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Terry Prone Illness And Health Update: What Happened To Anton Savage Mother?

Anton Savage mother, Terry Prone, has had some health issues in the recent past. She had an episode of transient global amnesia last year.

Terry is a well-known Irish media commentator and the mother of TV and radio presenter Anton Savage. She was married to fellow media personality Tom Savage.

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Anton, the former presenter of Today FM and Ireland FM, is also a PR advisor.

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Terry Prone Illness And Health Update: What Happened To Anton Savage Mother?

In October 2021, Terry Prone described losing complete memory of a day of her life.

The Communications Clinic chairman had a busy day – including a four-hour training course and speaking to Newstalk’s Pat Kenny, but she could not remember any of it. Doctors determined it was caused by a sudden and temporary memory loss known as transient global amnesia.

Terry explained: “It’s one of these things that’s as random as being hit by a meteorite.” She thought there could be two associated factors – either that she is over 50 or that it has some link with her migraine.

Terry Prone health
Terry Prone described the experience in an interview. Source: Newstalk

She shared that she had a car crash around 30 years ago, which gave her an odd migraine aura- a visual distortion. She cannot work or read or do anything when she has it.

However, Terry was happy that transient global amnesia is a once-off visitor that doesn’t come back. She handled it pretty well; she made it through the whole episode without being agitated or alarmed, even though she had “no clue while it was happening.”

Who Is Terry Prone? Anton Savage Mother

TV and radio presenter Anton Savage was born in Dublin, Ireland, as the only child of Terry Prone and Tom Savage

Terry Prone Anton Savage
Anton Savage is the son of Terry Prone and Tom Savage. Source: Extra

Terry Prone is a media commentator, trainer, consultant, analyst, and author. She has delivered her services in sixteen countries. Furthermore, she has published over 28 books, including an award-winning short story collection and several critically acclaimed novels.

Terry first appeared on TV at 13 and presented her radio show at 16. After making one of her companies a household name in Ireland, she sold it for “a pleasing sum” and set up The Communications Clinic with her late husband, Tom Savage, her son, Anton Savage, and three close friends.

The Irish media personality is the Chairman of The Communications Clinic and a columnist for the Irish Examiner and Herald.

She has three grandkids from her son Anton and daughter-in-law Cathy: seven-year-old Finn, four-year-old JJ, and three-year-old Eve.

Terry Prone Husband Tom Savage Was Also Into Media

Terry Prone was married to Tom Savage, a media figure, consultant, and author. Tom was the former RTÉ chairman and director of The Communications Clinic. 

Terry Prone husband
Terry Prone pictured with her husband, Tom Savage. Source: Independent

Tom attended Maynooth College in 1959, earning degrees in divinity and arts, before further studies at The Queen’s University of Belfast. Then, he became Director of Social Welfare in the Archdiocese of Armagh until 1972.

Tom, who was a Roman Catholic, worked as a priest and also a lecturer. He regularly presented the End the Day religious program on UTV and Outlook on RTÉ TV.

Further, he delivered management training and consultancy in Britain, the U.S., Canada, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Portugal. He was Communications Advisor to Albert Reynolds, the former Taoiseach, and went on to publish his textbook on negotiations, How to Get What you Want, in 1999.

Tom worked in RTÉ Radio in the night news editing and features department and presented RTÉ television shows Eyewitness to HistoryIt Says in the Papers, and For Better or Worse. Afterward, he became Chairman of the RTÉ Board in February 2009.

Terry’s husband, Tom, passed away from a short illness on March 30, 2017, in Dublin, Ireland, at age 76.

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