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Kyrie Irving Anti Semetic Tweet: What Did He Say About Jewish People? Scandal Explained

Brooklyn Nets basketball player made several headlines after Kyrie Irving Anti Semetic Tweet created a buzz among the Jewish Community.

Kyrie Andrew Irving, also famed as Little Mountain, is an established professional basketball player from America who represents Brooklyn Nets Guard in the National Basketball Association(NBA).

After being selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 2011 NBA draft, organizers awarded the NBA pro Rookie of the Year. In 2016, the basketball player won the NBA championship with the Cavaliers.

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Even after he signed with the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie played as a Celtic for two seasons as a free agent in 2019.

Taking about his career accolades, besides NBA Championship, Kyrie was a three-time member of the All-NBA Team and seven-time All-Star.

Before joining the Cavaliers, he represented played as a collegiate basketball player for the Duke Blue Devils, where he was rewarded the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award for the All-Star Game in 2014.

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Kyrie Irving Anti Semetic Tweet

The Nets guard @KyrieIrving, who has 4.6 million followers on Twitter, tweeted a link to Amazon Prime Video film “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America.”

According to the synopsis, the movie “uncovers the true identity of the Children of Israel” is based on a book, Hebrew to Negros, published in 2015.

Several Jewish rights organizations, such as the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Congress, condemned the movie as anti-Semitic.

After the incident, Kyrie Irving, the All-Star point guard, gets suspended for five games without pay for endorsing a disgusting antisemitic hate movie.

Kyrie Andrew Irving
Kyrie Andrew Irving (Source=Internet)

The Brooklyn Nets announced Thursday the suspension of Kyrie Irving, days after he tweeted a link to a documentary criticized as anti-Semitic and then defended his decision.

The Brooklyn Nets organization said they made numerous attempts to assist Kyrie Irving in “understanding the hazardous impact of his words and actions, which began with him releasing a film containing very troubling antisemitic hate” after Kyrie was suspended.

What Did He Say About Jewish People?

The Brooklyn Nets guard was criticized after sharing a link to a film featuring anti-Semitic material that revolved around the Jewish rights organization.

According to CNN, Nets Guard accepted “responsibility” for his post’s “bad impact” on the Jewish community in a previous joint statement from Kyrie, the Nets, and the Anti-Defamation League.

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving posted a tweet and an Instagram story endorsing a 2018 film, Hebrews to Negroes, described by critics as filled with antisemitic disinformation.
Source: NetsDaily

For tweeting a link to Amazon Prime’s film based on Ronald Dalton’s book of the same name, and has been criticized as being antisemitic by civil rights groups, Irving was charged last week, among others, by Nets owner Joe Tsai and the NBA.

On November 2, 2022, a media appearance came after. Irving has insisted that he never intended to cause harm. He and the Nets announced to donate $500,000 each to an organization that aims to end prejudice in society, the Anti-Defamation League.

Kyrie Irving Scandal: Is He Suspended?

While meeting with media earlier Thursday, Irving was asked if he was apologizing when he said he didn’t mean to cause any offense after tweeting a link to the movie.

The Nets said they were “dismayed” on Thursday when Irving “refused to say he has no antisemitic beliefs unequivocally, nor acknowledge specific hateful material in the film” during a media session.

After the incident, the All-Star point guard gets suspended for five games without pay for endorsing a disgusting antisemitic hate movie.

Irving claimed he accepted responsibility for posting about the movie after he removed his original tweet.

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