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Who Is Takeoff Rapper Girlfriend Liyah Jade? Dating History And Relationship Timeline

Who was American Rapper Takeoff dating? Let us learn about Takeoff Rapper Girlfriend Liyah Jade and more from this article. 

Takeoff, Kirshnik Khari Ball’s stage name, was a rapper from the United States. His hip-hop group, Migos, including his uncle Quavo and a first cousin once removed named Offset, was his most well-known affiliation.

“Versace,” a 2013 single by Migos, reached its highest point on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 99. Although he began creating beats and rhythms in the seventh grade, he did not start recording music until 2011.

In a civil action brought by a female victim alleging “sexual battery, assault, false imprisonment, gender violence, and interference with civil rights” during a Party in Los Angeles in June 2020, Takeoff was identified as the offender on August 5, 2020, according to news reports.

Takeoff was fatally shot in Houston, Texas, on November 1, 2022. As a result, people are interested in knowing him on a personal level. So, let us know about Takeoff Rapper Girlfriend Liyah Jade.

Who Is Takeoff Rapper Girlfriend Liyah Jade?

Takeoff and Liyah Jade were a couple. There is no information about the Takeoff rapper girlfriend Liyah Jade on the web, except for her identity.

Liyah’s professional life is kept a secret from public knowledge as well. Moreover, we have no information on her parents or other family members.

Takeoff Rapper Girlfriend
Takeoff rapper was dating Liyah Jade. (Source: The Artistree)

In addition, we do not know when did the ex-partners start dating. However, they called it quit in 2021. Since then, Takeoff has not publicly acknowledged his dating life.

There are reportedly eight kids born to the rapper. However, we are unsure about the mother of all the eight kids born to the rapper Takeoff. 

We do not have any information on whether any of the eight kids were born to Liyah Jade and Takeoff. But Liyah Jade and Takeoff were not married during their time together.

Rapper Takeoff Dating History And Relationship Timeline

Quavo and Offset have consistently been in the spotlight since the Migos gained notoriety in 2013. Takeoff was constantly around, close to the two of them, yet he was viewed as less popular than they were.

Takeoff was rumored to have been unmarried at his death and had never been seen with any of the stunning women from Hollywood or the music business. In addition to suspected relationships with Heather Rose and Rubi Rose in 2016, he had a romantic relationship with Dreamdoll in 2018. He also had a relationship with Lakeya Darshay.

Takeoff garnered media attention when pictured with international music diva Katy Perry. At a Party in 2017, the rapper—often quiet and reserved—appears to have gotten along exceptionally well with Perry. According to MTO News, the rumored couple reportedly went to a “Saturday Night Live” after-party.

Takeoff dating history
Quavo and Saweetie’s dispute had a Migos rapper named “cheater” called “guilty by association.” (Source: Capital XTRA)

This allegedly occurred when Perry and Migos worked together on the song “Bon Appetit.” Sadly, none addressed the rumors surrounding their relationships, although Takeoff did take it to his personal Instagram account to declare that he was “single.”

People on social media said that Takeoff, the third member of the Migos, would be the next to be caught cheating after Quavo allegedly strayed on Saweetie and Offset allegedly cheated on Cardi B.

He didn’t seem to have a girlfriend, so it was doubtful he would cheat, but there were still plenty of jokes about it on Twitter. Someone wrote, “Quavo, Offset, and their girlfriends dumped them. 

Later, Takeoff also dated Liyah Jade, whose information is unavailable on the web except for her identity.

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