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Who Is Gabriel Torres? 29 Years Old Raleigh Police Officer Killed In Raleigh Shooting- Who Is The Suspect?

Seven people were shot in the mass shooting in Raleigh. Let us learn about one of the victims, Gabriel Torres, and more about the suspect and other victims from this article. 

A shooting rampage that started in the Hedingham neighborhood and proceeded to the popular greenway, producing a crime scene nearly two miles long, is allegedly the work of a 15-year-old white male in custody.

As of the bloodshed in Raleigh, there had been 532 mass shootings in the U.S. this year, according to the Gun Tragedy Archive, which maintains track of such incidents.

The fatal shooting on Thursday wasn’t North Carolina’s only significant shooting; according to the archive, four people were hurt in a shooting in the town of New Bern, roughly 115 miles southeast of the state’s capital.

Raleigh Police Chief Estella Patterson announced the victims at the press conference on Friday morning, which included Gabriel Torres.

Who Is Gabriel Torres? 29-Year-Old Raleigh Police Officer Killed In Raleigh Shooting

Gabriel Torres is one of the victims of Thursday night’s mass shooting near the Neuse River Greenway. Gabriel was an off-duty Raleigh Police officer on his way to work. 

The officer became the victim of a 15-year-old mass murderer. He was 29 years old at the time of his death. As a result, we can speculate that Torres was born in 1993.

No additional information regarding Gabriel Torres’ family and personal life is mentioned on the web. It is most likely that the 29-year-old Police officer was a married man.

Gabriel Torres
A 29-Year-Old Raleigh Police Officer, Gabriel Torres, was killed in a mass shooting. (Source: Fox News)

The mass shooting in Raleigh also claimed the lives of four more individuals. Several other people have also been hurt and sent to the hospital. A civilian member of the group is still in critical condition.

A K-9 Police officer is also one of the injured people. Thankfully, he only sustained minor knee injuries and was soon allowed to leave the hospital.

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Many people are still struggling to comprehend everything that transpired there. “Several families in our city are waking up this morning without their loved ones,” said Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin. Nobody can fathom what they are all experiencing.

One neighbor who spoke to ABC11 is still in disbelief at what happened. A different citizen who talked with ABC11 claimed that the neighborhood was in shock. Governor Roy Cooper addressed the city during a news conference on Friday with the Police chief.

The 15-Year-Old Suspect Is Severely Injured

Officials have reported that the gunman, 15, is presently in serious condition after five people, including a Police officer, were killed in the mass shooting in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The individual, who was not immediately identified by the Police, allegedly eluded them for several hours until being captured in a home and arrested.

Austin Thompson Suspect
A 15-year-old boy Austin Thompson is a suspect in the mass shooting in Raleigh. (Source: ABC News)

The gunman, who is 15 years old, is named Austin Thompson, according to later reports. Additionally, Austin is reportedly the younger brother of James Roger Thompson, one of the victims. The tragedy was described as a “moment of unfathomable sorrow” by the governor of North Carolina.

The suspect was carrying a camouflage rucksack and was wearing camouflage during the shooting, according to a familiar person’s inquiry. Following the incident, a handgun and a long rifle were discovered.

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The shootings occurred the day after two Bristol, Connecticut, Police officers were slain, and another was seriously hurt while responding to a domestic violence complaint.

A wounded Police officer has been released from the hospital, while another victim, 59-year-old Marcille Lynn Gardner, is in critical condition, according to Raleigh Police Chief Estella D. Patterson.

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