How Did Glenda Cleveland Die

How Did Glenda Cleveland Die? Where Is Her Daughter Sandra Smith Now?

Glenda Cleaveland was a neighbor of the infamous American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. In the Netflix series, actress Niecy Nash portrays the lady.

Glenda, along with other associated people of the gruesome crimes of Jeffrey, is currently in the limelight after the release of the Netflix series Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

Also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal or the Milwaukee Monster, Jeffrey Dahmer went on a spree of sexual assault, murder, and cannibalism of 17 males between 1978 and 1991. He was later sentenced to jail but was murdered by a fellow inmate in 1994.

How Did Glenda Cleveland Die? She Died Of Natural Causes In 2010

According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Glenda Cleveland died of natural causes aged 56 on December 24, 2010. She suffered from heart disease and high blood pressure, which her daughter, Sandra, blamed on her mom’s smoking habit.

Following the arrest of Dahmer, Glenda was praised and rewarded by several bodies in Milwaukee.

Glenda Cleveland
Glenda Cleveland was honored by Milwaukee County for her “compassionate concern”.
(Source: USA Today)

Glenda remained in the neighborhood her whole life, reportedly stayed in touch with the family of Konerak Sinthasomphone, and attended one of his brother’s weddings. 

She eventually returned to normal life and resumed her job of data entry. Ultimately, she retired before passing away at her home in 2010.

The Milwaukee lady was not Dahmer’s next-door neighbor, as shown in the series; instead, she lived in a building next to the Oxford Apartments where Dahmer lived.

In the Netflix series, Glenda is seen making several attempts to stop Dahmer from committing his heinous crimes. It is partially based on real-life events, where she tried to save the life of one of Dahmer’s victims, Konerak.

Glenda Cleveland Daughter: Where Is Sandra Smith Now?

Sandra Smith was a resident of the neighborhood where the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer used to live. She worked as a nurse on Milwaukee’s south side. It is unclear where Sandra is now and what she is doing. Her private life is understandable, given the kind of disaster she encountered.

Sandra was the only daughter of Glenda Cleaveland. Sandra has nine children, whom Glenda used to help take care of.

Glenda’s daughter, Sandra Smith, and her niece, Nicole Childress, spotted Konerak Sinthasomphone fleeing from Dahmer’s flat naked and covered in blood.

After seeing a missing poster of Konerak, Glenda reached out to the Police several times and even contacted the FBI. But her efforts went in vain.

When Police arrived, Dahmer convinced them that Konerak was his consensual 19-year-old lover. He further explained that the teen was drunk and the blood on him came from a wounded knee. 

The Police believed him and let him take Konerak back to his apartment, eventually, his death.

Who Was Konerak Sinthasomphone?

Konerak Sinthasomphone was the 13th victim of Jeffrey Dahmer, killed on May 27, 1991. The Laotian-American 14-year-old high school freshman became the youngest victim of the serial killer.

Oddly enough, Konerak was not the first of his family to be targeted by Dahmer. Dahmer was still on probation for molesting Konerak’s brother, Somsack.

Konerak brother
Pictures of Konerak and his brother.
(Source: Yahoo)

In 1988, Dahmer tricked Konerak’s older brother into returning to his apartment. He drugged and molested the boy, who was 13 at the time. He let Somsack escape and served time for the crime.

As of now, Somsack is reportedly living an understandably private life with his wife in Wisconsin.

Konerak and his family did not know about Dahmer’s early release, and Konerak failed to recognize the strange man who approached him.

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