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Who Is Dominic Roco Twin Felix Roco? Why Is Dominic Roco Arrested? Where Is He Now?

Actor Felix Roco is Dominic Roco twin brother and the son of actor Bembol Roco. 

He is well-known for his roles in “What isn’t there,” “Destined to be Yours,” and “Juan Happy Love Story” (2016). (2012). He is a dedicated worker who has risen to a prestigious position in Philippine media.

Ricardo A Filipino actor is Dominic Artadi Roco. Find more about Dominic Roco’s family, net worth, parents, wife, career, and personal life here. On Saturday, October 1, the actor Dominic Roco and four other suspects were detained in Quezon City during a drug buy-bust operation.

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Who Is Dominic Roco Twin Felix Roco?

Felix Roco, 21, earned a name for himself with his critically acclaimed performance in the Venice Film Festival double-award-winning Engkwentro. He is the son of local film star Bembol Roco.

Felix Roco, who plays the primary character of Richard, a criminal fleeing the ruthless City Death Squad, demonstrates an unquestionable variety and dexterity in what can be considered one of his most difficult performances to date. Felix Roco performed like a stage actor because Engkwentro was shot in one continuous take. He memorized all of his lines and gave his character a strong sense of identity. With no room for error, Felix jumped into the part, performing his stunts and almost escaping harm on the set.

Felix Roco drew on his prior experiences to prepare for his performance. Felix, a former fraternity member, overcame his “wild” earlier years to become a professional, serious actor. He hopes that young viewers will be inspired to do the same by overcoming obstacles and pursuing his aspirations.

Why Is Dominic Roco Arrested? Where Is He Now?

Actor Dominic Roco and four other suspects were detained in Quezon City earlier today, October 1, in connection with a buy-bust drug operation. A total of 15 grams of shabu and 10 grams of marijuana, worth a combined P102,000 and P14,000, were found by the Quezon City Police Department (QCPD).

The buy-bust operation’s primary objective was not the actor from I’m Drunk, I Love You. The QCPD carried out the buy-bust operation in the early hours of October 1.

Dominic Roco
Dominic Roco Arrested With 4 Others For Buy-Bust (Source: PushAbsCBN)

Dominic and the other four suspects were apprehended in a townhouse in the Quezon City neighborhood of Brgy. Holy Spirit. A woman and two other men were detained in addition to the actor and the intended target of the operation.

Charges violating Republic Act No. 9165, often known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, will be brought against them. The actor’s family has not made any public declarations about how they feel about the situation.

Dominic is Felix Roco’s twin brother and the son of seasoned actor Bembol Roco. His on-screen credits include I’m Drunk I Love You, My Special Tatay, Sleepless, and Liway, among other movies and television programs.

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Dominic Roco Early Life Explored 

On April 12, 1989, Dominic Roco was born. He is 33 years old right now. Roco’s educational history is a little unclear. For her primary schooling, he attended a nearby private school, and after that, he attended a private University for his academic studies. Although the details of Dominic’s education are unclear, he appears to be a graduate.

Bembol Roco (Father) and Coco Artadi-Roco are Dominic Roco’s parents (Mother).

Dominic’s mother works as a housewife, while his Father, Bembol Roco, is an actor. Felix Roco is the name of his brother. Another Filipino actor is Felix Roco. He enjoys spending time with her parents and is quite close to them. Their parents have always encouraged him in his career.

Dominic Roco Salary And Net Worth

Dominic Roco’s estimated net worth for 2019 is between $100K and $1M, per TopCelebInfo (Approx.)

In the movie “Otso-Otso Pamela-Mela Wan,” Dominic Roco played the role of “Mocky Cabangon” for the first time in his career. Roco made his television debut the following year (in 2005), participating as a contestant in “Qpids.” At the beginning of his career, he also had appearances in several poorly received movies like “Love on Line,” “Shake Rattle and Roll XI,” and “Dagaw.”

Dominic Roco
Dominic Roco At The Poster Of His NetFlix Movie I’m Drunk I Love You (Source: Instagram)

He had a lucky year in 2006, appearing in various television programs such as “Super Inggo,” “Maynila: Heart Beat,” and “Fantastikids.” He played the role of “Gibson Bonifacio” in the well-received movie “Ang Nawawala” in 2012, which helped him gain popularity.

Although he hasn’t received any recognition thus far in his profession, he strives to establish himself as a leader. His alleged fees from various films and TV shows are considered substantial, but his net wealth has not yet been revealed and is currently being investigated.

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