Vhong Navarro Death

Vhong Navarro Death Hoax Debunked; What Happened To Him? Arrest And Charges

Rumors were flowing around the Internet about Vhong Navarro death after Filipino Comedian had a tragic accident in January 2014. 

Vhong Navarro is a comedian, actor, dancer, recording artist, and television host from the Philippines.

He regularly hosts the noontime variety program, including ‘It’s Showtime,’ on ABS-CBN. He is also a member of the Filipino dancing crew Street boys. However, Navarro was accused of having attempted rape in January 2014, which he denied.

And eight years after the incident, the Taguig Court issued an arrest warrant for Navarro on September 19, 2022.

Following a second warrant of arrest against Ferdinand “Vhong” Navarro by a Taguig court on Tuesday in connection with the rape charge made by model Deniece Cornejo, Navarro is being held at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

Vhong Navarro Death Hoax Debunked: Is He Still Alive?

Vhong Navarro is still alive as of September 2022. He is currently held by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

Several people, including Cornejo, Cedric Lee, and their other friends, assaulted Vhong Navarro in January 2014, which led to a false story about Vhong Navarro’s death.

Navarro suffered severe injuries due to a violent confrontation on January 22, 2014, and Cornejo then sued the actor for allegedly sexually assaulting her. Navarro, though, has always refuted all accusations.

Vhong Navarro Death
Vhong Navarro after being assaulted by a group of men in 2014. (Source: Celebseek)

Navarro asserted that Cornejo, Cedric Lee, and their other pals assaulted him to demand extortion money.

In the meantime, Cornejo’s legal team said that Lee and the company witnessed him attempting to rape Cornejo, which is why they attacked him.

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Then, Cornejo filed a complaint on January 22, 2014, alleging attempted sexual misconduct. Their legal dispute ended, with Cornejo losing the case after a massive social media response.

The 14th Division of the Court of Appeals (CA) overturned prior findings from the Department of Justice (DOJ) from 2018 and 2020 that dismissed Cornejo’s 2014 complaint charging Navarro with attempting to compel her into sexual acts in a decision dated July 21, 2022.

Vhong Navarro Accident: What Happened To Him?

Navarro’s accident originates in the assault episode from 2014 when a gang of individuals beats him up.

Vhong Navarro death hoax news article was successful as word of his accident spread throughout the Internet. Though, Vhong Navarro is still alive.

Sources claim that Vhong underwent surgery after the incident because of the attack that left him in a coma.

Then, Navarro was confronted by a group of men inside a Taguig condominium, according to his manager. Vhong was restrained and dealt a face punch that left him partially unconscious.

This started when a woman who claimed to be his acquaintance drove him to a condo party.

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Up until a group of men attacked Navarro, the incident went on. According to Navarro’s physician, he suffered several wounds to his chest and extremities, including broken bones.

He even needed to get his nose operated on. Navarro managed to survive the attack, but the legal system issued an arrest warrant against Navarro 8 years after the incident.

Vhong Navarro Found Guilty? Arrest And Charge

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) detained television anchor Vhong Navarro on rape-related accusations.

The NBI stated yesterday that Navarro’s antigen test results were negative. And he was given to the NBI Security and Management Section for detention.

Vhong Navarro Death
Vhong Navarro surrendered to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) after the court issued arrest orders. (Source: SUNSTAR)

The Taguig Regional and Metropolitan Trial Courts, which issued warrants for his arrest, will try him on accusations of rape and lewd behavior.

Navarro posted P36,000 bail in response to the charge of acts of lasciviousness. Although rape is a crime for which bail is not permitted, bail may be granted if the prosecution’s case is considered weak.

A petition for bail on rape allegations would be submitted, according to Navarro’s attorney. He allegedly raped model Deniece Cornejo in 2014.

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