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Is Toni From Amazing Race Still Alive? Has She Recovered From Breast Cancer?

People sparked questions on whether Toni from Amazing Race is still alive. Is Toni From Amazing Race Still Alive? Let’s find out. 

On Sunday night, the suspenseful finale of The Amazing Race Australia took place. After the season finale episode, victorian husband and wife couple Heath and Toni were declared the victors.

Team Memory Makers, led by Heath and Toni, stepped onto the Pit Stop mat first after the last leg of 10’s The Amazing Race Australia brought three teams to Broome, Western Australia. They won a $250,000 cash reward, an Isuzu D-MAX, and an Isuzu MU-X.

When Heath and Toni arrived at the Pit Stop, the show’s host Beau Ryan congratulated the inflated pair.

“You guys deserve it the most,” I said. You have been by far the best squad this season. Describe each other to me a little. How important is he to you? He enquired about Toni’s husband, Heath.

Is Toni From Amazing Race Still Alive?

Yes, Toni from Amazing race is still alive and doing well as of October 2022. In fact, Toni wins The Amazing Race Australia alongside her husband, Heath.

Heath and Toni, a couple who are fierce competitors, are determined to succeed. They work out at the gym three to four times a week, so they are accustomed to the endurance required in The Race.

Weekly games of squash and basketball played by Heath, while Toni plays netball and badminton.

Toni from Amazing Race
Heath and Tony win the Amazing Race Australia. (Source: NY Breaking)

Toni from Amazing Race is a calamitous Jane who speaks her mind at a hundred miles per hour, and together they bring out the best in each other.

Heath is everyone’s best buddy and is highly devoted. They have traveled the world together for nine weeks, visiting the UK, UAE, Laos, Vietnam, Canada, Iceland, Scotland, Indonesia, the Philippines, and now Australia for The Amazing Race.

Heath finds traveling exciting but terrifying because of the sensation of the unknown.

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According to Heath, one of the most exciting things is traveling since you might occasionally have an experience of a lifetime there.

In contrast, it’s possible to find yourself in the circumstances utterly beyond your comfort zone, particularly when traveling to a new culture.

Has Toni Recovered From Breast Cancer?

Despite having terminal breast Cancer, Toni and Heath compete in The Race to show that life can still be joyful, romantic, and adventurous. 

Given that Toni from Amazing Race had been diagnosed with terminal breast Cancer, it was amazing that Heath and Toni even entered The Amazing Race Australia.

However, the Victorian couple took first place in the ten reality series last night, crossing the Pit Stop mat in Broome, Washington.

Heath and Tony
The Amazing Race Australia 2022 cast. (Source: TV Blackbox)

The duo beat off Kelly & Georgia and Angel & Frankie to take home the $250,000 prize and two Isuzu automobiles.

Heath and Toni, who were in the race’s final leg, crossed a rock formation, saw Beau and some other competitors, and then sprinted to the finish line first to win The Amazing Race Australia 2022.

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Frankie was in second place as Angel took the Pit Stop mat after pausing to put on her late Father’s jersey.

The Amazing Race Australia 2022 ends when third-place finishers Kelly and Georgia touch the ground.

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