Hume Freeway accident

Hume Freeway Accident Update: Motorcyclist Killed, Three Others Injured In Crash

The Hume Freeway accident has been in the headlines after a motorcyclist was killed and three others suffered after a collision. The injured ones are fighting for their life after the horrific incident.

The crash occurred just a few days before, on Tuesday at 8 am in southwest Sydney. Similarly, the scene was immediately closed as emergency crews. The authorities were highly interactive in rescuing the people at the crash site.

Families of the victims at the site have been drastically heartbroken after seeing their close members suffer.

The news has even come on the media, so safe rides, and one should consider traffic rules to avoid such incidents in the upcoming days.

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What Happened In Hume Freeway Accident Case?

Hume Freeway Accident led to death with several injuries when the horrific crash occurred at the site. The official CCTV has not yet been found detailing the collision, but few people have posted the situation on the internet.

Motorcyclist killed, three others injured in crash north of Melbourne
Motorcyclist killed, three others injured in crash north of Melbourne [Source- 9 News]

Videos on social media show a shattered black car overturned on an embankment and emergency service workers revolving around another car on the highway with its roof damaged completely. 

After the incident, the southbound lanes of the Hume Freeway between Wandong and Wallan were closed for some time since the authorities were investigating and helping the victims.

Were The Victims Identified At The Accident?

One woman died on the spot, and three people were injured, including another woman and two children in the Hume Freeway accident case.

Likewise, the woman was pronounced dead at the site, but her identity has not been out as per the Police authority. Soon when her identity formally comes out, the close ones may come for her.

An NSW Ambulance took a girl child around seven to Westmead Children’s Hospital, who suffered serious injuries to her head and chest.

However, the woman injured in her head is suspected to be in her 40s, whereas the other children are believed to be ten with severe injury. 

The rescue team immediately took the other injured victims to the Liverpool Hospital. There has been no mention of their identities, but they are constantly under medical supervision.

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Fatal crash in Wandong involved four motorbike riders from a Christian motorcycle club
A fatal crash in Wandong involved four motorbike riders from a Christian motorcycle club [Source- 7 News]

How Did The Authority Look After The Incident? Update

After the crash, God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Club members were on a run southbound on the Hume Highway in Wandong around 1 pm.

Members associated with the club blocked the highway not to let cars get through the scene while emergency services coordinated with the setting.

Police authorities were active at the crash site, and two rescue helicopters landed on the highway since the victim at the site was in an emergency state.

After that, a Transport Management Center spokeswoman said that mid-morning traffic backed 5km with drivers diverting through Picton Road. 

People with clear information about witnessing the scene or having footage of the incident are requested to call Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000. 

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