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Danny Javier Wife: Is Filipino Singer Married? Death Cause And Net Worth

Who is Filipino singer Danny Javier wife? Is he married? Filipino singer Danny Javier has passed away at the age of 75.

Some individuals, however, are unsure of how Danny Javier passed away. Therefore you can check his cause of death here. Daniel “Danny” Morales Javier was a businessman, actor, singer-songwriter, and musician from the Philippines.

Along with Boboy Garrovillo and Jim Paredes, he was regarded as one of the founding members and main vocalists of the well-known musical group The APO Hiking Society.

He introduced the term “OPM,” which originally referred to Philippine pop songs, especially ballads, and any musical composition made by a Filipino and which rose to popularity in the country from the late 1970s to the present. Keep reading this article till the end to know more details about Danny Javier wife. 

Danny Javier Wife: Is Filipino Singer Married?

Danny Javier wife and his marital status have always been out of the spotlight. Filipino singer-songwriter, musician, actor, TV host, and entrepreneur Danny Javier was also a businessman.

Danny Javier’s marital situation remained unclear at the time of his passing. GMA News said his daughter Justine Javier Long confirmed his death on Facebook.

“Our Pop never gave up fighting for what he loved, what he believed in, and what he was passionate about, both in life and death.

We know he would not have wanted it any other way, and he left this world with his Fire and willpower unbroken,” Justine added.

Danny Javier
His smile, sense of humor, gentle spirit, and original Pilipino music will live forever.
Source: Instagram

Danny Javier was the primary vocalist and one of the three members of the well-known musical group The APO Hiking Society, together with Boboy Garrovillo and Jim Paredes.

He established the term “OPM,” which at first applied to Philippine pop songs, especially ballads and Music of the Philippines, as well as to any musical composition written by a Filipino that rose to popularity in the Philippines from the late 1970s to the present.

Death Cause of Danny Javier

On October 31, 2022, Javier passed away. Javier, 75, passed away from “complications resulting from his chronic sickness.”

Javier overcame kidney failure, sepsis, hepatitis, pneumonia, emphysema, heart failure, and pneumonia. Javier lived in General Santos City and frequently traveled to the United States.

Danny Javier wife
Danny Javier with Apo Hiking Society. Source: Instagram

His niece, singer-actress Mica Javier, attended San Beda University and Ateneo de Manila University. Jobim, the son of Javier, was an actor in the stage production of Eto Na! and a radio DJ at Jam 88.3 FM.

The first tribute album Kami nAPO Muna served as the basis for the musical adaptation of Musikal nAPO.

Javier also started a T-shirt Company called Pidro: Ang Saplot Ng Bayan, named after the fictional character he developed called Pidro, a man from the Philippines’ countryside who traveled to Manila in search of money.

Net Worth of Danny Javier

Danny Javier has a $1.6 million net worth. Filipino composer and musician Danny Javier has lately started acting in TV.

Javier is a part of the well-known Philippine singing ensemble APO Hiking Society, which debuted in the 1970s (the other members are Jim Paredes and Boboy Garovillo).

With the APO Hiking Society, Javier has performed in practically all of the main Philippine cities and several concerts throughout Asia, the Middle East, the United States, Canada, and Europe. Javier belongs to the Organization of Filipino Mang-awit (OPM).

Danny Javier Wife
Javier performed in 2015. Source: Wikipedia

Show Me A Smile (1976), Pumapatak ang Ulan (1978), Kaibigan (1978), Kabilugan ng Buwan (1980), Di Na Natuto (1988), Paano (1991), Just A Smile Away (1991), and Isang Dangkal (1991) are some of the compositions by Javier (1999).

Javier also started a t-shirt Company in 1991 called Pidro Shirt. Due to his part in Bangis on TV 5.

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