Nandi Bushell Parents

Who Are John And Lungi Bushell? Nandi Bushell Parents Age Gap And Family Ethnicity

John and Lungi Bushell are parents of a young and uprising drummer Nandi Bushell. Nandi has made a considerable impression in the drumming sector.

A 12-year-old Zulu-Briton known as Nandi Bushell is one of the world’s most potential rock & roll stars. Bushell is a master drummer who plays other instruments and has a deep voice. If she wants, she can start a one-person band.

Who Is John Bushell and Lungi Bushel? Nandi Bushell Parents

John Bushell is Nandi’s dad. It is impossible to know when he was born. According to his LinkedIn account, John is a filmmaker and producer. He is also a sound and software engineer. He was also the manager of software development for Dervico Sports.

Lungi Bushell is Nandi’s mother. Also unknown are her birthday and early life circumstances. In KwaZulu-Esikhawini, Natal’s Lungi was born. She is also the proud mother of two musically talented and unusual kids.

Nandi Bushell with her parents Josh and Lungi Bushell and her brother.
Nandi Bushell with her parents, Josh and Lungi Bushell, and her brother (Source: Variety)

John worked as a senior software developer at Mando Group and Verpakt Management Services. Finally, he worked at Strategic System Solutions Ltd. as a mainframe developer.

He is currently in charge of Bushell Entertainment. a privately held creative business. Additionally, his company creates incredible artwork that uplifts and fulfills individuals.

From 2000 to 2004, John attended Liverpool John Moores University and met his wife, Lungi. John acknowledged that he and his family’s side of the family were the sources of his children’s musical talent.  

In addition, John said that he began performing music at 16. In addition, Nandi and her father uploaded YouTube videos of themselves performing musical arts.

Nandi Bushell Parent’s Age Gap

The young and exciting drummer Nandi Bushell is the daughter of Josh Bushell and Lungi Bushell; as of the time this article was being written, the precise date of birth was unknown.

While writing this article, it is also uncertain how old her parents were. Nandi was born on April 28, 2010, making him 12 years old as of 2022.

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Her parents haven’t received much attention in the media up to this point, and not much is known about them in general.

Josh And Lungi Bushell clicking Selfie.
Josh And Lungi Bushell clicking Selfie. (Source: Distractify)

When they bought Nandi a toy drum set, John and Lungi became aware of her talent. Even though Nandi was only five years old at the time, John was struck by her innate drumming. John could recognize the breadth of Nandi’s natural talent because he had played in bands since he was a teenager.

Most of her admirers are curious to learn more about the parents and life of young and rising drummer Nandi. Still, she has succeeded in keeping her personal life and the individuals connected to it Private.

Nandi Bushell Family & Ethnicity

Nandi Bushell was born to parents John and Lungi Bushell in Durban, South Africa, and her ethnicity is mixed as she is the daughter of a White English man, whereas her mother belongs to Zulu Tribe.

Her family nationality is of British-South African, and she currently resides in Durban with her family; in her family, there are four members her father, John, her mother Lungi, herself, and her brother Thomas Bushell.

Like Nandi, her brother, also at a young age, plays the guitar and is also a sensation on his own. Not much is known, however, about her brother at the time of writing this article.

According to Nandi’s mother, Nandi and her brother Thomas strongly bonded with the nation where she was born. On social media, Nandi has been photographed wearing African-inspired T-shirts and traditional Zulu beads.

Even some of her drums are decorated with African fabric and beads. When we visit, Nandi always appreciates the traditional Zulu food, especially my mother’s cooking, according to Lungi.

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