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S Dot Death Cause: How Did Musical Artist Died? Family And Net Worth

S Dot Death came as a shock to the American rap world. And, since the news broke, S Dot Death cause is the only query popping up on the web. 

S Dot, also recognized as Dotarachi, was an aspiring American musical artist and YouTuber. The 27 years old rapper had been in the musical world for quite some and considered himself underrated. 

Similarly, “Dotarachi Reloaded,” “Gang ties,” and “Down For Life” are some of his well-known musical albums.

S Dot Death: How Did the Musical Artist Die?

S Dot death is believed to be caused due to a heart condition. He died on 7th September 2022.

The rapper revealed his health status via a joint Youtube account of him and his partner. In the video, S Dot spoke while his wife Holly was in the background.

The pair posted the video 3 weeks ago, on 16th August 2022. In the video, S Dot said he would be facing 2 major surgeries in the coming days. Moreover, he added that he would be visiting the doctors soon to have his aorta repaired.

The surgery was supposed to be divided into 2 parts, the first surgery would be conducted on the top part of his hurt, and after he recovers from that, doctors would operate on his bottom heart.

While the rapper was smiling the entire time, there was grief in both his voice and eyes.

Holly stated that she did not want to feel sad but miserable because she did not know how to comfort S Dot. By the end of the video, Holly was already crying, and S Dot was comforting her.

Nonetheless, the rapper said he was born with a heart condition and is happy to have made it this far.

But unfortunately, the video was the last post the pair made on their channel, and no health update was provided in between.

So, we believe that S Dot’s demise must have occurred during his heart surgery. 

cardi b
Cardi B expresses sadness about S Dot’s death (Source: Twitter)

Many prominent celebrities like Cardi B expressed condolences towards S Dot on the couple’s joint Twitter account.

S Dot Family: Was He Married?

S Dot was residing in Miami, Florida, with his family. 

The rapper was married to his long-term girlfriend; Holly G. S Dot was a family man who adored his wife and children. Also, we are not sure how many children the pair had, but the rapper often posted pictures with his 4 years old son on Instagram.

Additionally, Holly updated the public about her husband’s death via their joint Twitter handle. She posted a picture of S Dot with one of their kids and captioned it as “Damn this so hard! You leaving us and the girls! Ugh! “

s dot 1
Late rapper S Dot with his wife and son (Source: Instagram)

As of now, everyone is supporting Holly and the family with condolence messages. But Holly, on the other hand, has been left scattered by the rapper’s death.

On 7th September, she thanked her well-wishers via a tweet “I appreciate all the love and support y’all showing right now! Forreal! I can’t respond to everybody but thank y’all so much. It’s keeping me lifted!”

We believe god may give S Dot’s family the fortitude they require to deal with his passing.

Rapper S Dot’s Net Worth 

 According to a source, the late rapper’s net worth was $1.5 million.

The rapper’s primary source of money was royalties from his music career. And he also made a sizable fortune through his long-running YouTube channel.

As of now, Rapper S Dot has left all the accumulated wealth to his dearest wife, Holly.

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