Kornbread Jete Gender

Kornbread Jete Gender: A Trans American Drag Queen, Family And Net Worth

American Drag Queen contestant Kornbread Jete gender has been searched as they have been diagnosed with Cancer. 

She is known for competing in RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14. This reality personality, Instagram sensation, and drag queen. On her Instagram account, kornbreadthesnack, where she has over 387K followers, she shares videos from her time on the show and other drag queen stuff.

August 2019 saw the debut of her Instagram account. In the clip, she makes a funny vocal performance for a puppet in one of Brandon Rogers’ YouTube videos.

Is you hungry, ‘cuz bi**h, I’m baked! This is how she introduced herself in RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14. This quotation is also included after each Instagram caption she uses.

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Kornbread Jete Gender: A Trans American Drag Queen

Kornbread identifies as a woman. She has a good friendship with trans lady and fellow Drag Race competitor Kerri Colby. Colby, in the words of Kornbread, “No one realizes how much she has done for me because she has physically walked me through so much of my transformation. Although she is not my drag mother, I tell her that she is undoubtedly a portion of my trans mother.”

Kornbread Jete
Kornbread Jete At American Drag Queen (Source: Instagram)

The House of Balmain won the first season of Legendary, and Kornbread is the drag version of Calypso Jeté Balmain.

Kornbread utilized her experience to spread awareness of the illness after learning that she had an early-stage adenocarcinoma, a kind of bowel Cancer, on September 26, 2022.

Williams was raised in Columbia, South Carolina, where he was born. Later, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a musical theater education.

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Kornbread Jete Family 

The Snack: Kornbread, The 14th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, was where Jeté, an American drag queen, made her name.

From 2022 on, Kornbread will work at The Abbey in Los Angeles and host monthly Drag Race parties at Abbey Food & Bar in West Hollywood. She is presently taking part in RuPaul’s Drag Race’s 14th season. She used a box in the first episode with Merle Ginsberg, a previous judge on Drag Race, depicted as a missing person.

A black trans woman named Kornbread resides in Los Angeles. She is close with a transgender woman and Drag Race competitor Kerri Colby. “She truly accompanied me so much in my transformation that no one appreciates how much she meant for me,” Kornbread said of Colby.

I tell her that although she is not my drag mother, she is undoubtedly a portion of my mother.

Kornbread is being served, and the bakery is open! A performance powerhouse with a deliciously feisty demeanor, this Queen of L.A. You’ll be gooped out, gagging, and longing for a taste of what she’s cooking when she leaves.

The woman whose husband had been unfaithful to her was picked up when they were eating Cornbread and shot on the table. Because the other inmates refused to eat Cornbread with her because she had shot her husband, she was given the nickname Cornbread. So I understand what Kornbread would be if I became a drag queen.

Kornbread Jete Net Worth In 2022

Kornbread Jete’s net worth is not revealed yet. However, the Drag Queen contestant has been famous since she made her show debut. 

She has been commercially active in various brands. 

She had only recently begun transitioning, according to Kornbread, a few months before the show’s production. “It was a very fresh environment,” she remarked, “and everything was new for me.”

Kornbread Jete
Kornbread Jete At Hocus Focus 2 Set (Source: Instagram)

When Kornbread was cast, she still hadn’t come out to her family. She, therefore, hesitated a little when discussing her transformation with the other queens.

“I hid everything from everyone. It was more of a personal matter, so even though I wanted to go in and just deliver everything I had, I also wanted to wait until I had the conversation with my family before saying too much.

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