Johnny Serrano

Johnny Serrano is a resident of Campbell and police charged him with the shooting of Yarnell C. Green of Youngstown. He was just twenty-three years old while being involved in the heinous crime of killing.

As per the officials, it was the nineteenth homicide of the year, and this case occurred Thursday evening after a shooting on the North side. 

Who Is Johnny Serrano?

Johnny Serrano is the culprit detained for shooting Yarnell C. Green of Youngstown a few days back, which created a moment of tension in the surrounding.

The victim’s identity was trying to be identified by the Police, so they did not reveal it on Thursday night. However, detectives gathered information several hours after the incident on the site.

Police reported around 6:30 p.m. to New York Avenue off Logan Avenue for reports of multiple gunshots
Police reported around 6:30 p.m. to New York Avenue off Logan Avenue for reports of multiple gunshots [Source- The Times]
Later, they identified the twenty-three-year-old boy, Johnny Serrano, who is now kept in the Mahoning County Jail on a felony murder charge.

Moreover, he revealed that he was a stay-at-home dad who worked weekends, meaning he had his own children.

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Yarnell C. Green Shooting Suspects Arrest And Charge

Yarnell C. Green was shot and killed in Downtown Youngstown. Similarly, the Police officers got reports about the same after the incident.

In response to reports of many gunshots and gathering of people, Police said they went to New York Avenue off of Logan Avenue at 6:30 pm. 

The victim had already been driven to the hospital when the Police arrived. The victim, Yarnell C. Green, passed away shortly after getting to St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital, according to the Police authority.

Johnny Serrano, 23, of Campbell, has been accused of the crime and has been detained
Johnny Serrano, 23, of Campbell, has been accused of the crime and has been detained [Source- iPleaders]
Moreover, the case investigation is still ongoing, as other parties may also be involved. They have also requested the general public, with any information about Yarnell Green Jr.’s murder, to contact Crimestoppers at (330) 746-CLUE or (330) 746-8YPD.

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Legal Procedure For Johnny Serrano

Lawyer James Gentile in the case said that he had Johnny Serrano (his client) self-surrender to the Police. Also, he gave away his gun to the investigating authority, which James had used to shoot Yarnell.

Even though his hearing was yet to be scheduled by the judges for the preliminary round, the visiting judge David Furhy had set his bond for seven hundred fifty thousand dollars.

On the contrary, Assistant City Prosecutor Charles Mickens asked for a $1 million bond, but the lawyer told them to settle down on a low amount. He suggested that his client had no proper income and had no felony beforehand.

Moreover, Gentile said he had looked forward to the case file and thought his client could also have a legitimate self-defense argument. “I think there is a good issue of self-defense in this case,” Gentile said.

Similarly, the results will be known accordingly when the authorized jury announces the final hearing about the case.


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