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Seimone Augustus: Legend, Career, Lesbian & Net Worth

Who says women can’t dominate the basketball court? Seimone Augustus happens to be one of the live examples of proving these gender norms wrong.

Seimone Augustus is a known name in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). She is also part of the US national basketball team.

After spending 15 years with the Lynx, she recently moved on with the Los Angeles Sparks.

Seimone Augustus
                                                                 In Frame: Seimone Augustus

The basketball player coming from Baton Rouge Louisiana is described as the Michael Jordan of the WNBA.

She has the same skill set that has led her to be one of the most sought-after WNBA players.

Giving hope and empowering millions of young females around the world, Seimone Augustus is already a legend.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick ones in case you did not know about the amazing basketball player: Seimone Augustus.


Full name Seimone Delicia Augustus
Date of birth April 30th of 1984
Age [calculate_years datestring=”04/30/1984″] years old
Birthplace Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Alma Mater Louisiana State university
Father’s name Seymore Augustus
Mother’s name Kim Augustus
Zodiac sign Taurus
Height 6 feet (1.82m)
Weight 76 kg (168 lbs)
Partner(s) Latanya Varner
Marital Status Divorced
Children Unknown
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Tattoos One full sleeve and another half sleeve
Net Worth $7 million
Siblings None
Profession Professional Basketball player in WNBA
Past team Minnesota Lynx
Stats 391: 41.9: 15.4
Position Small forward/ shooting guard
Current team Los Angeles Sparks
Nickname Seimone
Salary $410 thousand
Social Media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
Debut year 2006 AD
Merch Autographed Basketball Card, Hoodie
Last Update [current-year]

Seimone Augustus: Early Life

Family and Childhood

Seimone Augustus was born on April 30th of 1984, in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Her father’s name is Seymore Augustus, and her mother’s name is Kim Augustus. Her father was a technician for the local newspaper, and her mother was a bank teller.

Seimone is an only child and has no siblings. This made it easier for both the parents to focus on her solely.

Ever since she was a toddler, she started showing her interest in basketball. By the age of three, when she could walk, she was already copying her father’s moves.

Similarly, she was so good; in fact, she was good enough to compete in the five-year-old boys league.

Seimone Augustus with her parents
                                              In Frame: Seimone Augustus with her parents.

Her father was her biggest supporter. As a teenager himself, Seymour felt as if he had wasted his talents and did not want the same fate for his daughter. So he trained her throughout her teenage years.

The father-daughter duo trained with innovative drills and even sometimes blindfold to increase Seimone’s agility. They used to start in the early hours of the morning until the sunset.


High School

Seimone also had a love for the track but naturally was inclined to the basketball.

She went to Capital High School, where she practiced throughout the season.

Augustus entered Capital High’s gates in 1998 as a freshman and immediately created a spur in the school. She was not only great on the court, but Seimone was a straight-A student.

She played volleyball in the middle blocker position. In track, she played the 400 meters and the relay events.

Seimone was under coach Alvin Stewart in Capitol high. She had a scoring average of 27.4 points, 14.5 rebounds, 11.8 assists, four blocks, and four steals. This earned her the honors of  Louisiana’s 4A Player of the Year.

In her sophomore year of high school, Sports Illustrated For Women ran a feature on her. Her face was on the cover of the magazine with the question,

Is she the next michael jordan?

This just added further to her spotlight. In junior year, she became the Gatorade Circles Champion Player of the year.

Also, the same year, Adidas Top 10 Girls featured Seimone Augustus.

She played in the USA Junior World Qualifying Trials in the summer.

Seimone became the National Player of the Year in her senior year and was also invited to play in the major All-star showcases.  Many colleges were in the line to scout Seimone Augustus.


All the colleges wanted to have Seimone on their teams, so the battle was fierce. The LSU coach begged her to stay in their hometown, and Tennessee Coach Pat Smith offered her a full ride.

But after much consideration, she decided to stay close to home so that her family could attend her games and enrolled at LSU.

The LSU athletic director called Seimone their ‘most important recruit in the history of athletic programs’.

The LSU profited off the recruitment of Seimone, selling more than thirteen hundred tickets which was quadrupled from the last year.

Seimone was named the Freshman of the year by Basketball Times. She scored an average of 14.8 points and 5.5 rebounds per game.

In her college career, she won the All American two times, Naismith College Player of the Year, Wooden Award, and Wade trophy in the year 2005 and 2006, respectively.

Their senior year brought her the LOWE’s Senior Class Award, making her the top senior female basketball player.

