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Who Is Dewayne Watkins? Man Found Guilty Of Killing A Couple In 2018 – Arrest And Charge

Dewayne Watkins was charged with a double murder case. Learn more about the man found guilty of killing a couple back in 2018 from this article.

Watkins is found guilty of murdering a couple by a Caddo Parish jury. He was charged guilty on two counts of first-degree murder on November 8, 2018. 

After many trials, the jury finally rested their case on Wednesday to find a Shreveport man guilty in the shooting and burning deaths of a couple who only tried to do a kind act.

Dewayne was charged with shooting the couple who offered to drive him from Mall St. Vincent, only for them to be taken hostage, robbed, and shot in the back of the heads.

Later, their bodies were found inside their car, burned down, in the driveway of a vacant home in the Queensborough neighborhood.

Who Is Dewayne Watkins? – Details On The Murderer

Dewayne Watkins is a criminal found guilty of committing the murders of a couple.

According to localnews8, Dewayne is a civilian from Shreveport. But, we cannot be sure if he was born and grew up in the same locality.

According to CPSO, Watkins was born on September 28, 1984, and is 37 years old as of 2022. However, the details of his parents and family are yet to be made public. 

Dewayne was accused of killing a couple in 2018 after he asked them for a lift, only to shoot them back in the head. 

Dewayne Watkins is in Police custody. (Source: KTAL News)

Watkins asked for a ride from Mall St. Vincent to Jose’s Jose’s on November 8, 2018. He had approached them there and asked to use Heather Jose’s cellphone.

The couple then decided to give Watkins a lift which did not end up well for them. The couple’s body was later discovered in a burned car in Shreveport’s neighborhood in 2018.

After many trials, Watkins was finally found guilty of the charges and now faces two life sentence charges.

Double Murder Trial Finally Rests – Arrest And Charges

The bodies of a couple were found in a burned car in Shreveport’s neighborhood in 2018. Dewayne Watkins was accused of the murders and was later found guilty of both murders.

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According to the jury, Watkins asked the couples for a lift to rob and kill them in their car. Later, he burned the car along with their bodies in Shreveport.

Bill Edwards and Mekisha Creal, the Assistant District Attorneys, prosecuted the case. And Watkins was defended by Sean Collins and the Capital Defense Project of Southeast Louisiana.

It took three trials hold to rest the case this Wednesday finally. The second trial was put on hold after the defendant fell ill. 

Watkins tested COVID positive, which led the case to be delayed for the second time in a row. However, justice was served in Jose’s third trial.  

The death penalty or life in prison are the only two possible sentences for two charges of first-degree murder. But, Caddo District Attorney James Stewart removed the death penalty from the table in 2021 in an effort to expedite the case.

According to various sources, Dewayne will be formally sentenced on October 19 and will likely face two life sentences.

Jose’s Untimely Demise – Details On The Victims

Heather Jose and Kelly Jose were killed in a tragic crime by Dewayne Watkins. The couple was shot in the back of their head after giving a lift to Watkins.

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Kelly Jose was an Air Force reserve member who worked as a civilian at Barksdale Air Force Base. When she wed Kelly, Heather Jose relocated from California to the Shreveport region.

Kelly and Heather
Victims Kelly Jose and Heather Jose (Source: KTAL News)

Kelly was 43 years of age at the time of death, while Heather was mere 34 years old.

According to the couple’s friends, they were rather generous and kind. That must have been why they offered Watkins a lift leading them to their death bed.

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