Austin Coleman And Raisa Kuddus

First Home Fix: Who Is Austin Coleman Wife Raisa Kuddus? Age Gap Family And Net Worth 2022

People are curious about Raisa Kuddus, Austin Coleman Wife, as their new sires are coming at HGTV. 

The well-known pro BMX rider Austin Coleman is eager to begin his new position on an HGTV show.

Coleman will serve as the home expert on the new HGTV program “First Home Fix” as part of his new role as a reality TV host. According to HGTV, Austin and his wife will assist first-time homebuyers in improving their starter houses’ appearance without spending much money.

His admirers are thrilled to see him in this role rather than as a racer.

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First Home Fix: Meet Austin Coleman Wife Raisa Kuddus

Raisa Kuddus, Austin Coleman wife, is an artist and designer who relies stylistically on her love of color, design history, and nature to create one-of-a-kind spaces.

The long-term success of Austin and Raisa’s relationship is ensured by the many traits they share, including their job and charity endeavors.

Additionally, even though he is not her husband, the HGTV star will join Raise as her partner in the subsequent homemaking antics.

Austin And Raisa
Austin And Raisa TV Show “First Home Fix” Poster

The married couple will enforce their opinions and complete the best home renovations within their clients’ limited spending limits. Austin and Raisa are eagerly awaiting the premiere of their show on September 10 and are making extensive preparations for it.

Raisa is an engineer and artist who enjoys having fun and being adventurous. She combines her love of color, design history, and nature to create one-of-a-kind spaces for her upcoming program, according to HGTV.

Instead of restricting herself to one line of work, she enjoys foreign nature and travels a lot, according to her Instagram profile.

Raisa frequently sports a “bindi,” a characteristic colorful mark worn by Asian Hindu women on their foreheads, likely due to her South Asian origin.

Austin Coleman Wife Raisa Kuddus Age Gap Explored 

Austin Coleman was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1983. He is 39 years old right now.

On May 17, 1991, Raisa Kuddus was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She went into a loving family with roots in Bangladesh. She is currently 31 years old.

The age gap between Austin Coleman and his wife, Raisa Kuddus, is eight years. 

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Austin Coleman And Raisa Kuddus Family Details Explored 

His parents, Freddie and Jeanette Coleman, with whom he grew up, welcomed him into the world in Los Angeles.

Austin Coleman, a senior half-brother, is one of the numerous siblings of the well-known singer-actress Zendaya.

In the meantime, according to We Afrique, Austin, Zendaya’s brother, was born in Arkansas to his father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. The public has not been given any additional information regarding Ajamu Coleman’s first partner.

Austin Coleman
Austin Coleman With His Dad

Before marrying Claire Stoermer, he was already the father of five kids. But starting in 2016, they are no longer together.

Both Austins have advanced in life and career as of 2022 despite coming from distinct family backgrounds.

Her brother, Noah Kuddus, and the rest of her close-knit family live in Utah, including Raisa’s father, who she lovingly calls “Ba.” Raisa appreciates her family members, especially her mother, for their support and the courage they have shown her throughout her journey.

Fortunately, her mother is recovering after her third quiet heart attack in June 2022.

Raisa Kuddus
Raisa Kuddus With Her Mother And Siblings

Because of her tight bond with her father, a microbiologist, Raisa has always had a love of the outdoors and flora.

Raisa stated that her father taught her to view everything from atoms to the universe from a microscopic or vast perspective while discussing her inspiration for the show. Nature, at all scales, is my source of inspiration, permeating everything I do. 

Kuddus also has a close relationship with her brother, who serves as an example by living a healthy and courageous life. Since Peyton and Noah have been together for a while, it appears that Noah is gay.

Austin Coleman And Raisa Kuddus Net Worth 

As the hosts of the new HGTV program, Austin Coleman and Raisa Kuddus think they have an excellent opportunity to generate money and elevate their status.

To work on a project together, both have established careers and changed their areas.

Austin’s professional BMX racing career and previous TV roles have contributed to his net worth of more than $1 million.

Similarly, Raisa, his working designer and artist wife and co-host on television might be said to be. She lives the best quality of life as an independent, successful lady.

The wealthy couple shares a range of privileges and job opportunities. At “First Home Fix,” Raisa and Austin will work together on their upcoming project.

While her husband, who is experienced in building and woodworking, will be in charge of the transformation, Mrs. Coleman will oversee the design phase of the rebuild.

The highest-paid HGTV celebs, according to Elle Decor, make between $5 million and $10 million from their projects. The audience had anticipated an enormous production that would eventually bring in additional millions for the newlyweds.

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