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Sean Rash: Career, Controversy & Net Worth

Sean Rash is a right-handed Ten-Pin professional bowler who is rated amongst the top bowlers of this era.

He is a very competitive person who has also won 16 titles, including two major bowling championships.

Sean Rash is also known for his  30 perfect 300 scores, which included two perfect rolls in the finals and was broadcasted on Television.

The bowler is the only person ever to achieve that feat.

Sean Rash in his form bowling.
Sean Rash in his form bowling.                                   

Similarly, Sean is the titleholder for 10 regional titles, and he is also a member of 900 Global and Vise-Grips.

Rash was also the winner of the 2011-12 season player of the year for his spectacular performance.

Let’s look at some facts about Sean Rash before we go deeper into this article.

Quick Facts

Full name Sean Rash
Date of birth August 22, 1982
Age 41 years old
Birthplace Anchorage, Alaska
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education A.J. Diamond High School, Wichita State University
Father’s name Unknown
Mother’s name Unknown
Zodiac sign Leo
Height 6 feet and 1 inch/ 1.85m/ 185 cm
Weight Unknown
Shoe size Unknown
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $16 million
Profession Professional Bowler
Club Brew City Bowlers
Nickname Sean
Salary $1.4 million annually
Social Media InstagramTwitterFacebook
Debut year 2005
Bowling Equipment Bowling Pin, Bowling Balls, Bowling Bag
Last Update 2024

Sean Rash: Early Life, Family, and Education

Sean Rash was born on 22nd August 1982 in Anchorage, Alaska.

Unfortunately, there is no information about Sean’s family as Sean seems like a very private person.

He has not disclosed his parents’ names to the media yet.

Rash was a very creative person who had a thing for leadership from his childhood. He knew he wanted to go all-in for bowling as soon as he fell in love with the sport.

Even before his professional career in bowling, he was already a highly accomplished bowler for his age.

In 1995, when he was just 13 years old, he was very frustrated with the lack of competition in bowling for kids.

So to get rid of his frustration, he organized his own tournament and named it “Sean Rash Stars of the Future.”

Mind you, he was only 13 years old, and he was able to organize the tournament. This act showcased his leadership abilities.

Sean started his amateur career when he joined the Junior US team in 1998. That was the beginning and a push for him to achieve something greater at that time.

Throughout his early days, he participated in three Junior tournaments for the USA team in 1998, 2002, and 2003.

Moving on to his educational background, He studied at A.J. Diamond High School during his teenage age and passed out from there.

After finishing high school, he pursued further studies at Wichita State University.

When he was attending Wichita State University, he was already very proficient at bowling, and he was the best in his university.

He became the Two-time All-American champion at Wichita University, and while attending this University, he was also selected in the National bowling team of the USA.

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Sean Rash: Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearances

Sean is currently 41 years old.

The bowler stands at 6 feet and 1 inch tall.

Unfortunately, there is no information about his weight and body measurements.

He has an athletic body despite his old age. He strives to keep himself fit to be in his top form.

Rash has pair of hazel eyes, which are complemented by his brown hair.

Sean Rash: Nationality, Ethnicity, and Horoscope

Sean is an American by nationality as he was born and raised in America.

Similarly, he belongs to white ancestry.

Moving on to his horoscope, he falls under the Leo sign.

Leos are known to be great leaders and fierce. We can all bet that Sean definitely has those personality traits.

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Sean Rash: Career

Sean was already a well-known name to the bowling fans as he was highly accomplished during his amateur career.

Before moving onto the professional scene, he wanted to end his amateur career with a spectacular win.

In 2003, he won the International Bowling Congress (IBC) National Championship and followed the win with another win at the 2003 USBC Doubles Championship, where he partnered with Derek Sapp.

With this amazing performance of the duo, they set the all-time highest record for pinfall with 1,540 points over six games.


Rash debuted professionally in the PBA tour in 2005.

Everyone was excited to see Sean play on the professional scene as he was already so good at bowling despite being in his early 20s.

Sean won his first PBA tour title in his first tour at the 2006 West Virginia Championship.

With this win, the bowler became the only player in the history of PBA to win the tour after starting from the Tour Qualifying Round.

Then he followed that win with another win that year in the Beltway Classic and Earl Anthony Medford Classic.

He won three titles that year, and he was not done yet.

Next year, he participated in the USBC Masters and claimed his first major title in the second year of his career.

Additionally, He had already won 4 titles.

Next season, Rash was ready to win some more titles, but unfortunately, his streak was ended by Norm Duke in the Semifinals of the PBA World Championship.

After that season, he was not able to win any titles. It was like a bad omen struck him, and he couldn’t perform to his fullest extent.

He did not win any titles for three continuous years, and at that point, the hype behind him had died already.

People criticized him and called him an overrated player as he could not perform well in any of the tournaments.

Regaining Form and Rising to the Top

In the 2012 season, Rash consequently returned to his top form and won the PBA Tournament of Champions.

Many people criticized him, saying that it was just a fluke and won with luck but not skills.

Despite him winning a Major title, he was criticized harshly, but he was ready to shut them all up.

The Alaskan continued to perform well throughout the season, and at the end of the season, he was awarded the PBA player of the year award.

The next season started, and this year, Sean was going to perform internationally and attend the Kuwait Open and Thailand Open.

