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Indian Politician Eldos Kunnappally Wife; Her name is Smt. Mariamma Abraham and both are the parents of one daughter and two sons.

Congress MLA Eldos’s name has been in the headlines recently as he has been charged with a non-bailable case. He is charged with allegedly sexually assaulting a young teacher. The investigation is yet to be completed since the victim was admitted to the hospital and is yet to complete her statement.

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Who Is Eldos Kunnappally Wife? Family Explored

As per Niyamasabha, Eldos Kunnappally’s wife’s name is Smt. Mariamma Abraham and have three children; one daughter and two sons together.

Kerala: Police slap non-bailable charges against Congress MLA Eldhose Kunnappilly for molesting woman
Kerala: Police slap non-bailable charges against Congress MLA Eldhose Kunnappilly for molesting woman [Source- The South First]
There is no information about his marriage life, but he is fond of writing poetry and has written more than 500 poems, of which many have been published in his lifetime. Likewise, he may have dedicated some lines to their romantic relationship too.

Moreover, he was born to his parents, Shri K. U. Paulose and Smt. Mary Paulose at North Marady, Muvattupuzha, on 10th May 1978 and is currently forty-four years old in 2022.

MLA Eldos Kunnappally Case Update: What Did He Do?

MLA Eldos Kunnappally has been charged with a case registered yesterday from Kerala for allegedly sexually harming a young teacher.

He is said to have raped on false marriage promises, insulting womanhood, kidnapping, trespassing, and beating, which has gained media attention on a large scale.

Kovalam Police registered the case in Thiruvananthapuram based on the victim’s statement, but she collapsed without completing the report, which caused problems with the further investigation.

The victim also pointed out the serious allegations against the Kovalam Police. The victim said that the Police asked her not to give the complaint and settle it with the MLA. Not only that, the Police have denied her allegations accordingly.

In addition, the truth may emerge clearly after the investigation, as nothing can be justified without the court hearing and proof. 

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Molestation case against MLA Eldos has become a headline everywhere
The molestation case against MLA Eldos has become a headline everywhere [Source- Mangalam]

Where Is Victim Girl Now?

When the victim was on the verge of expressing the assault to the Police, she tragically collapsed and was admitted to a hospital. The statement has not yet been completed.

In the statement, the victim said the MLA had sexually assaulted her. The victim also said that she had all the proof against the crime committed by Eldos.

However, she fainted and is admitted to the hospital now. There is no information if she has gained consciousness or not, but she may soon, with medical supervision.

Not only that, Investigating authority may soon look after what exactly happened to her and provide her justice. Soon, the news may come out!

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