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Hairy Bikers Hair Loss Linked To Cancer; Health Update 2022

What happened to (David Myers) Hairy Bikers Hair? People are linking Hairy Bikers hair loss with Cancer. British television chefs Si King and David Myers are the Hairy Bikers.

They have hosted various television programs for the BBC and the now-defunct Good Food channel that blend cooking with the travelogue genre. In addition, multiple cookbooks have been written and released to go along with their numerous television programs.

Having worked in television production in the past, Myers and King have known one another since the 1990s. As hosts of The Hairy Bikers’ Cookbook, which debuted on the BBC in 2004 and ran for four seasons, they made their debut on British television.

David Myers from Hairy Bikers Hair Loss Linked To Cancer- His Health Update in 2022

THICK Biker As Si King provided an update on his struggle with Cancer, Dave Myers lauded his co-star. When speaking with BBC Radio Cumbria, Dave, born in Barrow, claimed he was “doing alright.”

Dave stated, “I’ve had a lot of chemotherapy, but it’s working. “My hair is growing back, and my beard is growing back, so it’s a long task,” the man said. The television chef claims to have both “good days” and “bad days,” and he calls his longtime pal Si’s assistance “indispensable.”

He has been incredible; we are like brothers, said Dave.

Hairy Bikers Hair
Dave Myers and Si King picture. Source: Instagram

Si was the one who drove us around for a week, from hospital to hospital, in and out of London. Si said, “The very first week before all the treatment started, you have a week of traveling around hospitals and bits and stuff. It’s a great burden on Lil, my spouse.

“There was a week when Lil had to travel, so Si came to see me and drive me to the hospital, so that has nothing to do with the television – he batches cooked for my freezer!” Dave has missed having his trademark hair and beard after confirming his Cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

The second round of chemo was plenty because the first round was so intense that Dave’s hair started falling out. “Lil get the clippers,” it said; whether or not the Hairy Bikers were involved was unpleasant. “Even your eyebrows disappear. Being suddenly quite anonymous was amusing. It had advantages, but it also had drawbacks.

Dave made light of Lil’s quip that, at the very least, he looked like someone who had been “ripped out of the mold before I was finished.” Dave said it was crucial to “ignore the bad times” despite his optimistic approach after his diagnosis.

Biographies of Hairy Bikers

Myers and King both have experience producing television and movies. Myers is a skilled makeup artist focused on prosthetics, and King has managed settings for several productions, including the Byker Grove and Harry Potter movies.

Hairy Bikers Hair
Dave Myers and Si King enjoying the weekend. Source: Instagram

On the set of the 1992 television drama The Gambling Man, which was based on a book by Catherine Cookson, they became friends. Myers oversaw the production’s prosthetics, hair, and makeup, while King served as the second assistant director.

On their right arms, they both received tattoos of Che Guevara in 2006 while filming in Argentina. Simon King supports Newcastle United.

Personal Life of David Myers

David Myers lost his fiancée to Cancer in 1998, and by the end of the year, he was experiencing memory loss and frequent migraines. He had a shadow on his brain, according to medical scans, which turned out to be a benign arachnoid cyst, which was successfully removed during emergency surgery.

Myers wed Liliana Orzac in 2011, whom he had met while filming Hairy Bikers for the BBC in Romania. He has two stepchildren from his previous union with Orzac. Myers and Si King collaborated on an autobiography titled The Hairy Bikers: Blood, Sweat, and Tyres in 2015.

It was revealed to Myers in 2018 that he had glaucoma.

 Myers was healing after contracting COVID-19, according to an announcement made by fellow hairy biker Si King in October 2021. Myers revealed in May 2022 that he had been given a cancer diagnosis and was receiving chemotherapy.

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