The 10 Best Scooter Riders in the World

Are you into scootering? And do you want to know about the best scooterists in the World? Well, you’re in for a treat as we will be mentioning the 10 best scooter riders in the world.

Scooter riding currently may not hold the reputation as other major extreme sports, but it is definitely on the rise, with some great names associating with it.

Despite the danger, videos of young riders performing jaw-dropping performances gain multiple million views on social media.

Furthermore, with official scootering worldwide competitions being held since 2011, discovering the best scooter riders became easy as pie.

The 10 Best Scooterists in the World

The list of best riders mentioned below is assembled based on their achievements on and off the scootering track.

Most of them are compiled through various stat from sources such as International Scooter Federation, World Scooter Championship, and Pro Scooter Events and Competitions.

10. Robbie Menzies

Robbie Menzies is a 28-year-old Australian professional scooter rider who is considered to have helped grow the community in its starting phase. 

The professional rider loved watching his idol Tom Dugan’s BMX videos which he started mimicking ever since.

As a result, Menzies and his friends used to spend hours freestyling in empty streets and parks. 

Moreover, his riding style is steeze and flow, where the rider leaps off and performs some poses and stunts that look effortless but hard to master.

Robbie Menzies posing as an Apex Pro Rider. (Source:
Robbie Menzies posing as an Apex Pro Rider. (Source:

Furthermore, the Apex Pro Scooters signed him in his earlier phase.

In addition, the team rider has a step-up of Blue Apex Barends, Chrome Apex Bol-bars, Blue Apex HIC kit, and many more. 

Aside from that, he is the second runner-up for the ISA World Championships 2012 and the third runner-up for the Aussie ISA competition.

As a result, Robbie ranked #8 globally in 2012 and improved to #3, his highest career ranking so far.

Further, with his fantastic performance, he has always made sure to leave the viewers in awe. 

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9. Matt McKeen

Matt Mckeen is a 31-year-old American professional scooter rider and a scootering team manager who is one of the most influential riders within the community.

As little as eight years old, Matt started enjoying riding in his scooter, which his parents gifted.

Moreover, little did they know that their son would become one of the best scooterists in the world and make a massive name for himself.  

Moreover, he rose to fame when he received the 2006 Best Street Rider award for the Scooter Resource Forum. 

Similarly, McKeen again made headlines after his TV appearance in the 2006 MTV NITRO Circus that featured him alongside other riders showcasing their moves.

Furthermore, he always makes sure to practice new moves and post them on his Instagram handles.

As a result, his fans appreciate him and his effort to pass on the torch to the younger generation.

Previously, he performed under the Proto Scooters but found it hectic being a sponsored rider for so long.

As a result, he reached terms with it and left Proto to be a team manager. 

8. Ben Thomas

Ben Thomas is a 28-year-old Australian professional scooter rider who is a consistent performer on the World Scooter Championships. 

Further, he began riding after seeing some fantastic stunts performed by his friends. Soon, the freestyle rider began practicing and got very good at it.

His riding style is tech and spine/box, including spinning the handle or the scoter in mid-air.

Likewise, the Australian rider is frequently seen riding in the local skatepark performing his favorite trick, the flip kick-less rewin spine, which can also be seen in his Instagram handle.  

Ben Thomas training in a skate park. (Source:
Ben Thomas is training in a skate park. (Source:

Seeing his brilliant talent, Girt Scooter signed him and helped him sharpen his skills.

As a result, he has performed extensively well during crunch time, especially in the world series. 

Moreover, he has secured 2nd position in the World Championships on two occasions in 2012 and 2016. Besides that, he has never ranked below 14th in the World Championships. 

Hence, within just five years as a professional, he has signed multi-year deals with Sacrifice Scooter and Level 7 Clothing Brand.

In addition, Ben also has a signature scooter sponsored by Grit. 

7. Jamie Rider

Jamie Rider is a 29-year-old Australian professional scooter rider who has won the fans’ hearts with his fantastic street style tricks. 

Further, he started riding as a young teenager and instantly got addicted to riding and became of the best scooterists in the world.

With his impressive flexibility, he made a lot of noise in different local competitions.

Likewise, within few years, he became an inspiration for other rides and began to teach them some of his tricks. 

As a result, he was instantly picked up by Apex Pro Scooters and is part of their team.

Furthermore, Jasmine also emerged as the winner of several world events where he dominated the entire tournament. 

After several wins, the Australian rider launched his first design of the Apex parts range.

In addition, his current set-up contains ODI long necks, signature pegs, accessories, and many more. 

Moreover, in multiple interviews, he praises Matt McKeen, his inspiration, who ranks #9 on our list. 

Similarly, Rider is also seen hanging out with Matt occasionally and learning new stunts. No doubt why he is such a beast in the street especially riding the street terrain.

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6. Jeremy Malott

Jeremy Malott is a 27-year-old American professional BMX and scooter rider who is considered one of the best scooterists in the world and stunt performers in the business. 

Further, he began competing in motocross and BMX tracks from an early age.

Despite having a great career in BMX, the rider chooses to explore other extreme sports such as skateboarding and scootering. 

Undoubtedly, he lived up to the expectation and made a significant impact in all extreme sports.

As a result, with his experience of being a considerable BMX athlete, he seems to perform exceptionally well in scootering events. 

