Valerie Chaney: Biography, Pete Holmes & Net worth.

You don’t always have to be the one famous face to be celebrated and earn success. Sometimes, being associated with the already established one helps a lot. Valerie Chaney, an American lady, has taken all the limelight because of her relationships with the industry’s famous comedian, Peter Holmes.

The lady we are going to talk about today is also the support system of a famous Hollywood artist.

Also, she is the propeller for the actor’s speeding career. Undoubtedly, she has been supportive in making his career outstanding and appreciating success.

Valery Chaney
Valery Chane enjoying a Drink

However, She is a reserved person who likes to keep her personal life very private. But, she supports her husband’s public life from backstage.

Similarly, the actor’s wife works in a non-profit organization and is a very kind person. Undoubtedly, her charming personality and down-to-earth nature got Peter Holmes to fall for her at first sight.

Quick facts about Valerie Chaney


Full Name Valerie Chaney
Known as Pete Holmes‘s wife
Date of Birth February 28, 1989
Place of birth Unknown
Residence Los Angeles, California
Gender Female
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Master’s Degree in Education, University of California, Davis
Horoscope Pisces
Father’s Name Bill Chaney
Mother’s Name Beth Chaney
Siblings Derek Chaney (brother)
Age 35 Years Old
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eye Color Light- grayish brown
Hair Color Blonde
Skin color Fair
Lucky number 7
Lucky stone Aquamarine
Lucky color Yellow and Orange
Best match for marriage Gemini and Sagittarius
Marital Status Married
Spouse Peter Benedict Holmes(Pete Holmes)
Hobbies Going outdoors, animal lover
Profession Teacher, Personality Instructor
Net worth $500,000
Social media Instagram, Twitter
Pete Holmes Merch Pete Holmes: Dirty Clean, Pete Holmes: Nice Try, The Devil, Pete Holmes: Faces and Sounds 
Last Update April, 2024

She is a very natural person. Furthermore, the lady is considered one of the most secretive people, as there is very little information about her on the internet.

Although she is seen making public appearances with her husband on movie premieres and events such as award functions and Hollywood parties, she still loves to remain away from the media.

Early life and childhood of Valerie Chaney

There is not much information about the early life and childhood of Valery Chaney. Obviously, from her personality, we can say that she sure was a kind and generous person in her youth.

Education of Pete Holme’s wife; Valerie Chaney

Valery Chaney holds a graduate degree from the University of California, Davis. Moreover, she has a Master’s degree in Education. Apart from this, the lady did her schooling in her hometown, but there is no school information.

Nonetheless, there isn’t any information about her bachelor’s degree or high school in any of her social media posts.

Similarly, it is rumored that she did her early schooling at a local school in the city where she was born. Even so, there is no concrete proof of this information.

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Family and Personal life

Valerie Chaney’s family’s details, whom she grew up with, are still unknown to the media. Besides, she is a very private person. Yet, she has spilled the beans about her family in an Instagram post.

Her mother’s name is Beth Chaney, and her father’s name is Bill Chaney. Likewise, she has a brother named Derek Chaney, who is also her best friend. She also has a good relationship with her sister-in-law Beth Ansolabehere.

Definitely, her social media posts dedicated to her nephew, Wyatt, and niece, Annie June, we can tell that she is an adoring and loving aunt.

Similarly, we have enough information about the family she created with her husband. Her marriage with Pete Holmes got her into the limelight in the later years of her life.

The married life of Valerie Chaney

She started dating Pete Holmes in 2014, and they have been together since then. The duo kept their relationship private till 2015 and finally announced it to the public. They got married in 2017 after sharing a beautiful period of 3 years as lovers.

The actor proposed Valerie on a hot air balloon, which shows his extreme love for his lady.

Valerie Chaney and Pete Holmes with their daughter Leila.
Valerie Chaney and Pete Holmes with their daughter Leila.

Along with this, they have been blessed with a beautiful daughter after being together for many years. Her name is Leila Jane, and she very dear to both of them. Leila was born in September 2018.

Who is Pete Holmes?

Pete Holmes is an American comedian, actor, writer, and producer. Also, he is a podcaster in the show You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. The cheerful personality, self-aware humor, and down to earth nature grabs his fans and followers’ attention.

He has been in love with Valery Chaney and got married to her in the year 2017. Pet refers to his wife as ‘Sweet Lady Val.’

Pete’s Career

The comedian was born on March 30, 1979, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He is an American-Lithuania descent as his father is American and his mother is Lithuanian.

