Battle Of Mactan

Battle Of Mactan: Who Killed Ferdinand Magellan And Lapu Lapu? Family History

Battle of Mactan: Philipines First National Hero Lapu Lapu’s troop killed Ferdinand Magellan in the battle of Mactan.

The Battle of Mactan was a ferocious clash fought in the peninsula of the Philippines on April 27, 1521. The troops of Lapulapu, one of the Datus of Mactan, dominated and defeated a Spanish force fighting for Rajah Humabon of Cebu under the order of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

The backwash of the battle resulted in the evacuation of the Spanish crew from the reef of the Philippines.

Rajah Humabon ordered an issue to every chief to give food supplies for the ships and to transform to Christianity. Most heads followed. Datu Lapulapu, one of the chiefs on the island of Mactan, showed opposition and refused to follow the order. 

Rajah Humabon and Datu Zula ordered Magellan to go to Mactan to force Datu’s abidance. However, it started the Battle of Mactan. 

Battle of Mactan: Who killed Ferdinand Magellan? 

Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese Navigator. Earlier in the month, his ships had plunged drogue at the Philippine enclave of Cebu, and Magellan met with the local chief.

The chiefs were converting to Christianity and inveigled the Europeans to aid him in conquering a rival tribe on the neighboring island of Mactan.

Ferdinand Magellan – GeoJango Maps
Ferdinand Magellan – GeoJango Maps

Magellan to deepen the friendship with Rajah Humabon, Magellan agrees to Rajah’s order to attack Lupa Lupa. After landing, Magellan’s troop was immediately struck by the natives of Mactan Island with a heavy flurry of extended weapons consisting of arrows,fire-hardened sticks, iron-tipped bamboo throwing spears, and stones.

They ringed Magellan’s troops and attacked them; however, The heavy shield of the Spaniards highly protected them from this weir, wreaking only a limited number of fatalities on the Europeans, but it was heavily discouraging on the troops.

Many of the Lupa Lupa troops mainly attacked Magellan. In the battle, he was injured in the arm with a spear and in the leg by a sword.

Those standing beside him were easily overwhelmed and killed, while the others who helped him were chopped with spears and swords. With these benefits, Lapulapu’s troops finally defeated and killed Magellan.

Battle of Mactan: Who killed Lapu Lapu?

Lapu Lapu is considered a First National hero that combats foreign rule in the country. April 27  was declared Lapu-Lapu Day by President Rodrigo Duterte. 

According to indigenous legend, Lapu-Lapu never died; instead, he turned to stone. They also believe that after Lapu Lapu turned into stone, he has been protecting and guarding the seas of Mactan.

The island’s fishermen would hurl coins at a rock shaped like a man to ask for approval to fish in the chieftain’s area.

Statue of Datu Lapu Lapu, in Cebu (Source: Culture Trip)
Statue of Datu Lapu Lapu, in Cebu (Source: Culture Trip)

Another myth traveled by the native’s concernment is the statue of Lapu-Lapu elevated on a base at the center of the town plaza in Lapu-Lapu City.

The figure faced the old city hall building, where the mayors used to hold office. It grasps a crossbow in the pose of appearing to shoot an enemy.

Some traditional people of the city suggested replacing this crossbow with a sword after a progression of three consecutive mayors died due to heart attacks.

Another person claimed that after the battle, Lapulapu left Mactan and went to live on a mountain.

Family History Of Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480 in Oporto, Portugal. His Father’s name is Pedro de Magalhaes, and his Mother’s is Alda de Mezquita.

His Father was a petty member of the Portuguese virtue and mayor of the town. Magellan had two siblings named Diego de Sosa and Isabel Magellan.

As His parents were workers of the Portuguese nobility, Magellan found himself with the aid of royalty at an early age. At the age of twelve, he started to serve the queen of Portugal as a page, a position for youths in royal courts.

As a young member of Queen Leonora’s School of Pages in Lisbon, Magellan was determined to learn subjects that would help him later. He was interested in cartography (mapmaking), astronomy, and celestial navigation.

Family History Of Lapu Lapu

The native legends claimed that Lapu Lapu was the son of his Father, Kusgano, and his Mother, Inday Puti. 

In Philipino, Kusgano symbolizes strength, whereas Puti symbolizes Purity. He also seems to have a brother named Mingming and a grandmother named Matang Mantaunas. It is believed that Lapu Lapu’s grandmother was a very powerful ruler during her peak days. 

Later, Lapu-Lapu is believed to be married to a beautiful princess called Bulakna. Bulakna symbolizes flowers. She was the daughter of another local headman.

The couple had a son named  Sawili. He is believed to be as courageous as his Father.

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