Sean Rash kissing trophy
Sean Rash kissing the trophy

To no one’s surprise, he performed extravagantly and won both of the tour titles and added it to his collection, making it his 6th and 7th tour titles.

Furthermore, Sean had won $248,317 just from his tour wins.

Scoring his first Perfect on Broadcast

On May 24th of 2014, Sean was playing in the finals of the PBA Wolf Open. This tournament was broadcasted on national television.

An amazing match with Chris Barnes during the PBA Open Title Match raised a lot of praises for both sides.

Sean had an amazing performance once again, and this is when he scored his first-ever perfect on national television.

Sean’s amazing bowling release during the 2014 PBA Bear Open made headlines and was featured on various television stations.

We could see his excitement and joy after scoring the perfect 300. Consequently, he won the final game as well and claimed his 8th PBA tour title.

The right-handed bowler followed this feat with another 300 perfect scores next year in 2015.

On February 15, 2015, Sean scored another 300 perfect scores on ESPN in the Barbasol Tournament of Champions.

Sean managed to win the PBA Xtra Frame Iowa Midwest Open for the ninth time on October 11, 2015, bowling from the #1 seed position and beating Hall of Famer Pete Weber in a single-game final.

Furthermore, this tournament was being held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This achievement made Sean the only player in the history of PBA to ever score two Perfect 300 scores on national television.

Similarly, that year he followed that achievement with his 9th tour win at PBA Xtra Frame Iowa Midwest Open.

Passing the 10 title Milestone

Next, on September 10, 2016, Rash won his 10th PBA title at the PBA Fall Swing Badger Open after defeating Wes Malott.

Additionally, it was a very intense match, but Sean managed to pull through and win.

Furthermore, he followed this win with his 11th title win just one day after passing the 10th title milestone.

In the following year, Rash continued his wins and claimed his 12th title at the Xtra Frame Gene Carter’s Pro Shop Classic.

Unfortunately, 2018 was not his year. He failed to perform well and was not able to attend most of the tournament.

He only had one tournament appearance that year, making it the worst year of his career span.

Winning 16 titles

Despite his bad performance in 2018, he did not disappoint his fans in the following year. He claimed his 13th and 14th title of his PBA tour in 2019.

He won the PBA Doubles Championship and PBA Wolf Open.

Recently, in 2020 he claimed two more titles which added to his PBA tour titles.

He performed outstandingly throughout 2020, winning two PBA Tour titles and other tour events as well.

Furthermore, Sean also claimed the PBA World Series of Bowling XI in 2020.

Moving onto his very recent career, he has participated in a few tournaments in 2021 but has not won any titles yet.

Additionally, he also pulled out of the USBC Masters this year due to health problems. As there is a pandemic ongoing, he is cautious with his actions.

Stats and Awards

The Alaskan won the PBA Player of the Year once in 2012.

Similarly, he also won the George Young High Average Award, Harry Smith Point Leader Award, and Best Bowler ESPY Award winner.

The right-handed bowler is a Nine-time Team USA Member.

He currently has 16 titles to his name, which includes 2 major titles.

Sean is ranked number 7 on the PBA Power Rankings.

He has attended 323 events throughout his career and won about $1.5 Million just from the tour.

Sean Rash: Controversy

The Alaskan almost has a flawless career without any problems except this incident where he outbursted during a tournament.

Apparently, he was annoyed by the sound of bottle squeaking sounds made by his fellow competitor “Jason Belmonte.”

While he was going to throw the ball, he was extremely annoyed, threw the ball away, turned to Jason, and angrily said, “Take that, you bottle bitch”.

He followed his outburst with more insult towards Jason.

Eventually, he was pulled back and fined by the PBA for his unprofessional display of conduct.

Nonetheless, things were sorted out, but it left a bad taste in the mouth of the viewers.

Sean Rash: Wife and Kids

Sean is currently happily married to Sara Rash. They are a lovely couple, as we can see on their social media.

The couple tied their knots in 2011 and have been together ever since.

Sean rash with his wife
Sean rash with his wife

They have three daughters together, Kaylee, Olivia, and Alaina.

Moreover, Sean currently resides in Montgomery, Illinois, with his wife and daughters. The bowler is enjoying some quality time with his family.

Net Worth

Sean has claimed around $1.5 Million just from his career, putting aside his sponsors and other business ventures.

“Sean Rash is worth $16 million”

900 Global and Vice Grips currently sponsor Sean.

They fuel his source of income and expand it as he represents them in all the tournaments with their gears and attire.

Sean was previously associated with Brunswick for 17 years, but that sponsorship, unfortunately, came to an end due to uncertain circumstances.

Sean Rash: Social Media

The Bowler is a very outgoing person who loves to share his life with his fans.

He is currently available on all the major social media platforms, such as InstagramTwitterFacebook.

Firstly, he has 25K followers on his Instagram account.

Next, he has around 18.4K followers on his Twitter handle.

Lastly, he has 39K followers on his Facebook account.

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How many 300 scores does Sean have?

Sean has 30 perfect 300 scores.

How many events has sean attended in 2021?

Sean has participated in 9 events until May 2021.

Why was Sean Rash suspended?

In January 2022, Sean Rash was suspended from one Bowling Tour event after failing to control his temper and using foul language on television after a lost match. The professional bowler went on to leave back-handed comments like “Integrity One Day” and also use the “S” word. 

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