She graduated the Louisiana State University in 2006, and her jersey number thirty-three (33) was retired. This was the first time this honor was given to a female basketball player.

Seimone Augustus: Physical Appearance

The [calculate_years datestring=”04/30/1984″] year old player is 6 feet tall, which adds as a plus for a basketball player. She is 76 kg in terms of weight. Seimone has brown hair with braids.

She has brown eyes and a tan complexion. She has an athletic build but is not heavily muscular.

Seimone Augustus: Personal Life

Seimone Augustus is openly Lesbian in terms of sexual orientation. She got married to Lataya Varner. The couple got engaged in 2010, and five years later, in 2015, they got married.

Even in today’s society, some people are extremely narrow-minded and had protested against their relationship.

Seimone Augustus with her wife
                                                        In Frame: Seimone Augustus with her wife.

The law in Minnesota was against gay marriage at the time, and Seimone raised her voice against it.

She claimed that other people’s marriages or relationships should not bother the rest of the people. She received backlash from several people, but the majority of the people supported her throughout this.

In 2010, Seimone had surgery to get her uterus removed. But her ovaries are intact just for the day she wants to have kids. She said that she does want kids in the future with the help of gestational surrogacy.

However, the couple decided to split up and got a divorce in October of 2018.

Seimone Augustus: Professional Career

In the 2006 WNBA draft, the Minnesota Lynx drafted Seimone Augustus as the overall no.1 pick.

She had a scoring average of 21.9 points per game which was a rookie record. That season she was awarded the Rookie Player of the Year.

The next season she played All-star and finished second to Lauren Jackson of Seattle. The lynx finished that year with 10-24 against Los Angeles Sparks, which was the season’s worst record.


Injury and Surgery

In the two consecutive years of 2009 and 2010, Seimone was in and out of hospitals. She suffered from a torn ligament in a match against Pheonix Mercury.

The next year she had to undergo Fibroid Tumor surgery, making her take the benches for quite some time. She played a total of 25 games that season.

Finally, after recovering from the surgery, Seimone was back in the game in the season of 2011 with full force.

The Lynx won the second team WNBA title, and it became the second All-star game since 2007.

The next consecutive years, in 2012 and 2013, the lynx would make it to the finals.

In 2012 they were defeated by the Indiana Fever, and in 2013 they remained victorious after defeating Atlanta Team. They were the first WNBA team, and Seimone was voted All-star game starter in 2013.

Even though Seimone was battling a knee injury in the 2014 season, the lynx remained strong and beat Indiana fever.

They won their third WNBA Championship Title. Seimone got enlisted as the top 20 best players in the league in the 2016 season.

On August 12th of 2017, the Lynx made history with a striking 111-52 score against Indiana Fever which is the biggest margin in WNBA. The Lynx won their 4th WNBA title against the Sparks.

After fourteen seasons with the Lynx, the end of an era came when Seimone quit the Lynx to join the Los Angeles Sparks.

Even though Augustus left the team, all her teammates and coach were grateful for her service to the team for so long.

Los Angeles Sparks

Seimone joined the Los Angeles Sparks team in August of 2020. They signed Seimone for a year contract.

However, since Seimone is new and also had played against them, it will take some time for her to adjust to the team.

Yet the remarkable player is already making wins for the team.

The Olympics Experience

Augustus is a three-time Olympics gold medalist. Augustus has, to date, a total of three gold medals from the Olympics.

Seimone got her first gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, second in the 2012 London Olympics and third in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Seimone Augustus: Net Worth

Augustus is one of the most successful basketball players in the WNBA. This has given her a name and also wealth.

She banks in about $2 million every year.

Seimone augustus has a net worth of about $7 million.

She also earns from her merchandise and brand endorsement deals.

Talking about her lifestyle, Seimone lives a very lavish life with her wife, Lataya Varner. Her dream car is the Impala SS which she already owns.

She says that she likes powerful cars that have a strong build and are very fast.

Seimone likes cars with speed. She owns a Chevy and Impala that she is seen driving around Louisiana.


Seimone Achievements

  • Winner of Honda Sports Award for basketball 2004
  • Winner of Honda Sports Award for basketball 2005
  • Turkish President Cup Award for 2007
  • 2008 FIBA Euro Cup Winner

Seimone Augustus Social Media

She is very active on social media. Seimone had over 54k followers on Twitter.

Similarly, she has over 74k followers on Instagram and over 92k followers on Facebook.


What is Seimone Augustus’s Salary?

Her salary with the Los Angeles Sparks is $110 thousand.

How tall is Seimone Augustus?

Seimone Augustus is 6 feet tall.

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