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Jillian Epperly Death Hoax; What Happened To Her? Family And Net Worth

People are curious to know whether or not the death of a man by drinking Jilly Juice is a hoax.

Jillian Mai Thi Epperly, who has no training in medicine or science, is the creator of Jilly Juice.

She claims that her juice cured her and expelled the fungus from her body. 

Jillian sold the mixture under the name “Jilly Juice,” saying that it may treat any condition when consumed according to her recommended schedule of up to a gallon per day. 

Jillian Epperly Death Hoax: What Happened To Bruce Wilmot?

Jilly Juice create is a person without a background in science or pharmaceuticals. She created Jilly Juice in 2016. She asserted that Jilly Juice could treat a wide range of illnesses.

Mai Thi Epperly says her special juice can treat anything, including autism, cancer, and amputations of limbs.

According to reports, a man named Bruce Wilmot passed away after drinking “Jilly Juice” to treat his disease.

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Bruce Wilmot started drinking Jilly Juice in the summer of 2017 after learning that he had pancreatic cancer, which had progressed.

Wilmot’s daughter Taylor revealed that he was consuming a lot of it and was 

actually ravenous himself, describing him as “emaciated.” The most notable result of everything was diarrhea.

In a video response to Wilmot’s passing, Epperly asserted that the man “actually ought to have stored going.”

According to her, he had not consumed enough Jilly Juice, so he might have been impacted by his prescriptions and his use of pineapple juice, and he may not have consumed enough Jilly Juice.

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What Actually Is Jilly Juice?

“Jilly Juice” is cabbage juice that has been salt-loaded and fermented for three days. 

A gallon of the advised dosage has 28,000 mg of sodium in it. The recommended daily allowance of sodium is 1,500 mg. That is eighteen times more salt than is recommended for a day’s worth of consumption.

According to Jillian, the juice causes the consumer to have violent diarrhea as their body rids itself of parasites and fungi. Jillian says it’s common to pass blood with your urine or vomit.

She explains that this happened as evidence that the juice is effective because parasites occasionally rip skin as they exit the body. 

The truth is that salt poisoning, which can unquestionably be lethal, is what’s causing diarrhea and vomiting. Extreme salt intake and diarrhea frequently lead to dehydration. 

Jillian even suggested feeding it to infants in place of breastmilk.

She has been the target of absurd charges, and some have even claimed that many of her opinions are hostile.

Even though the Jilly Juice Facebook group has no demonstrated value, 2017 saw its formation. The group once had more than 58,000 members despite ceasing to exist. However, the official Jilly Juice website is still active.

Jillian Epperly Family Details

Jilly Juice’s founder, Jillian Mai Thi Epperly, was born in Vietnam. Before turning two, she immigrated to the country in May 1975 and was adopted by Americans.

Her father was a biotechnologist, which made it easier for her to understand how the pharmaceutical business collaborates with physicians to keep patients dependent on drugs. 

She relocated to Ohio to live with her spouse after they met online.

Her family details are kept private.

Jillian Epperly Net Worth Revealed

As of 2022, Jillian Epperly’s net worth on the internet and social media is still a mystery.

Previously, access to Jilly Juice’s recipe required a membership fee of $30 per year or $5 per month. She also provided private sessions for $70 an hour.

This juice has received negative feedback online from many users and the media. Jilly, very few people have shown support for this.

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