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We have brought an exciting article for the fashion enthusiast. Thankfully after the what-was-the-theme-again Met Gala event, we have “London Fashion Week” to look forward to. 

The world of fashion is so exciting that anyone could love it!

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them,” Marc Jacobs.

Kendall Jenner walking for Burberry in London Fashion Week 2020 (Source: Vogue)
Kendall Jenner walking for Burberry in London Fashion Week 2020 (Source: Vogue)

One must always dress differently and without limits to unleash the artistry within themselves to become the irreplaceable one.

And where to showcase your artistry than a fashion event? One of the major fashion events, London Fashion Week, has always been the hub for creative minds. 

Since the event will be held soon, we would like to look into the overview of London Fashion Week.

When is the London Fashion Week 2022?

The major fashion event, London Fashion Week, will be held this year from June 11, 2022, to June 13, 2022.

Similarly, the program’s pre-fashion show begins on June 10, 2022, so eventually, the event will run for four consecutive days.

The event presented by Clearpay will feature both men’s and womenswear collections, which will be up for sale.

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Want to know how to attend the London Fashion Week?

To attend the fashion week, you must be invited or apply for a ticket at the London Fashion Week’s official website.

Similarly, you can also apply for a ticket by sending a valid email or visiting the London Fashion Week with a reason why you want to attend.

Although you require a ticket to attend the show, you aren’t restricted to walking around Somerset House.

However, people don’t need to be an official of the London Fashion Council to attend the fashion shows.

What is London Fashion Week? 

Over 250 designers participate in making extraordinary outfits to display their talent and creativity.

Most importantly, the London Fashion Week ranks amongst the top four fashion weeks alongside New York, Milan, and Paris.

The first LFW took place in October 1983, and ever since, fashion week has been a massive hit.

Sabrina Dhowre Elba during the 2019 LFW (Source: Insider)
Sabrina Dhowre Elba during the 2019 LFW (Source: Insider)

The London Fashion Week is a fashion show organized by the British Fashion Council twice a year in 180 Strand, London, United Kingdom.

One of the important aspects of fashion week is that the general public can buy the outfit from the collections of brands.

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Overview of London Fashion Week 2022

Some of the designers who will feature in the London Fashion Week 2022 are:

  • Camellia Couture
  • Francesca Phipps
  • ENNO
  • House of Ruth Atelier
  • Donna Marina
  • Anderson Rodriguez
  • Poet Lab
  • Coffin Ready
  • Athea Couture
  • Toni Textures
  • M Collection St Tropez
  • Kwame Koranteng
  • House of Aristocrats

Similarly, Molly Goddard, Christoph Ritter Studio, Supriya Lele, Daniel w. Fletcher, Yuhan Wang, and Nensi Dojaka are the designers who are the ones to watch.

We can expect some incredible, lavish and extraordinary outfits to be worn in the London Fashion Week 2022 as talented designers curate the dresses.

Memorable London Fashion Week moments over the years

Alexander McQueen

The Spring/ Summer show in 1999 produced a memorable moment in London Fashion week history.

Shalom Harlow circled the platform wearing a white gown-type dress as two robots colored her skirt with black color.

Naomi Campbell trips down

Models often trip over while making their grand appearance on the catwalk, but Naomi Campbell’s tumble is the most famous.

We love London Fashion Week because of memorable moments, don’t we?

Naomi Campbell trips down at London Fashion Week
Naomi Campbell trips down at London Fashion Week

In 1993, Campbell wore the Vivienne Westwood platform while walking on the catwalk!

Similarly, she tried over and fell with the people on the show.

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Prince with a fascinating performance

During the celebration of Matthew Williamson’s 10th anniversary in the industry, Prince performed for the designer.

In the Spring/ Summer 2008 LFW show, Prince gave a surprise performance as a gift to Matthew.

Moreover, the show was a massive hit after The Purple Rain singer performed.

Sadly, the High Priest of Pop died on April 21, 2016, due to an accidental fentanyl overdose.

Victoria Beckham Spices it up!

The Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is part of a memorable London Fashion Week moment in history.

Posh Spice headlined the Maria Grachvogel show in February 2000, even before starting her fashion career.

This 2000 show was filled with incredibly talented models, but Victoria indeed stood out!

Cara makes her debut

In September 2010, Cara Delevingne made her catwalk debut in the LFW.

She made her debut for the London-based fashion house Clements Ribeiro.

The husband and wife partnered company was the first one for which the Suicide Squad actress modeled.

Princess Diana making an appearance

Princess Diana ended the show at the end of the 1985 London Fashion Week.

Similarly, the Princess of Wales appeared with the Minister of State for Industry in March 1985.

We will be back with more updates. So, stay tuned, folks! 

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