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Meet Paris Fury Parents: Mother Lynda Mulroy And Father

Paris Fury is the wife of the famous British professional boxer Tyson Fury, and as such, fans are interested in knowing about Paris Fury parents. Know more about them in the article.

Born on December 5, 1989, Paris Fury is a popular TV personality and author, but she is best known as the wife of Tyson Fury. She was featured in the ITV documentary “Gypsy King” in 2020 and has also made several appearances on the British talk show “Loose Women.”

As an author, she is known for her best-selling book “Love and Fury.”

Getting back to her married life, Paris Fury and Tyson Fury had their first meeting at a friend’s wedding when she was just 15, and they quickly grew fond of each other, officially dating after Paris’s 16th birthday.

Tyson was the very first boyfriend of Paris Fury, as she was only allowed to date at 16 years of age.

After three years of dating, they officially married in 2008 at Doncaster, making him the only boyfriend she’s ever had. The wedding was held at Chains Catholic Church on Chequer Road, with around 400 guests.

Ever since, the Fury family has grown to six children: three sons, Prince Tyson Fury II, Prince John James, and Prince Adonis Amaziah, and three daughters: Valencia Amber, Venezuela, and Athena.

Additionally, in March 2023, they announced on their Instagram post that they were expecting their seventh child.

As such, fans already know about her kids and husband, and now they want to know about Paris Fury parents who gave birth to her.

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Meet Paris Fury Parents: Mother Lynda Mulroy And Father

Paris Fury parents include the mother, Lynda Mulroy, but not much is known about her apart from the fact that she is a homemaker.

Meanwhile, the case is similar for the other half of Paris Fury parents, the father. There’s not much information surrounding Paris Fury parents as she has kept details surrounding them private.

However, it is known that Paris Fury is the oldest child in her family, indicating she has other siblings.

Among Paris Fury parents, only Paris Fury is seen with her mother
Paris Fury celebrating Mother’s Day with her mother, Lynda Mulroy (Source: Instagram)

Her Facebook profile reveals more family members, including Frances Mulroy, Jimmy Mulroy, Marshall Jane Mulroy, Janey Mulroy, Nadine Mulroy, James Mulroys, and Kayleigh Hall Mulroy.

According to DailyStar, Paris Fury’s mother, Lynda Mulroy, wasn’t initially keen on the relationship between Paris Fury and Tyson Fury. This is what she said in the Netflix series At Home With The Furys:

I went, ‘She’s only 15!’ He said, ‘I’m only 17.’ I went, ‘Yeeeeeah, in your dreams.’ Because he didn’t look 17 with his beard and dark, curly hair and the height. And I nudged her [Paris], but she kind of smiled, and I thought, ‘I’m killing her.’ That was her, she was struck.

Paris Fury’s Mother And Father Are Grandparents To Six Kids

Paris Fury’s mother, Lynda Mulroy, and her father are now grandparents to six kids, three boys and three girls, with the seventh well on its way.

The youngest child is a daughter named Athena, who was born in August 2021, with the eldest child being Venezuela, born on September 27, 2009.

Then, the third of the three girls, Valencia Amber, was born on December 4, 2017.

Paris Fury taking picture with whole family
Paris Fury and her husband Tyson Fury, with all six children (Source: Instagram)

The first boy was born in 2011, Prince John James, followed by Prince Tyson II, born in 2016, and Prince Adonis Amaziah in 2019.

When Tyson Fury was asked why all of his sons were named Prince, he proudly exclaimed,

I’m a king, and they’re princes until they earn their rightful name.

Unfortunately, Paris went through a miscarriage before Fury’s scheduled match with Ustinov in 2014 and lost another child on the very day of Tyson’s return fight against Seferi in 2018.

If not for those miscarriages, the number of Paris Fury and Tyson Fury children would have been eight.

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