Similarly, he holds a graduate degree in  Bachelors in English and Communications. He graduated from Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts.

Moreover, Pete Holmes has appeared as a regular member of the panel on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend on  VH1’s Best Week Ever. As well, he voiced several characters on Comedy Central’s cartoon Ugly Americans.

Firstly, the actor started his journey as a standup comedian on the Christian comedy circuit. Also, he is a very religious person.

You Made It Weird is a weekly comedy interview podcast hosted by Pete Holmes, aired on Nerdist Network since October 25, 2011. Later on, since February 28, 2018, the show is independently distributed.

This podcast has aired 571 episodes so far(December 2020). Besides,  Pete’s lovely wife Valerie also appeared as a guest in three episodes of the show.

Career and Professional life of Valerie Chaney

The lady love of Pete Holmes started her career as a middle school teacher in Northern California. In her tenure as a school teacher, she realized how young girls struggled in life with low self-esteem.

Subsequently, this inspired her to advocate in helping women who had similar issues, and hence it gave rise to the Real girl.

Valerie Chaney is said to be associated with a non-profit organization, according to one of her friends. The organization is named Real Girl, and it is dedicated to inspire and guide young girls of the age group 9-16.

Mainly, they guide the little girls to discover their authentic selves and make them capable of developing their skills and improving their confidence.

She works as A Real girl instructor in the Los Angeles area. Moreover, she coaches young girls to deal with body-shaming issues and identity confusions.

Valery believes that such instructions encourage women to speak out and develop to their full potentials.

The instructor also established an institution to help people dealing with anxiety. She also started to offer Dance and Meditation classes at Studio A Dance in the Hyperion Arts Complex in Los Angeles. The course was titled “Wild and Free.”

The social life of Valery Chaney

Although Valerie likes to be secretive about her personal life, the actress is a bit social. Mostly, she shares posts about her husband and her adorable daughter on her social media platform.

She is active on Twitter and Instagram. There she portrays the pieces of her lavish lifestyle and beloved family stories.

She has an Instagram handle named @valeryandchaney with over 9k followers. Her Insta bio says- A Val about town. There are over 500 posts in her account.

Valerie posts about her cute daughter and talks openly about racism in her Instagram stories and posts.

Valerie Chaney is also very active on Twitter. Her Twitter account is @Vforvagilante, which has over 1k followers. She has made over 600 tweets so far from this account. In addition to this, her bio says occasional chili regretter.

The lady tweets about comedy shows, her dub mash videos, and movies on her Twitter account.

The net worth of Valerie Chaney

The net worth of Valerie Chaney is estimated to be $500,000 as of May 2020. Definitely, her income resource is the organization and some business, which she owns along with her husband.

Also,  Pete Holmes, her husband, has a worth of $3 million. He earns from his acting career and youtube channel.

Her husband earns enough to provide her and their daughter with all the comfort and luxury required. Even so, she decided to work independently and is financially independent.


Rumors and Controversies: What got Valerie Chaney into the limelight?

The relationship with her husband, Pete Holmes, got her in the limelight back in 2015 because they were secretively dating each other in those days.

However, paparazzi made their way to dig up Holmes’s and Valerie’s love life information.

Valerie was a great supporter of the #metoo movement. She greatly supported the movement through her social media posts and her statements on public platforms.

Some interesting facts about Valerie Chaney

Valerie Chaney is a huge fan of the singer Beyonce. She considers herself blessed to be sharing the same generation as Beyonce. Unquestionably the lady love of Pete Holmes attends concerts of Beyonce and follows her closely.

She is a great animal lover. Valerie and her husband owned a dog named Brody. Indeed, they used to take him along with them on vacations. Besides, the couple  fondly called them ‘petjetter.’

With her Family
With her Family and Brody

There is a tattoo on Valerie’s arm too. The tattoo is scripted as “love everyone” with a heart drawn between the words.

Pete Holmes and Valerie are fond of traveling. Without a doubt, they have traveled enough as a couple during their dating era. Later, when their beloved daughter came into their life, they started staying indoors to care for her.

Finally, Valerie is an accomplished leader, influencer, and exceptional life coach. She has guest-hosted one episode of the comedy podcast. Some are You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. Also, she was invited twice to the show.


Who is Valerie’s husband?

Valerie’s husband, Pete Holmes, is a Hollywood actor.

Is Valery associated with the “REAL girl”?

Yes, Valery is an instructor at the non-profit organization “REAL girl.”

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