Erik Cantu Shot by Police

Erik Cantu Health Condition: San Antonio Police Officer Shot 17 Year Old Eating Burger, Parents And Case Update

Erik Cantu, a seventeen-year-old shot multiple times by a San Antonio Police officer, has not improved his health. He is on life support at the moment.

The officer’s body camera footage shows that he had demanded the teenager step out of the car. However, Cantu put the vehicle in reverse, pulling out of the parking lot. 

As soon as the car went away, the Police officer reached to grab the ten and fired ten shots in his direction as the car sped away.

How Is Erik Cantu Health Condition?

The health condition of Erik Cantu has not improved much as he is still unconscious and is on life support.

Erik Cantu Health
Erik Cantu (Source: Expressnews)

The latter days have been difficult for him, and his health is expected to increase in the coming days.

Various media saying his condition is stable or “is going to be fine” are not true. He got shot multiple times by a San Antonio Police officer.

His family also said that Erik needed multiple surgeries to repair major organs.

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San Antonio Police Officer Shot 17 Year Old Eating Burger: Case Update

San Antonio Police officer James Bernnand shot seventeen-year-old Cantu eating a burger on the night of October 2. He responded to the McDonald’s on Blanco Road for a nonrelated disturbance cell.

Erik Cantu
Ex-police cop James Brennand and Erik Cantu (Source: Law and Order)

Talking about the action, Capt. Alyssa Campos, the department’s training commander, said, “As the officer attempted to gather information from witnesses, he noticed a vehicle that had evaded him the day before as the officer attempted a stop because the registered license plate did not match the actual vehicle.”

However, Cantu’s car was not the subject of the disturbance call. After the incident happened, Brennand was fired. He was on his probationary period during the shooting.

Brennand was arrested Tuesday and released on two hundred thousand dollars bail the following morning.

Chief William McManus said, “The former Officer’s actions are indefensible and do not align with our training, tactics, and procedures. As such, I terminated him. I will withhold further comment as this incident is still under investigation.”

Where Are Erik Cantu Parents?

Erik Cantu’s parents and his family have been praying for his recovery. His family said about the incident, “What we have been through and what we witness daily is something no parent should ever have to go through.”

The Cantu family has been taking updates about his precious family member frequently. According to them, he had a rough night recently.

The family is afraid and is in fear that setbacks like this put his journey forward. 

Primarily focusing on Cantu, his parents have no plans on making a public appearance. However, as soon as he is out of danger, they are determined to make their son’s voice heard.

Hence, his uncle, Ruben, started a GoundMe online Campaign to raise one hundred thousand dollars for his medical expenses.

Till now, the Campaign has collected more than twenty-one thousand dollars. We wish for a full speedy recovery.

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