Ezra Miller Sexuality: Came Out As Queer, Who Is He Dating?

Ezra Miller Sexuality is queer. He spoke with Out Magazine in 2012 and openly announced his queer sexuality and is a polyamorous man. 

Ezra Matthew Miller is a well-known American actor. Afterschool was their feature film debut, and they went on to star in the dramas We Need to Talk About Kevin and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

His film career began in 2008 with Antonio Campos’ Afterschool, where he played a boarding school youngster.

He also plays the Flash in films and television shows based in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), including Justice League (2017), Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and The Flash. 

Ezra Miller Sexuality: Did He Came Out As Queer?

Ezra Miller was born in the gender of a man. He did, however, confess that as a child, he struggled to identify sexually with a certain gender. He had friends of both sexes and genders and was not particularly drawn to any of them.

Ezra Miller Sexuality
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Ezra Miller spoke with Out Magazine in 2012 and openly announced his gay sexuality. He is a polyamorous man. Being queer, according to Miller, implies not adhering to cultural standards around sexual and romantic relationships. He stated that rather than having monogamous partnerships, they, or queers, want to have several sexual partners.

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However, in another interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Miller stated that he did not identify with the label “queer” because he believed it was too broad. In a 2018 cover article with QG, he said that he felt quite comfortable being addressed with all pronouns.

He stated that he prefers to discover queer people with whom he can relate deeply and who embrace him for who he is. They then create a team, or “polycule,” and adore one another.

Who Is Ezra Miller Dating? Is He Single?

Ezra Miller is not and has never been married. However, he had a significant relationship with famed Actress Erin Urb.

He characterized her as the finest lady in his life and the only one he could settle down with during their relationship. Unfortunately, the couple’s romance ended in 2016, only two years after they became engaged.

Ezra Miller And Lauren Nolting
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Despite his longest relationship with Erin, Ezra has been in multiple other relationships in the past. After his romance with Erin ended, he entered into another romantic involvement with a prominent Actress. 

Ezra Miller, on the other hand, cannot be labeled homosexual in any of these relationships because he has generally dated women.

Although Miller openly proclaimed in 2012 that he is gay and prefers guys, there are no records of him ever having been romantically involved with any male figure.

Ezra Miller’s Dating History Explored

When he was 13, the actor started dating. Esther Wald, his first lover, was three years his senior. It should be emphasized that Ezra’s connection with Esther was most likely his first publicly acknowledged relationship.

After his first relationship ended, he began dating Beware, the Gonzo co-star Zoe Kravitz in 2010. The two were supposedly together for some time, but their love for one other was not strong enough to propel their relationship to the next level. It appears that it faded, and they soon ended their relationship.

Following his separation from Zoe, Miller began a new relationship with Lauren Nolting, an American photographer. Their romance lasted barely one year, from 2011 to 2012. And, like Lauren, Ezra stayed silent about what caused their separation, as he had done in previous relationships.

After his relationship with Erin ended, Ezra began dating prominent American model and Actress Shailene Woodley. The two met in February 2016 and have been together ever since. 

However, Ezra’s assertion about being slightly gay raises numerous questions regarding how to define his relationship with Shailene best, especially given how long they’ve been together.

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