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Tami Roman Parents: Who Are Nadine Buford and Puerto Rican

A famous American Personality, Tami Roman’s Parents’ name is Nadine Buford and Puerto Rican. 

Tamisha Akbar, popularly known as Tami Roman, is a talented person. Besides an American personality, she is also an actor, model, and businesswoman. She is best known for her session on the American reality TV show ‘The Real World.’

Tami is a source of encouragement for many people who grapple with poverty and give up on their dreams. After Tami was selected as a contestant on the American reality show ‘The Real World: Los Angeles.’ in 1993, Tami’s life changed entirely.

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Tami is also famous for stirring speeches to people from low financial backgrounds. Tami is in the process of completing her autobiographical novel and a few screenplays.

Tami Roman Parents: Who Are Nadine Buford and Puerto Rican?

Tami Roman was born in Mount Vernon, US, on April 17, 1970, to a single mother, Nadine Buford. She was born to her parents, Nadine Buford and Puerto Rican. Her Mother’s name is Nadine Buford, and Her Father’s name is Puerto Rican.

Moreover, talking about Tami Roman’s parents, her Father, Puerto, left the family when her Mother, Nadine, was pregnant with Tami at the age of 15. So, as an only child, Tami was raised by a single Mother in White Plains, New York. Likewise, after Tami’s Father abandoned them, there is no detail regarding Puerto Rican. 

Tami was born into a family going through a challenging financial condition. As a result, Nadine had to hold three jobs to make ends meet, and Tami was forced to spend most of her formative years at home alone.

Tami Roman and her Mother Nadine Buford (Source: atlantablackstar)
Tami Roman and her Mother Nadine Buford (Source: atlantablackstar)

Soon, Nadine met a man named Ali Akbar and started courting him. He was a lovely man with the proper financial conditions to care for Nadine and Tami. Thus, things began to get better soon. Ali was an avid Muslim and introduced Tami to the Muslim way of life. He made sure Tami got the best schooling possible. However, Ali was a traditionalist man, leading to problems in the family.

Ali’s inflexibility was a source of contention. Because Ali believed that women should be obedient to males, he and Nadine had many arguments with each other. Soon, Nadine filed for divorce, and Tami and her Mother were again forced to live on the streets.

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Tami’s Mother later passed on. She has always significantly spoken of her Mother and shows how much her demise has affected her.

At the age of 22, she gave auditioned for the MTV reality TV series “The Real World: Los Angeles” and was chosen to compete. She had been searching for a turning point like this and finally found one.

Tami Roman’s turning Point: About Tami’s Career

In 1993, she was chosen to compete in the second season of the popular reality show on MTV, “The Real World,” where strangers live together in the same house where cameras capture their every action. Tami made it to the finals, and she garnered significant support from fans across the nation.

Likewise, in the same year, she played her first role in an episode of the sitcom ‘Married…with Children,’ where she played the role of ‘Meg’ for a single-segment show. She was also seen in a crime drama, “Silk Stalkings,” in 1994. 

Tami Roman (Source: ABCT)
Tami Roman (Source: ABCT)

In 2001, she had guest appearances on the hit shows like 20/20′ and ‘Card Sharks,’ “The Steve Harvey Show,” and in the movie “Sacred is the Flesh.” Lately, she has made appearances in reality like ‘Basketball Wives LA,’ ‘Extant,’ and ‘Celebrity Wife Swap.’

She has also started a business of an interior decorating company in association with her Mother. Her Mother oversees the finances and most of its other operations.

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