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Who Are Gavin Escobar Parents, Harry And Erin Escobar? Dallas Cowboys Tight end Net Worth At Death

Gavin Escobar Parents Harry and Erin Escobar are saddened by the passing away of their son. The American football player passed away at the untimely age of 31.

During his career, Gavin managed to make a decent reputation for himself. As the Dallas Cowboys tight end took his last breath, he left as a respected football player with unsurmountable talents. 

After playing in the NFL for six years, he has made a solid reputation. Gavin was one of the most dedicated tight ends in the league, and after losing him, Dallas Cowboys are left with a big shoes to fill. 

Continue reading this article as we explore the life and death of Gavin. 

Who Are Gavin Escobar Parents, Harry And Erin Escobar?

Famous football player Gavin Escobar was the son of his parents, Harry and Erin Escobar. According to resources, his parents were of Puerto Rican nationality before moving to America.

Details about his parents are unavailable as he was reluctant to let people know about his personal life. Gavin always stayed quiet when questions about his personal life were asked, but we know that Gavin is the only son of his parents, Harry and Erin. 

Losing your only son at such a young age must be heartbreaking for his parents. Gavin’s family is mourning the loss of their dear one. But his parents are not alone; fans, friends, and people worldwide are deeply saddened by the loss of such a fantastic player and an even better human. 

Gavin Died In A Rock Climbing Incident

Police identified the body of Gavin, who had fallen victim to a rock climbing accident. The Dallas Cowboys player was only 31 years old when he died. 

Apart from his parents, Gavin leaves behind a lovely family of three. He married Sarah a long time ago and they have been together for quite some time now. The couple was the parents of two children. 

Gavin Escobar
Late Gavin Escobar in one of his games.
(Source: Daily Snark)

Gavin had gone to California to enjoy the rock climbing adventure, but little did he know that the incident was going to end him. Police identified two bodies falling victim to a heartbreaking accident; unfortunately, Gavin was one of them.

It had almost been ten years since he first joined the coveted NFL tournament, but he fell short of that milestone. He served his team well during his days, so his teammates and coaches have sent a message of strength to his family during these trying times. 

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Gavin Escobar’s Net Worth At Death

According to the Latest news in the world, Gavin Escobar had an impressive net worth of around $5 million as of 28th September when he took his last breath. Since he would not be around to see his children growing up, his net worth would at least be a relief to the Escobar family.

Gavin started his career long before getting drafted into the NFL. He was always sure about wanting to participate in the American football game, so he worked hard for it.

After the start of his career, he rarely took a day off and was always striving to be the better version of himself. He leaves behind his extraordinary dedication for us to marvel at.

Gavin Escobar Early Life:

Gavin was born in New York City on 3rd February 1991. The athlete spent most of his early days in his hometown before he moved to other places for academic and professional reasons. 

Right from the first time he set foot on the pitch, it was evident how capable Gavin was. He never put his sight on any other profession, and success tasted that much sweeter when he finally made it to the big stage. 

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