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How Did Raphael Rowe Die? Married Life Wife And Kids

Raphael Rowe is still alive. He is a well-known British investigative Journalist and news presenter. His life turned upside down when he was arrested and convicted for a crime he didn’t commit.

Although it has been 22 years since the court released them, the scars are still visible. In addition, Raphael is still traumatized by his 12 years long time inside the prison.

More importantly, the miscarriage of justice profoundly affected his life and relationship with his son and partners. Thus, here is everything we know about Raphael Rowe’s life, including his wife and kids.

Is Raphael Rowe Alive Or Dead?

Raphael Rowe is still alive and works as a reporter on the BBC One series The One Show and Sunday Moring Live.

He is also a host of Netflix’s famous documentary series, Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons. Viewers appreciate him for making the inmates comfortable enough to spill raw and honest insights on how things work in some of the toughest prisons.

Through his panorama report, the Journalist helped to overturn a murder charge against Barry George, who was earlier convicted for the murder of BBC news presenter Jill Dando.

The successful investigative Journalist was arrested with Michael Davis and Randolph Johnson for murdering a gay man Peter Hurburgh while robbing him and his partner Alan Eley in 1988.

After two years of trial, Rowe and the other two men were wrongly convicted in March 1990 for murder. The new presenter was imprisoned with no parole, along with other men.

On 17 July 2000, the court released all of them. However, the court didn’t declare their innocence. As a result, Rowe still strives for liberation.

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Who Is Raphael Rowe Wife/Girlfriend?

Raphael Rowe was in a relationship with Kate Williamson, who testified in court against him, reports TheCinemaholic. As per the magazine, Raphael claimed that his partner told a pack of lies.

The Journalist also alleged Kate tried framing him because she envied Raphael’s then-girlfriend Nancy Stanley. The BBC news presenter further insisted that Williamson admitted her lies during his time in prison through a letter. However, Raphael Rowe’s partner later flipped the story saying she was forced to do it.

Raphael Rowe
Raphael Rowe had been involved with a few women, but he is tight-lipped when sharing his baby mama’s identity. (Source: YouTube)

Williamson disappeared into thin air after the trial. Although the British television personality has moved on and doesn’t hold any grudge against Kate, he hopes Kate will reach out and spill what exactly happened.

Furthermore, Rowe had a mystery partner throughout his time in prison and even after his release. They even had a child. Who was Raphael Rowe’s partner?

Raphael Rowe Son Still Believes He Was A Murderer

Raphael Rowe revealed that he had a son with his partner in an interview with The Guardian in July 2000. However, he refrained from sharing the name of his baby mama.

He added his then-12-year-old child didn’t want to meet him and believed that Rowe was a murderer. The television personality said that he had been maintaining a diary throughout his days in prison, in which he wrote many things for his beloved son and hoped to meet him someday.

Rowe had another son in May 2004, his second son. On 28 March 2018, he shared that he is debating with his baby boy, then-13, who is who please reveal. The tweet has been since-deleted.

Raphael Rowe
A tweet by Raphael Rowe. (Source: TheCinemaholic)

Hopefully, the Journalist and his sons are close now. In December 2020, Raphael published his memoir and autobiography, Notorious. In the book, he attributed his glory as a Journalist to his conviction and incarceration for a crime he never committed.

Altogether, Raphael Rowe is still alive and is now one of the most successful Journalists, BBC news presenters, and an author.

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