complications during his arrest last December, and still, his family is grieving and seeking justice.

Before that, the Pulaski County prosecutor decided that the officers involved would not have criminal charges last month.

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What Happened To Terence Caffey At Little Rock?

On December 10, 2021, Terence Caffey died at a Little Rock hospital after going into what the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office called “medical distress” while in the custody of an off-duty deputy. Lawyer, Abbarno explained the case as a “brutal murder.” 

He had gone to Movie Tavern theater watching House of Gucci when he went to buy popcorn and ended up dead “at the hands of security, law enforcement, and theater personnel,” Layer, Crump alleged.

Arkansas family waits for answers after fight at movie theater results in death
Arkansas family waits for answers after a fight at movie theater results in death [Source- KTHV]
The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office’s initial statement claimed the deputy had just completed his working shift when he saw Caffey in a dispute with employees working there.

The officials claim that when the deputy tried to detain Caffey, the Little Rock Police Department was there to help with the arrest and that officers called medical personnel to the scene to treat Caffey when he stopped breathing.

They immediately took Terence to a local hospital, but it is unclear if he died before, during, or after being carried to the hospital. 

On the other hand, there are claims with viewers’ descriptions of the video indicating Caffey was already dead when the Police officers put him in the back of their cruiser and walked away, leaving him alone for several minutes.

Ben Crump Investigation Update

After the case of Terence’s death was regarded as from health problems, the Police personnel did not face criminal charges for the same reason. National civil rights attorney Ben Crump and his legal team have picked up Terence Caffey’s case and have decided to reach justice.

Law enforcement compiled and released a video that showed the sequence of the night Caffey died. Similarly, attorney Crump’s legal team had briefly seen body camera videos from that night, and while released, they were not all displayed in that original compilation.

Attorneys say autopsy shows Little Rock man's in-custody death was a homicide
Attorneys say an autopsy shows Little Rock man’s in-custody death was a homicide [Source- Arkansas Times]
Ben claimed that the investigator’s timeline intentionally skipped over the most violent parts of the scene. “We’re here today because we want you to see the truth. We want you to see what they did not intend for you to see,” Crump said publically.

The video showed a closer view and different angles of the officers putting their hands on Caffey’s neck and kneeling on his back before dragging him up.

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Terence Caffey Family Sentiment 

Terence Caffey’s family has always shown efforts to give justice to their beloved Terence. With his demise, they have always asked for justice as they felt it was a murder or not carelessness at the fullest.

“We truly are missing Terence, and our hearts have been broken, and we’re trying to put the pieces together,” Caffey’s grandmother said. 

The victim’s family and Crump claim that this was high use of force and that officers had pressurized him; he couldn’t breathe, leading to his death.

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