Jeremy Malott alongside his son in a skate park. (Source:
Jeremy Malott alongside his son in a skate park. (Source:

Likewise, the rider won the US championship and SD8, which are significant events in scootering.

Hence, it was no surprise when Jeremy got sponsored by Monster Energy, a leading energy drink company. 

As great as his career, he is equally famous amongst teenagers worldwide and is one of the most respected athletes in the community.

In addition, most of the riders mention him as a complete package for extreme sports. 

Nonetheless, he still inclines in focusing on his BMX career rather than others.

Therefore, Malott has reduced his appearance in scootering but still has not given up on it. 

5. Max Peters

Max Peters is a 29-year-old Australian professional scooter rider who became an expert within about two years of starting scootering. 

Further, he was a massive fan of scootering and polished his skills by viewing multiple internet videos. 

Moreover, Peters frequently practiced inwards and tucks, which now have become his most substantial moves.

He also works on other stunts such as double-whip flyout, 360 Bri Triple whips, quint whip air, and many more. 

Likewise, seeing his potential, he instantly got an offer from Envy Scooters. Not to mention, Peters is one of the leading Envy athletes on the team. 

Besides that, Max has also won multiple scootering events but is yet to capture the world championships.

4. Dylan Morrison

Dylan Morrison is a 25-year-old British professional rider who is the youngest and one of the most refined scooter riders on the 10 best scooterists in the world list.

Further, the rider officially began his riding career in 2010, just after the first-ever ISA World Championships. 

Coming at a young age, he showed many potentials, which he most certainly displayed in various competitions.

Despite not winning the events, he made sure to win the hearts of all the fans and organizations. 

Furthermore, his riding style is Big tricks that include him performing some insane tricks, which have earned him the honor of one of the best scooterists in the world.

Dylan Morrison performing some insane tricks in a skate park. (Source:
Dylan Morrison performing some insane tricks in a skate park. (Source:

Likewise, his best tricks include backflips, drop-in, and many more.

Hence, with some of these jaw-dropping tricks up his bags, Dylan was ranked as world no.2 for two consecutive years in 2013 and 2014. 

Not to mention, this was his highest career ranking so far.

Moreover, the British rider also ranked second for the 2014 Australian Championships and won the 2014 Pro Series. 

Aside from that, he is also a part of Apex Pro Scooters, where his setup includes Apex signature scooter and Apex accessories.

3. Brandon James

Brandon James is yet another huge name in the scootering industry. Likewise, he is a 28-year-old British professional scooter rider. 

Moreover, the British rider is a swift learner. Hence, in just four years, James built a solid pro career and became one of the greatest riders in the present era. 

As a kid, he had a massive obsession with freestyling in the streets amongst his friend. 

As a result, James is not a massive fan of skateparks and prefers riding the street and training in it. 

It might be odd for a rider to dislike skateparks, but according to Brandom, streets provide him with the freedom to perform urban freestyle and be more creative. 

Hence, his street riding preference might be the secret behind his immersive success.

Furthermore, he has won multiple championships, including the world series. 

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2. Rayan Williams

Rayan Williams is an influential primary name on the list. He is a 29-year-old Australian professional BMX and Scooter rider who never stops impressing the audience.

At 12, he had already begun riding scooters at a local skatepark in his neighborhood which led him to become one of the best scooterists in the world.

However, at age 15, he shifted his focus to BMX as he loved performing big-air stunts.

Likewise, he began to compete in both BMX and scooter events, where he won a total of seven gold medals from various events.

Not to mention, he was a back-to-back winner of the Nitro World Games in 2017 and 2018.

Besides that, the rider has also built an enormous empire through his 1.6 million youtube subscribers. 

As a result, Williams is well respected in the community and the scootering industry. Many scooter riders, even the ones present in this list, consider him one of the greatest of all time.

Hence, no doubt why he ranks second amongst the top ten best scooterists in the world.

1. Dakota Schuetz

Dakota Schuetz is a 27-year-old American professional rider who is considered one of the community’s most decorated, influential, successful, and talented riders. 

Schuetz is an instant talent when it comes to performing tricks with his scooter.

As a result, the rider is a great achiever in scootering as he is a three-time consecutive winner of the ISA World Championship in 2012, 2013, and 2014. 

Likewise, Dakota holds a record in the Guinness Book of World Records for most freestyle scooter ISA World Championship wins. On top of that, he also has won the FISE World Series. 

World Champion Dakota Schuetz Showcasing his mid-air tricks
World Champion Dakota Schuetz Showcasing his mid-air tricks (Source:

Moreover, the American rider is just the second person in history to have completed all of the 40 Tricknology tricks.

Not to mention, he only attempted one-trick twice, except that he finished all 39 tricks on his first try.

Similarly, Schuetz is also the second rider in history to have land a documented 1080 on a scooter.

Hence, undoubtedly, Dakota Schuetz deserves the first spot on the list.

Have a quick view of the names present in the best scooterists in the World list:

Riders Name  Country
10. Robbie Menzies Australia
9. Matt Mckeen United States
8. Ben Thomas Australia
7. Jamie Rider Australia
6. Jeremy Malott United States
5. Max Peters Australia
4. Dylan Morrison England
3. Brandon James England
2. Rayan Williams Australia
1. Dakota Schuetz United States

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