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What is Patsy Baloney? Pat Cipollone Age Wife And Children

Patsy Baloney is the nickname of the then-White House council for the Trump government, Pat Cipollone. The Internet gave him the name Patsy Baloney for his character. 

Last month, President Donald Trump’s former White House counsel Pat Cipollone was called to testify before the House select committee.

The House select committee is investigating the January 6 attacks on the Capitol that left the entire country in shock.

Due to multiple mentions about Cipollone in former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony, he was subpoenaed to testify.

Pat Cipollone is suspected to be the leading man behind opposing attempts by Trump and allies to overturn the results of the 2020 election.


Pat Cipollone was called in for his testimony regarding the Capitol attacks case on January 6. 

The entire hearing has been displayed publicly and has been ongoing for the past year since the attacks took place. 

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During the hearing, the entire records have to be saved, and closed captioning software is used for this. 

A writer for a publication who was watching the hearing seemed to notice that something was off. 

The closed captioning software was recording Pat Cipollone’s name as Patsy Baloney. 

Once the internet became aware of this, they named Pat Cipollone Patsy Baloney.


Pasquale Anthony’ Pat’ Copollone was born on May 6, 1966, in Bronx, New York. 

His father was an Italian immigrant and factory worker, while his mother was a homemaker. Both their names, however, are unknown to the public.

He spent most of his childhood in the Bronx, with a move to Northern Kentucky later.

Cipollone graduated from Covington Catholic High School in 1984. He also used to work part-time at a McDonald’s.

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Pat was later named class valedictorian during his graduation from Fordham University in 1988. He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Philosophy.

Pat then obtained a full scholarship to the University of Chicago Law School. He was the Managing Editor of the School Review and earned a Juris Doctor in 1991.

Law School was when Pat Cipolline immersed into the legal conservative thought process.


Cipollone’s father was an Italian immigrant and raised a Roman Catholic. 

He is married to Rebecca Thelen and has ten children bearing his name.

Pat Cipollone is a founding member of the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. He also serves the Catholic Information Center as a board member.

In 2002, he helped convert Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham to Catholicism.

One of Cipollone’s daughters worked as a booker for The Ingraham Angle.

During his days in the Trump government, Cipollone used to be known for working behind the scenes. 

He broke out when he played a significant role in Trump’s Senate impeachment trial defense.

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Before joining the Trump Government, Pat was a partner at two law firms with a prestigious history and a wide array of clients.

He also worked for the Justice Department of Attorney General William Barr during the Bush administration.


Pat Cipollone’s financial disclosure in 2017-18 reported an income of $6.7 million to his name.

He was a law clerk for Judge Danny Boggs in Cincinnati, Ohio, from 1991-92.

From 1992 to 1993, he assisted Attorney General William P. Barr in his work during the George W. Bush administration.

He was a partner with 2 law firms – Kirkland & Ellis and Stein, Mitchell, Cipollone, Beato & Missner. 

He was also recently a partner of the LA firm Ellis George Cipollone O’Brien Annaguey LLP.

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