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Texas A&M Aggies: Who Are John And Jodie King? Haynes King Parents Age Gap Family, And Girlfriend

Many people across the globe know John King and Jodie King as the parents of Haynes King, one of the 2018 NFL Draft’s top defensive linemen who played college football at Texas A&M. 

But many people don’t know about John and Jodie King’s relationship history, age gap, and how they ended up with their current family of five children. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Haynes King parents, John and Jodie King, in their lives outside of football.

Who Is John King? Haynes King Father 

John King is the father of Texas A&M quarterback Haynes King. He divorced Haynes’mother, Jodie, and has a girlfriend

Haynes King’s football coach dad reacts to his son being named Texas A&M’s QB

John is originally from Texas and attended college at Texas A&M. He is an entrepreneur and owns a few businesses in the Houston area. He is in his early 50s.

Texas A&M quarterback Haynes King and his teammates got the news this week that he would be the Aggies’ starter when they open the 2021 season at Kyle Field on September 4 versus Kent State. 

His father John also got the news as the elder King, the head coach at Longview High School, prepared to open his season versa Denton Ryan tomorrow. 

Meet Haynes King Mother Jodie King

Jodie King is the mother of college basketball player Haynes King. She is also the ex-wife of John King, who is Haynes’ father.

Jodie is in her early forties. Jodie has two other children. While they share custody, he sees more of Haynes than he does. 

I don’t like to share my kids, said Jodie. It was hard. 

Jodie’s kids were unhappy with the relationship when it began either: The only thing that upset me was when he first told me about his girlfriend and that she had children, said Landon Smith, one of Jodie’s sons.

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Texas A&M Aggies QB Haynes King Parents Age Gap 

There are several possibilities for the age difference between the parents in this household.

Haynes King
Haynes King with his family Source: houstonchronicle

It could be that John and Jodie met later in life after establishing careers and were at different life stages. Alternatively, it could be that John is significantly older than Jodie, and they had their children later in life.

 There’s also possibly more than one generation between John and Jodie, grandparents raising their grandchildren.

Haynes King Girlfriend: Is Texas A&M Aggies QB In A Relationship?

Many fans’ curiosity about Haynes King’s girlfriend may have been piqued due to this.

There is no disputing that he is a gorgeous young man. The Texas A&M Aggies quarterback’s attractiveness and famous status have lured numerous females who wish they could be his girlfriend.

He has yet to say anything. As of 2021, King is thought to be single. The player is still in the early stages of his career and should prioritize his studies over socializing.

He would focus more on his studies & getting good at football. & think about other stuff when he has gained fame and recognition in the public eye.

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