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Meet Ellie Rowsell Partner Austin Williams: Age Net Worth Explored 

English singer Ellie Rowsell’s partner is Austin Williams, a musician.

Ellie Roswell, an English singer and musician in North London co-founded Wolf Alice in 2010 as an acoustic act with guitarist Joff Oddie. Wolf Alice, an indie rock band that won the Mercury Prize, has Roswell as their lead guitarist and singer.

Roswell and Joff Oddie added three more band members after adding electric band elements to their style in 2012. 

Their debut EP, Blush, was released in October 2013. 

The lead vocalist of the alternative rock band Wolf Alice, Ellie Rowsell, is best known for her soprano voice.

She attended the Camden School for Girls from 2003 to 2010. 

Ellie wrote poetry and short stories while still a high school senior. 

She began playing the guitar at 14 and later utilized GarageBand to further her songwriting abilities.

Since Ellie is a well-known music artist, many people are interested in learning about her personal life, and the public is always fascinated by her romantic relationships.

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Ellie Rowsell Partner Austin Williams: Age Explored 

Ellie Roswell’s partner is not Austin Williams Austin is dating someone who has shared many photos. There is no actual name of the partner, but she has an Instagram account named @n911y.

Most celebrities keep their relationships a secret from the general public to avoid damaging rumors and gossip. Rowsell and Austin’s relationship has likewise remained a mystery.

Born in Birmingham, England, Austin Williams was raised there. According to the sources, he once worked at the Morrison’s store in Birmingham, England.

Ellie Rowsell
Ellie Rowsell With Her Band Members: (Source: Instagram)

He began collaborating with his bandmate Tom Higgins when he was 16. Wolfgang J. Harte, a former founding member, left the group, and bassist Cavan McCarthy took his place.

Austin William is a 30-year-old or so. Because Austin’s age and birthdate are not listed on official websites, they are unknown. 

The main singer of the band Swim Deep is the vocalist’s most well-known role. They started doing business in Birmingham, England, in 2010. They began recording in Brussels, Belgium, at the end of 2012.

On the other side, Ellie Rowsell, his partner, is 30 years old. Ellie, now 30 years old, was born on July 19, 1992, in Archway, London, England. She and her father were raised in an Irish neighborhood; both were born in Dublin.

Ellie Rowsell’s Net Worth In 2022

Ellie Rowsell’s estimated net worth is $1 million to $5 million.

Ellie Rowsell started singing right away. She keeps working hard at her job to maintain a consistent salary. Ellie’s source of income is her singing career.

The 30-year-old singer already has enough money to buy name-brand goods and live a luxury lifestyle. Ellie has a promising future and will become richer in a year.

Ellie’s net worth is calculated based on information from her line of work; as a result, it may change depending on the sources. Numerous other publications with identical estimates of her net worth also included her in their sources.

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Meet Ellie Rowsell On Instagram 

Instagram users can find Ellie Rowsell there under the handle @ellieciararowsell.

The pop diva has more than 121k followers on her registered Instagram account. Compared to musicians like Jax Jones, Jay Z, and Angela Kogan, she has fewer fans.

She has posted 325 posts and routinely updates her followers with the newest photographs and posts on her Instagram account. On her Instagram, Ellie shares selfies and information on new projects, travel, and other things.

Ellie Rowsell’s Relation With Her Ex-Partner Isaac Holman

According to The Sun, Isaac and Ellie started dating in February 2017. They made the perfect team since they cared about the other band’s success.

To the delight of their friends, Isaac decided to dress formally throughout the summer. The Slave guitarist, who was also a father, allegedly persuaded Ellie and Isaac to start a family. The pair reportedly purchased a home in Margate, Kent, close to a brand-new hotel and artistic studios, according to The Sun.

The two were revealed two weeks after Wolf Alice won the prestigious Mercury Award 2018 and the top prize of $25,000. Moreover, there were rumors that the couple proposed in 2018.

Ellie Rowsell
Ellie Rowsell Performing (Source: Instagram)

Later, Ellie Rowsell tweeted that she had not become engaged to Isaac and hadn’t bought a house in Margate.

They were frequently spotted together in public, so even though Isaac denied dating them, their supporters had their doubts.

Despite not knowing what happened to their romance, Rowsell and Holman are no longer together.

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