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Manuel Vallicella Death Cause – Wikipedia And Age: What Happened? Wife Details

A tattoo artist and former tronista of Men and women, Manuel Vallicella, died at age 35. 

Manuel was born in 1987 in Italy, and he was well-known after appearing on the dating show Uomini e Donne. After the show, he gained many fans and followers, and people were fans of his tattoo.

He died very soon, and the news was out by his close friend Amedeo Venza via Instagram. He died three years after his mother and shared a great bond with his mother. 

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Manuel Vallicella Death Cause

Does the death of Manuel Vallicella was just a natural death? According to some sources, he died at age 35 on September 21, 2022. 

No one was ready for the news; he was just 35 years and had his whole life ahead. According to the Sources, he took his life to confirm that his friend Amedeo Venza posted a picture of him saying he is no more with us. 

Manuek Vallicella friend Amedeo Venza posted on Instagram
Manuel Vallicella friend Amedeo Venza posted on Instagram. Source: Instagram

However, the cause of his death is still unknown. On his 35th birthday, he expressed his dissatisfaction with his life and how difficult it is to live without his mother. His mother was quite close to him; they lived together for three years before she died.

He was never okay with the death of his mother, and it was hard for him to accept that he would never be able to see his mom. 

So, the cause of Manuel Vallicella is yet to come out to the public & his family has not talked with the press about it till today. 

Wikipedia And Age of Manuel Vallicella 

Manuel was born on January 10, 1987, in Italy. He was born and raised there, and there is no information about his siblings, so he seems to be the only child. According to the date of birth given, he became 35 in January 2022, but he left his body in September 2022. 

Manuel was an ordinary tattoo artist who did not gain many followers. So, he also does not have Wikipedia. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about Manuel, who was a private person. Also, he only seems to have a good relationship with his mother, who died three years ago. 

What Happened to Manuel Vallicella? 

Vallicella seemed acceptable a week ago, and he posted a picture of him on his Instagram. But the news on Wednesday night about Manuel Vallicella’s death was unbelievable. 

He seems to be okay and doing well with his life. He has 505k followers on his Instagram account and used to update his followers through his Instagram account. 

Many sources have confirmed that Manuel took his life, but that seems unbelievable because he was doing fine just a week ago. 

The actual reason and what happened to him are still unknown; the news was just out yesterday night. So, the update about his death cause will soon be added about the media cover-ups. 

Wife of Manuel Vallicella

We are all willing to know about his wife, but Manuel has not shared any information regarding his wife. Manuel was a private person and only shared things he was comfortable with. 

Also, if there is no information about his wife, we cannot confirm if he was married or not. He might have been single, but we could not get information about his dating life. 

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