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Why Was Kampyongo Wife Wanziya Chirwa Arrested And Where Is She Now Jail Or Prison?

Kampyongo Wife, Wanziya Chirwa Arrested, is a topic of discussion for most people as it is shocking. Audiences are eager to know the truth behind her arrest. 

Stephen Kampyongo is a Zambian politician who served as the country’s Home Affairs Minister from 2011 to 2021.

Following the death of Micahel Sata, he served as Minister of Local Government and Housing in Edgar Lungu’s first government after his victory in 2015. He is also an active member of the Patriotic Front Party.

Why Was Kampyongo Wife Wanziya Chirwa Arrested?

Former Home Affairs Minister Hon. The Anti-Corruption Commission has detained Steven Kampyongo and his wife, Wanziya Chirwa, for owning property worth more than K29 million, believed to be proceeds of crime.

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Kampyongo And Wife Arrested For Possession Of Property Worth Over K29 Million Suspected To Be Proceeds Of Crime. Source: Africa Press

Steven Kampyongo is 50 years old and is from Kabulonga in Lusaka, House No. 31 Kudu Road. His wife’s name is Wanziya Chirwa. She is 42 years old and works as a Chief Planner as a Civil Servant at the Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Arts. 

They were arrested and charged with possessing property worth K29,552,513.00 suspected to be proceeds of crime, in violation of Section 71 I of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act No.

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Where Is Wanziya Chirwa Now Jail Or Prison?

Kampyongo and Wanziya have recently been released on bond and are scheduled to appear in court shortly.

Kampyongo has assured and claimed to his supporters that his conscience is free as ever, adding that he has previously faced similar situations.

In the meantime, the National Assembly’s Speaker, Nelly Mutti, was taken aback on Thursday when she noticed that just a small number of lawmakers were present as the business got underway. Only to learn that some of them had gone to sign the bond for Kampyongo as ministers were convening a last-minute cabinet meeting.

Details Of The Arrest

According to ACC chief corporate affairs officer Timothy Moono, Kampyongo had property numbers Luis/38467 off Twin Palm Road in Lusaka valued at K1, 600,000.00 and Luis/24406 off Lilayi Road Libala South worth K860,000 between January 1, 2012, and September 30, 2021.

He further stated that the former Minister owns property numbers F/135/4301 and F/137/4301, both of which are in Eureka Park and consist of an incomplete double-story house valued at K11,100,000, as well as property numbers KAF/Ln 59832/8 and KAF/59832/9 in the Chifwema region valued at K1,600,000.

Mr. Moono stated that between January 1, 2012, and September 30, 2021, Wanziya possessed property numbers F/135/4301 and F/179/4301 located in Eureka Park off Kafue Road valued at K11,100,000, as well as property numbers F/33/a/F/2470 and F/33/a/F/2471 located in Meanwood Ndeke Lusaka valued at K2,100,000.00.

He stated that Mrs. Kampyonho also possesses property numbers F/609/E/77/A48 and F/609/E/77/A485 in Foxdale Lusaka valued at K5,200,000.00; property numbers L/2131/m/a/2/cl/11 in Ibex Hill Lusaka valued at K1,200,000.00; and property numbers L/2131/M/A/2/CL/10 in Ibex Hill Lusaka valued at K1,200,000.00.

He stated that Mrs. Kampyongo also owned property numbers L/30168/m and L/30167/M in Mikango Lusaka, valued at K2,110,000.00.

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