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Who Is Vince Teotico, Chariz Solomon Husband? Family And Kids

From having to go through a public divorce to finally finding the love of her life, Chariz Solomon has come a long way. So, it is no wonder fans want to learn more about the current Chariz Solomon husband.

Chariz Solomon Pagotan, mostly known as Chariz Soloman, is a famous TV personality known for her acting, modeling, comedy, and singing talents.

She gained a lot of attention as a TV show host on the program Startalk, and she often appears in GMA network shows.

Chariz has acted in famous shows like Unforgettable as the arrogant villain friend of Connie, Ruth, and Pepito Manaloto as Janice Generoso, the hardworking supervisor of PM Mineral Water.

Her Television journey started at a very young age when she started doing commercials and TV ads to support her family.

But that’s not why she is back on trend. It is the recent posts where fans could witness potential new Chariz Solomon husband and their beautiful moments.

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Who Is Chariz Solomon Husband: Nestor Ng Or Vince Teotico?

Although the TV star had a picture-perfect life in front of the camera, Chariz Solomon had a different story going on off-camera.

Unlike her ever-rising professional life and career, her personal life is full of ups and downs.

She has been vocal about her growing situation, shifting luggage from one parent’s home to another.

Chariz was clear about not replicating her mother’s life, as she wanted to marry only once. But she got divorced from her former husband, Nestor Ng.

Chariz Solomon Husband
Chariz Solomon with ex-husband Nestor Ng and son. (Source: GMA network)

Nestor and Chariz had two kids together but ended up parting ways due to changing priorities and compatibility issues, eventually weakening their relationship.

Charis revealed in an interview with GMA that she and her husband had a lot of issues when it came to communication. She said,

It’s important to talk in a healthy manner. Just saying bad words and cursing each other is not good.

She further reveals that it was difficult for her to make the divorce public as she always wanted just one man with a happily ever after.

Nevertheless, Nestor and Chariz are seemingly on good terms after the divorce and are co-parenting their kids.

Following the divorce, Chariz met Vince, and from her Instagram posts, we can see their blooming love. So, it is nothing surprising many began to ponder if he is the new Chariz Solomon husband.

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Vince Teotico: Perhaps The One, The Love Of Chariz Solomon Life

After being single for a long time after her divorce, Chariz again found love in DJ boyfriend Vincent Teotico.

While Chariz is not very public and open about her relationship with her former husband, she shares a lot about Vince through her social media.

They have been together since 2018, and she gave birth to a daughter with her new partner, Vince Teonico.

The new couple celebrated another year of being together with a lovely picture of them and their daughter together.

However, Vince Teotico is not yet Chariz Solomon husband, but rumors suggest that they are planning for a wedding.

Chariz and Vince
Chariz and Vince with their baby daughter on their anniversary celebration date. (Source: Instagram)

On the occasion of Vince’s birthday, Chariz wrote,

Your birthday is incredibly one of the best days ever. I thank God you were born, and I thank God for giving you to me,” she added. “You showed me a different kind of beautiful life.

The relationship between her other two older kids and Vince also looks joyful and warm. The two siblings seem to love their younger sister.

Chariz’s ex-husband, Nestor, also does not seem to mind his ex-wife living a new chapter of her life. He seems quite supportive, judging by his warm, heartfelt comments on Chariz’s new posts with her daughter and Vince.

We don’t know if Nestor has also been able to find himself someone else. Still, Chariz’s journey from going through a rough public divorce to securing herself a loving, beautiful life again is a testimonial of ‘Happy Endings.’

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