Wesley Brownlee Jail

Is Wesley Brownlee In Jail? 43 Years Old Serial Killer Parents, Arrest And Charge

Wesley Brownlee Jail; Stockton Police arrested him in connection to the serial killings. This criminal suffered psychological stress, court records show.  

His reports showed him as “mentally slow” and “learning disabled.” with low school grades, poor attendance, and not completing high school.

43-year-old Brownlee has a criminal past, from sexually assaulting a girl to selling cocaine to an undercover officer. With the increment in his unethical works, he is now a murderer too.

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Is Wesley Brownlee In Jail? Arrest And Charge

Wesley Brownlee, who is currently 43, is in jail as he was detained on Saturday by Stockton Police for six deadly shootings, including one in Oakland.

Police authority said that this criminal was found driving around with a gun & mask with a mission to kill and was hunting for another victim.

California Authorities Arrest Suspected Serial Murderer Who Was Allegedly ‘Out Hunting’ for ‘Another Killing’
California Authorities Arrest Suspected Serial Murderer Who Was Alleged ‘Out Hunting’ for ‘Another Killing’ [Source- Law And Crime]
CCTV video of the suspect was released, and hundreds of hints came to the detective. He has been arrested in the San Joaquin County Jail but has not been charged until the final decision is made legally.

He will be in court for an arraignment on Tuesday afternoon. Along with that, San Joaquin County District Attorney Ron Freitas stated, “The suspect’s reign of terror in our community has come to an end,”

43 Years Old Wesley Brownlee Serial Killer Parents And Family

Wesley Brownlee was born in San Francisco but raised in Oakland along Seminary Avenue. As per the court records, the authority obtained his family’s life and mental state. 

His home when he was younger was just a few blocks from where Oakland victim Juan Miguel Vazquez Serrano was killed in April 2021, and he lived with six siblings.

Brownlee was highly disturbed when his older brother, Dale Brownlee, was killed by a shooting along East 16th Street in Oakland in October 1995. 

Along with that, his mother also revealed that he seemed continuously depressed. As a result, she also suggested getting therapy to help him move on. However, the identity of their family members has not been disclosed.

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Suspected serial killer Wesley Brownlee, who was ‘on a mission to kill,’ nabbed by California cops
Suspected serial killer Wesley Brownlee, who was ‘on a mission to kill,’ nabbed by California cops [Source- CNN]

Wesley Brownlee Criminal Involvements In The Past

Wesley Brownlee was recently detained for killing several people and was a criminally minded individual for years before. He was arrested many times for different illegal activities.

He was also regarded as mentally disturbed and depressed, and with a slow learning capacity, he dropped his education from high school.

When he was only 14 years old, he sexually assaulted a girl similar to his age along with two other boys in May 1994. Investing authority explained that he did not accept the claim but blamed the other guys.

It is unknown if he was arrested for the sexual act, but later that year, he was arrested for other criminal acts. He was found selling cocaine to an undercover officer, for which he was put on House arrest as a juvenile.

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