Jennifer with her husband at their wedding

Jennifer Dempster: Personal life, Relationships & Net Worth

Jennifer Dempster is best known for her appearance in the famous TV fitness program “Bodyshaping” that aired on ESPN.

Dempster has always managed to charm her viewers with her beautiful smile.

Similarly, she has made appearances in several movies since she was a little girl. You may remember this brunette from “The Nutcracker.”

Jennifer and Chris in their wedding
Jennifer and Chris at their wedding

Likewise, she has been doing many interesting works in and around the USA throughout her entire life.

Despite her age, Jennifer has not lost a bit of charm and still makes her fans drool over her pretty face.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Jennifer Dempster:

Full Name Jennifer Dempster
Birth Date 1969
Birth Place United States of America
Nickname Jennifer
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Not Available
Horoscope Unknown
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings Undefined
Age 55 Years Old
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Brown
Body Measurement Not Available
Figure Curvy
Married Yes
Husband Chris Fowler
Children No
Profession Fitness model/Instructor
Net Worth Not Available
Salary Not Available
Affiliations ESPN
Active Since 1990
Social Media None
Last Update April, 2024

Jennifer Dempster: Personal Life


This brunette has been a household name in Hollywood since she was a young girl.

She made her debut at the age of 10 in the famous movie “The Nutcracker” as Clara.

She played the lead role in the movie, and it shows how great of an actress Jennifer had been ever since a child. Her performance in the film was phenomenal.

Her life has been full of several experiences ever since.

Moreover, she had a decent early life since her parents encouraged her to work in movies at a very young age.

Though there is not much information about Dempster’s early life, doubtlessly, she must have a great one.

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Jennifer Dempster: Family

Jennifer has not disclosed much about her family. However, she was born into a Christian family while both of her parents are of mixed ethnicity (Caucasian and White).

Her family is from the United States of America. Moreover, she has been living in America ever since she was a child.

Jennifer Dempster: Career

Jennifer had several careers throughout her life and has worked as an actress and a fitness instructor/model.


Jennifer made her debut at the age of 10. She starred in the movie “The Nutcracker” as Clara.

She performed phenomenally in the movie and impressed the viewers very much.

At a very young age, Dempster proved that it takes talent and determination to work in the Hollywood.

Likewise, she has done several other movies like Marci X, Runway, On the Make, etc.

She acted alongside FRIENDS’ star Lisa Kudrow in the Marci X movie.

Her charm and talent have always fascinated the audience regardless of what she is performing.

Jennifer Dempster: Dancer

Dempster went on tours and performed along with the American Dance Machine. She started working with them at the age of 16.

Jennifer traveled throughout the USA and Europe during her career as a dancer.

Not only this, Jennifer even used to perform in the broadways during her teenage years.

Jennifer Dempster: Fitness Instructor/Model

Jennifer Dempster earned her fame in the 1990s when she appeared in ESPN’s famous fitness program “Bodyshaping.” Moreover, fans all around the world loved her.

According to the viewers, Jennifer was the most adored cast member of the program. She mostly participated in the aerobics and stretching segments in the program.

Jennifer Dempster in Bodyshaping
Jennifer Dempster in Bodyshaping

In addition, she also appeared performing in resistance training and viewer mail portions.

Jennifer has been very passionate about her work as a fitness instructor and has worked for years in the program.

Her brunette hair, beautiful curves, and pretty face made her known among the viewers.

Jennifer Dempster: Relationships

Jennifer Dempster has been married to Chris Fowler. However, not much is known about her relationships.


Jennifer Dempster met her husband at a Christmas party hosted by ESPN. During the time she was working as a fitness instructor in “Bodyshaping.”

After several years of dating, the couple decided to tie knots in 2006. Moreover, they celebrated their wedding in Oheka Castle.

Jennifer Dempster and her husband smiling for a picture together.
Jennifer Dempster and her husband are smiling for a picture together.

When the couple married, their honeymoon trip was a hot topic for everyone.

On their honeymoon, they went on exotics trips to South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

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Who is Chris Fowler?

Christopher Brady Fowler, otherwise known as Chris Fowler, is a famous American sports broadcaster for ESPN. In addition, Chris Fowler has hosted several sports programs.

He has been active since 1989. He is best known for hosting programs like College GameDay, Saturday Night Football, and two College Football Playoffs.

Wedding Disaster

Jennifer Dempster may have had a wedding alongside her husband; unfortunately, their day did not start so well. Dempster had her hand squeezed by the car that was escorting her.

Moreover, her hand was bleeding all over her white wedding dress. Likewise, her husband Chris’s luggage of Tuxedo was also missing.

All the unfortunate events led to postponed their marriage and a tad bit of fiasco for the couple.

Whatsoever, the couple had everything sorted out, and the wedding disaster turned out to be no less than a fairytale wedding.

 Jennifer Dempster: Children

Though the couple has been married for several years, they still don’t have any children. However, it has not affected the couple in any way.

Jennifer is happy with her husband. Not having children may be a problem for many couples though this is not a problem for Jennifer and Chris.

Their bond has been the strongest and perfect ever since they met. Hence, this explains their unbroken marriage.

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Jennifer Dempster: Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

Jennifer is the most attractive cast member of “Bodyshaping” who stood out among the others. Her beauty is more than just her face.

Dempster has not yet been open about her weight. However, she has a petite body frame.

Jennifer has a slim figure with noticeable curves. Even after ages, she seems to have been indulged in the gym.

Regardless of her weight, this beautiful fitness model/instructor has always been an extremely enviable figure.

As for her height, Jennifer stands at a perfect height of 5 feet 5 inches.

As for her body shape, the height suits her just fine.

Jennifer has beautiful facial features. The best thing about her face is her charming smile. Likewise, she has brown eyes and a fair skin tone.

Her facial features align perfectly. That’s what makes her the beautiful woman that she is.

As for the color of her hair, she has brunette hair.

Jennifer Dempster: Net Worth

Jennifer has been very private about her income.

Considering the luxurious life, she has been living, the brunette fitness instructor earns a fair amount of money.

In addition, she has been earning well by working for ESPN’s program.


Does Jennifer Dempster have an Instagram account?

No, Jennifer is not active on Instagram. Moreover, the actress is not active on any social media.

Has Jennifer Dempster been married to anyone before Chris Fowler?

No, Jennifer Dempster has not been married to anyone before Chris Fowler. Moreover, the couple has been happily married to this day.

Is Jennifer Dempster still working for ESPN’s programs?

No, Jennifer has not appeared in any programs for a long time. “Bodyshaping” is the last show where she has appeared.

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