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Where Is Lisa LaFlamme Going After Leaving CTV? Her New Job And Career Achivement

As the chief anchor and senior editor for CTV National News, Lisa LaFlamme is a Canadian television journalist.

David and Kathleen LaFlamme are the parents of LaFlamme. They gave her birth in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. She obtained her diploma from the University of Ottawa after graduating from St. Mary’s High School.

In 1988, she started as a copywriter and script assistant for CTV’s Kitchener station CKCO. By the time of the late 90, she had become a good anchor.

She has previously worked as a parliament reporter on CTV NEWSNET, now known as CTV News Channel, and worked as the co-host of Canada AM from 2000 till 3 years.

Where is Lisa LaFlamme Going After Leaving CTV?

Lisa LaFlamme, a longtime news presenter, expressed her feelings and sadness over Bell Media’s decision to terminate her contract with CTV National News.

According to a press release from CTV News, the decision was in the light of changing the viewing habits of the general public and the intention to take the news program and the main news anchor’s position to a highly new and different place.

Lisa Laflamme
Lisa Laflamme reporting news

According to a subsequent statement from CTV News, Omar Sachedina, the network’s current national affairs correspondent, will assume LaFlamme’s role.

Before taking over as main news anchor and senior editor of CTV National News in 2011, LaFlamme had been working for CTV News for 35 years as an international affairs correspondent.

After hearing the news, she stated in the video by posting on her social media sites not long after Bell officially announced the news on August 15 that she was stunned and still shocked and disappointed by Bell Media’s decision.

The statement given by her was like she had been instructed to keep this a secret from her coworkers and the general public until the authorities could handle the facts of her departure. That has now taken place.

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Before taking over as main news anchor and senior editor of CTV National News in 2011, LaFlamme had been working for CTV News for 35 years as an international affairs correspondent.

Lisa’s New Job

As per the current data, no information has been published on where Lisa is going. After leaving CTV, she has not stated any confirmation about her job and what she is going to do in the future.

Since she is saddened by the news of departing from CTV after working for more than 35 years, she hasn’t spoken about her future career.

Lisa Laflamme’s Career

Lisa started her career at CTV as a script assistant and copywriter. She worked for CTV News in early 2000 as a foreign correspondent and backup anchor, taking Lloyd Robertson’s place.

She has interviewed many interesting people till this time, including Boris Johnson, Paul Martin, and Prince Harry. This list includes many more people, including Sarah, Duchess of York, Tony Blair, John Kerry, and Alex Trebek.

She also covered many noteworthy events, including the 2012 London Olympics, the 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Additionally, Lisa talked about several conflicts and engagements, including the September 11 strike, the Iraq War, the war in Afghanistan, and recently, she has spoken about the Russia-Ukraine battle. Also, she has talked about the recent pandemic all over the world.

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Lisa has established a remarkable reputation so far in the field of journalism. She has made significant money from various noteworthy events and her other media career.

Laflamme’s Relationship

LaFlamme is single and unmarried, to talk of Lisa’s romantic status. Despite being extremely attractive and talented in her life, she is still unsure.

No information has appeared concerning Lisa’s possible relationship or commitment in any relationships thus far.

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